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Hello fellow Aug 2013 Brides! :-)

Hi All,

My first post on this forum!

I am getting married on 16th Aug 2013 image

I got engaged just before Christmas 2011, and had a pretty good idea of where i'd like to get married, and luckily H2B agreed and we booked it up in January, after looking at a couple of other places.

So far we have booked the venue and registrar, and I have found my dress image I thought i had better start looking early as i had a very particular style in mind, but i found it in the 5th shop and couldnt be happier with it! I know i will have to wait a while before i see it again, but i have some pictures to keep me sane!

We are meeting with a photographer in a couple of weeks, then i plan to just have a look around at all the extras before booking or buying anything else.

Any other Aug 2013 brides ahead with their planning??



  • Chloe_B2013Chloe_B2013 Posts: 512
    Congratulations! Welcome to the forum image

    You're getting married the day before me! We're Sat 17th August 2013 image

    So far we have booked venue and paid deposit, booked registrar, got our photographer and booked a photobooth.

    Picking up my wedding shoes this weekend (very excited!) and then going dress shopping at Easter time.

    You've done well to find your dream dress image

    Having so much fun planning and looking at bits for DIY projects and save the dates! It's keeping me going until the next big things we can sort/book! image Will be making the save the dates this summer ready to be sent out about a year in advance. Our honeymoon will be the next thing we look at and book I think. Can't wait! x
  • beesbees Posts: 835
    I'm also Fri 16th August. We've only booked the venue so far-The Inn On The Lake, Ullswater.

    So far I have designed the save the dates, invites etc and am sooo excited!

    I have also met with a lovely lady about the cake and a couple of photographers. I think I have almost made up my mind.

    We booked about 5 months ago and it just felt like so far away. Now it seems to be sneaking up on us!
  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513
    Ahhh it feels like a lifetime away!! I know it will come round soon, but at the moment it feels like forever.

    How are you getting on with cakes? I have had a couple of quotes that range from £350 - £550, i have no idea if that is reasonable?
  • Chloe_B2013Chloe_B2013 Posts: 512

    I don't know that much about cakes as we're having cupcakes made by a friend and a small fruit cake from m&s for the top tier, but your quotes seem reasonable based on what I have seen and read on here.

    What type of cake are you wanting?
  • Chloe_B2013Chloe_B2013 Posts: 512
    I know it can feel like a long time away, I felt like that when we first got engaged, but now nearly 11 months have passed already! That time has flown by!

    I'm not seeing it as a long way away now, just time to enjoy being engaged and being able to talk about and plan our wedding! image
  • beesbees Posts: 835
    I met with a lovely lady just outside the lake district who has quoted me £200 for a 3 tier sponge in different flavours with sugar flowers and ribbon.

    I nearly fell over when she said as I'd been quoted upwards of 350 by everyone else.

    She used to have a shop but now works from home, I think that might be why she's so much cheaper. She is also happy to deliver and set up for £50 so I am quite happy.
  • RJB299569RJB299569 Posts: 52

    I'm also getting married on 16 August. So far we have booked the venue and paid the deposit, booked our photographer, DJ and wedding car and I have found my dress.

    The date seems ages away but I'm sure it will come around very fast.

    I've not looked into cakes too much but a couple of places I looked at had cakes in the region of 350 pounds.

  • I'm getting married 1st August 2013. We're getting married in Greece so have booked a package which includes the (civil) ceremony held outside a little chapel in a secluded bay (St Paul's Chapel in Lindos (See my profile pic)) and a reception at a taverna. The cake, transport to the venue, hair, and meal is included. We need to book a boat to transport everyone from the chapel to the taverna and need to book Greek music and Greek dancers but that is all organised through the wedding planner and we don't need to confirm until about 4 months before the big day.

    I have my dress sorted (£200 in a sample sale so I couldn't resist) and shoes from debenhams (£35 - bargain but I love them!).

    I have picked out some bridesmaid dresses that I like. My cousin who lives in America is my only bridesmaid and the dresses I've found are from America. My Mum and Dad are off to the states to visit on Saturday so Mum's going to go with my auntie and cousin to try bridesmaid dresses on.

