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Hi fellow Aug 13 Brides!

Hi all

I'm getting married at the Lodge at Loch Lomond on Sunday 25th August 2013! So excited already!

The area means a lot to us as that's where we had our first date and it will be 8 years to the day that we got engaged. I've been wedding planning in my head forever!


  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513
    Congratulations! Good luck with all the planning image

    Have you done much yet?
  • Hiya

    I've only got my venue booked, we're having the ceremony there too and my humanist. Need a humanist cos we're getting married on a Sunday and registrars don't work then. Humanist weddings are legal in Scotland.

    I'm going on holiday next month so i'm going to knuckle down with the planning when i'm back. Got a head full of ideas though!
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    Date twin! image
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