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Newbie saying Hello!!

Hi everyone, just joined this site today. Im getting married the 10th August 2013 and now started to really throw myself into planning and getting lots of ideas.

So hello fellow 13ers xx


  • Hi image I'm a fellow 13er but 3 months before you. What have you planned so far? I've only just got the venue booked so looking forward to all the details now
  • MrsLafMrsLaf Posts: 3
    We've booked the church and venue so far, oh and a magician that my dad got very excited about lol.

    I found my dream bridesmaids dresses today, so just waiting on the swatch of the colour I want to make sure Im definately happy with it and then will order them up soon.

    Really now realising how much there is to plan, its the little things you forget about x
  • SP2013SP2013 Posts: 857
    Hi! I get married the week before you! Already excited even though it's bloody ages away! image Good luck with your planning!
  • I'm 10th of August, too...only 438 days to go, hehe!

    How are you getting on with planning?? x
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