    I've also got some personalised ribbon, Greek eye beads and chiffon ribbon to make witness pin style decorations for miniature ouzo bottles as favours.

    Bought some clear crystal scatter crystals and some name place cards. Also got a template for passport style invites but I need to finish editing them before we can get them printed.

    My h2b has got his and bestman's cufflinks sorted but still have the rest of their outfits to sort nearer the time.

    We still need to book the flights and accommodation for the wedding but have booked to go this year and check it all out and get a better idea of where everything is, space in taverna/seating plan, distance to accommodation etc.

    All very exciting!!!!! image

  • SparklesSparkles Posts: 377
    I'm Friday 2nd August and we've done the following (not alot!):

    * Booked Registrar

    * Booked Venue (and provisionally chosen menu, will confirm after tasting)(includes chairs and linen etc. so dont need to worry about that)

    * We're sourcing the wine and prosecco ourselves as I work for M&S and get discount!

    * My other half works in design so were designing our own stationary

    * My aunt is a Cake maker so she has kindly offered to make us whatever we want as a gift image

    * I've starting collecting empty jars to prettify for the table decs

    * Ive been to 1 dress shop but need to shift some timber before i go back again!!

    * Photography - our friend has just set up her own business and we're thinking of using her, just waiting to see a few more albums from weddings she's doing this year and then we'll confirm. what do you think? I think shes pretty good, and getting better all the time!!

    Well, i didnt think we'd done much, but I suppose as were doing alot ourselves were not in any rush! image
  • MrsA-2013MrsA-2013 Posts: 555
    Helen you've done lots! *panics* image I'm waiting for everything at the minute...waiting for our stationery samples to arrive, waiting for our meeting with the photographer, waiting for my dress to come in..... image
  • Chloe0806Chloe0806 Posts: 5
    Hello everyone,

    Congrats to you all on your engagements. Wow everyone is so organised and ahead with their planning. I feel very behind.

    We have been engaged 10 years (!) and finally set the date last week. I have had my heart set on the venue for the ceremony for ages and booked it yesterday. But they told me I ould not book registrar untl 12 months before (date is 30th August). I have seen on here that you can book, or perhaps provisionally book registrar before 12 months before? Any advice much appreciated.

    Felling a little overwhelmed by it all even though have been planning this for 10 years!
  • SparklesSparkles Posts: 377
    Hi Chloe,

    I think different t councils have different rules.

    I live in Northampton, I rang and 'booked' ours in March, but she told me to ring back in August when it's a year away to start discussing final details, but they have taken my booking, where it will be and what type of ceremony and what time.

    As far as I'm concerned it's booked image
  • Hi! I'm getting married on 31 August 2013 image Very excited. Good luck to us all!
  • beesbees Posts: 835
    Think your right about differen councils. We're in Leeds and they wont let you book more that 12 months before but we're getting married in cumbria had no problem booking 16 months in advance.

    Have had a little spurt of organising recently

    - booked photographer

    - booked DJ

    - booked steamer (for cruise on lake)

    - sent out save the date magnets (I know its a bit early but people were starting to nag)

    - Started looking at dresses and have fallen a bit in love with one but am making myself hold off until the new collections come out.

    Ooo I do love ticking things off a list. image
  • I'm Saturday 3rd August 2013

    I'm so excited,

    My fianc???? proposed to me July last year, thought oh we've got plenty of time, but can't believe how almost a year has passed already!

    so far we've booked our venue and provisionally booked our registra

    Meeting a lady tomorrow about chair covers and sashes, also picking up cake samples from M&S tomorrow, to try before I look at other cake makers, or rule them out?

    I've got the 2 bridesmaid/flowergirl dresses already, just fell in love with them as soon as I saw them, they're from monsoon and they're the perfect colour and look I wanted, I know a dress maker so got the next sizes up just in case

    The one thing I'm finding hard is picking a DJ and/or band, how do you decide? I have no idea where to start, people recommend but different people have different ideas

    Haven't started dress shopping yet, I know, I have no idea why! Lol but WILL be very soon, definitely going to be the best and fun part - can't wait image
  • Oh also we've decided on caterer, we will decide on menu in couple of months

    Have ordered some save the date cards, which we will deliver/hand out in August this year image

    Regarding our registrar, we provisionally booked so know we will definitely have them available on our day, we just need to book and give our notice 12 months before our date (03/08/13) but they told us we don't have to go back until November, like I'm gonna wait that long! lol
  • Hello!

    I'm August 3rd 2013 too! So far we haven't done that much but I'm not getting too worried yet.

    Got our church and venue booked which is the most important lol! Also found my dress eeee! And got various catering-related quotes.

    Catering and save the dates are the next things to get sorted on my list.

    Also working on BM dresses - but my bridesmaids are pretty spread out: I live in Worcestershire, H2B's sister also lives here but my sisters are in Norfolk and then my 3 best mates are in Edinburgh, Vienna & Florence which doesn't make for easy meet-ups!
  • Hi, have just said the same thing about wedding date on a post you've put on here lol

    How funny, I'm in Norfolk! I'm in kings Lynn though

    Can't believe you've got your dress, so lucky, I'm thinking I NEED to start shopping for mine next week - right image
  • Oh dear that is gonna make things a little bit difficult regarding BM meet ups isn't it,

    what are you going to do?

    Nice you have a few of them though, and all to help you on your day x
  • Hi ExcitedB2b2013!

    Have you got much sorted yet? I know what you mean about knowing what you want but now needing to find it!

    Are you having any kind of theme? Have you chosen your colours etc?

    I'm so thrilled with my dress though do occasionally have to look at the pics again as I become convinced it's really ugly... and then I look and remember it's amazing. I started looking pretty early partly because I was going to visit my friend in Edinburgh & partly because I thought it would take me ages... turned out I was wrong!

    Not sure about the BMs - it's alright atm, doing a lot online - got a FB group & skype etc. Should be alright. I've been a bridesmaid while living abroad before & it was OK (though I felt I didn't do much to help before the day but think that was more to do with the brides than with the fact that I was far away). Want to make sure I get the balance right between them feeling involved & too much wedding talk, they all seem v enthusiastic & up for crafty projects etc atm.
  • Hi future Mrs Ford

    I haven't really gone for a theme, thought I wanted one or had to have one (as that was what all the mags and people were talking about) but then got a little bit confused as to what I really wanted so thought I'd just start looking at things I liked, then it went from there, I love flowers so that's just it really I want everything with fresh flowers (within budget as know there expensive) or having one or two types of the flowers on everything to tie it all together, like bouquet, tables and cake, I'm loving peonies at the moment but then it keeps changing, I'm hoping to see some florists soon so I can decide

    I've got my 2 bridesmaid dresses already - me and my partner, oh I mean fianc???? lol had our fab little family first, I know it's not the right way to things for most people but it's what we decided, so we've got our wedding party sorted (and without upsetting people too lol) my 2 younger daughters aged 6 and 3 are my very excited bridesmaids and my eldest, my son aged 8 is our ring bearer. They're dresses are a lovely pink colour, can't really describe the colour it's not bright or pale but it's pretty and they love them, anyway so the colour is based around them, including the flowers.

    I cannot wait to start dress shopping for myself, I actually spoke to my best friend and we should be going this next week image She too is up for helping me too with all wedding DIY stuff, which is great

    What about your theme? Do you have one?
  • Just want to say hi to all the August 2013 b2b's too

    Hope the planning (if you've started) is going well

    So exciting isn't it image
  • Aw I bet your daughters are SO excited!

    Dresses sound really pretty - I'm struggling with BM dresses a bit atm. I'd ideally like them to all be the same but my 2 teenage sisters will be my bridesmaids so hoping to find something that's appropriate for their age as well as for my adult BMs.

    Flowers sound lovely, I def don't think you have to have a theme at all! Have you booked venues etc yet?

    Our wedding ceremony is going to be completely traditional but there will probably be more music than at many because I'm a pretty serious singer - should be getting a pretty good choir together.

    For our reception though we're going a bit crazy and having a German beer hall/ Oktoberfest theme!! Think it's going to be quite difficult to achieve but I'm excited about it... and confident we can carry it off. I'm already getting somewhat frustrated at how much harder it is to get certain things here than it would be if we were living in Germany though heehee!
  • Sorry just reread your earlier message where you said you've booked the venue!
  • Lol yes venue booked, it's at our local town hall, where we will be having the ceremony and reception, it's a really old building and has got big BIG chandlers, I love it! And we can do what ever we want with it too, are you having a church wedding? Your reception sounds fun, just looked up oktoberfest (sorry wasn't sure what it was) and it looks great, certainly be rememberable too, is it somewhere you and your h2b have visited?

    Don't think I'm having peonies now - told you I'm always changing it lol - I still like them but was researching them and found out there just out of season on our wedding date, making them expensive and they can fall apart quite easy image so might be cabbage roses now (atm) they look similar and they'll be better money spent.

    How many BM do you have in total? I love looking at pics and seeing photos of brides with all they BM's round them. I would like to have more but I just can't as it would mean upsetting some friends and family if I didn't ask them and only asked some of them. Glad I've got my 3 fab kids as it'll make it more special for us and plus they can't upset me either image

    Have arranged to go dress shopping -yay! - next Friday!!! What's your dress like? I think I know what I want but I'm going to leave it open and just try on everything!! image
  • Ah cool! Town hall sounds ace. I love chandeliers!

    Oktoberfest should def be memorable... so long as we pull it off heehee!

    I'm having 6 BMs - my 2 half sisters, H2Bs sis, & my 3 best mates from uni (inc our mutual friend without whom we'd never have met). I know what you mean about BMs - there were a couple of others I quite wanted & I already felt that 6 was too many lol. Not to mention that I've been BM for a couple of my friends but I haven't asked them & am hoping they won't take it personally. It would probably be a lot easier to not have as many - I've certainly got my work cut out finding dresses that are affordable and will work on all 6!

    I really like cabbage roses - they're so big & elegant! I wonder how many other ideas you'll have before the day image

    Oooh! Exciting that you've booked an appointment! My dress is big & dramatic but kind of hard to describe. It's by Ian Stuart and has a lace kind of underskirt which you can see where the front of the skirt is raised. It also has lace over the bodice. It's a really really pale sort of lilacy goldy colour (also difficult to describe). I'm doing a planning thread where I'll prob post a pic soon.

    I didn't really know what I wanted when I started looking but once I tried on an Ian Stuart creation I knew I'd be wearing one of his!
  • Ian Stuart dress - WOW!!

    His dresses are amazing! Can't wait to see your planning thread and your dress

    I know I probably will have loads of idea's image

    Think that's the trouble with having plenty of time, theres always more ideas to choose from,

    just hope I don't get carried away too much hee hee
  • jendoojendoo Posts: 166
    Hi ladies, I'm 10th August 2013. Feeling pretty organized, got my dress, photographer booked, save the dates ordered. My actual service and reception was bought as a package so that's all sorted. Just need to clothe the rest of the bridal party! And get me shoes. Got engaged at Christmas last year and already 6 months has went by soooo quickly!
  • Hi Jenbridetobe

    You are organised, think I need to get a move on lol

    I have a few things booked, just came back from a 2week family holiday so was thinking about that, but now im back it's all wedding wedding wedding, I love it! image

    I got engaged last July and yes I can't believe how the time has just flown by either
  • Just had to share...

    My mum and dad have gone to america to see my auntie, uncle and 2 cousins. The female of the two cousins is my bridesmaid and I picked out some dresses I liked which they have been and tried on (because they were American dresses so made sense to do it there). I have now picked my bridesmaid dress! Yippee!! Belsoie L3073 in silver and knee length. While they were there my Mum has also found a complete bargain - mother of the bride dress in our colour scheme - gorgeous dress for equivalent of £40! Yippee!!! I didn't even have to leave my house!!! So excited! Things are coming together!
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