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Fellow August 24th 2013 Brides

I'd love to get in touch with any other Augusy 24th Brides to Be for help in planning and moral support!

What have you done so far? We've:

  • booked the church (a small parish chapel, so no problems with dates)
  • decided on a marquee reception in OHs family garden close to church
  • done a tentative guest list / numbers as we are limited by size of garden/marquee so 50 ish for the day time and another 30ish for the evening.
  • we are paying for it ourselves, so everything is being borrowed or cheap!
  • I've looked at dresses to see what style i'd like
  • decided on shabby chic / country garden theme
  • started making the save the date cards


  • MrsA-2013MrsA-2013 Posts: 555

    I am the 25th so I shall be in bridezilla mode while you're both enjoying your day! 

  • I'm 25th August too. Poochiepie, i'm also getting married at Loch Lomond but I live in Glasgow so not to far away! We're getting married at the Lodge at Loch Lomond, what about you?

  • I'm 24th!! Were getting married at Singleton Lodge, nr poulton just outside of Blackpool. I feel so lost I'm terrible at organising things, I have to many ideas and like to many things so I'm scared things will look odd.

    So far we have booked:

    The venue, whole day will be a Singleton Lodge

    The Videographer

    Went dress shopping once, it was horrible! I'm 21 and don't even look that old so felt like a child trying on her mothers old wedding dress lol.

    We book our regristrar on Friday, can only book a year in advance.

    Have cake and florist booked, althought I have never met them. H2B's sister was getting married August this year but has since split from her partner :/ so to save the deposits thety just moved the dates over to ours.

    Hope your planing is going well image
  • Hi Nicola, I know what you mean about feeling lost with the planning. The thing I did was sit down with OH and make a list of everything that was 'Us'. Things like we are country folk, dogs, horses, chickens, we're laid back, nothing in our house matches, we have a laugh etc etc. We then used this to dictate our theme (not that OH will admit to having a theme....apparently the theme is 'wedding'!!). We also run our own business and we wanted to use other small, local businesses as much as we could in our prep.

    I'm having my dress made by a local dress maker, a local young lady is making our cake (complete with horse and dog silhouettes on it), we're having the hunt photographer do our photos etc etc.

    Maybe doing a similar list will help you decide on where to start?
  • I am around the same as you OP. Pleased to meet you all!


    Venue booked with catering

    Photographer booked

    Dresses in mind...!

    Guest list sorted (ish)

    Favour bags bought.. (random I know!)

    Cupcakes made my a friend


    Feels like there is so much to do. I am finishing off a full time doctorate in the meantime too... I have no idea how I'll do it!

  • GemgemGemgem Posts: 242

    Im August 24th too image starting to get super excited now its less than a year to go! So far I have Booked church

                 Booked reception venue

                 Bought my wedding ring  (it went on sale)

                 Found and ordered my dress

                 Sent out save the dates to day guests

                 Booked photographer

                 Bought centrepieces and decorations 

    ....and now ive done all the fun stuff I dont really want to do anymore image



  • I am an August 24th bride too image))

    so far I have.........

     booked ceremony and venue (same place, Hotel)


    Chair covers and centrepieces

    Make up and hairdresser

    bought my dress

    bought bridesmaids dresses (bargain at £50 each)

    thinking of having the cake made by M & S

    sent save the date cards out

    about to start making the invitations

    bought my shoes

    bought my head dresses (can't decide which one)








  • Any updates from fellow brides? My planning has not progressed much and one of my bridesmaids and I fell out big time. Oh dear!

  • GG2BeGG2Be Posts: 95

    We're August 24th too!

    So far have booked:

    • The Church
    • The Reception venue - Fitzleroi Barn
    • String Trio for the ceremony
    • Caterer
    • Photographer
    • Make up
    • Dress
    • Rings
    • Booked honeymoon yesterday image
    Still to do:
    • Band for reception
    • Wedding cake
    • Guestlist
    • Send out invites
    • Bridesmaid dresses
    • Suits (but that's H2B's job)
  • LilygirlLilygirl Posts: 429

    I'm the 25th, glad to see so many people around the same time. we have booked

    • The venue, pollockshields Burgh Hall
    • The minister (old school friend)
    • Pianist (old school teacher - sensing a trend here)
    • Canapies (chef friend providing)
    • Band
    • Flowers
    • Caterer
    • Hair & Make up
    • Dress, veil, tiara & shoes
    • Bridesmaid's dress
    • Evening Buffet
    • Videographer
    • Jewellery
    • Rings
    • cars
    • Honeymoon

    Still to arrange

    • Photographer (was going to be Best friend's H2B but split up,,,eek!)
    • Wine & Champagne
    • Chair covers
    • Invites
    • Kilt hire

    Think I am fairly organised, but I get stressed out easily, so need to be!

  • Oh man looking at these posts makes me a little panicked! We are the 24th August 2012. So far booked church and venue. Looked at caterers, cakes, photographer, but nothing else image eek. was kinda gonna wait until after christmas, so can january sales shop lol my mum has her outfit and h2b and boys have decided on theres. Im never normally this unorganised.....oh well itll all work out lol

  • Ems3Ems3 Posts: 2

    Hello all,

    I am new to this forum and absolutely amazed at how many people are getting married on 24th August 2013.

    I am also getting married on this day and have been very busy planning loads, so far we have sorted...

    Church (small local church), Hall along with Caterer's, Disco and a lovely lady who is going to decorate my tables for me along with chairs, favours etc... My Mum and Dad have booked a Chrysler Wedding car for the day to chaffeur Bride, Bridesmaids and then Bride and Groom.

    My wedding dress is chosen and paid for and I return April 2013 for a fitting (cannot wait to see again). I have a hairdresser sorted but no idea on how to do my hair (ideas very welcomed).

    I've also sorted a friend florist for the flowers, cake sorted and photographer sorted!

    So still a bit to go...

  • Hello fellow 24th of Augusters! 

  • Oh no jucook I had a similar problem myself, we don't speak anymore and she will no be attending the wedding.

    How's everyone coming along now? Had loads of progress!

    - I've bought my dress! Allure 8957, with gorgeous full length sparkly veil

    - found some bms dresses I love on have asked for advice in previous post, with no replys image

    - met and got quotes from the florist and cake lady.

    - found an awesome dj that arrives at start of wedding to greet guests, during speechs he takes all the children into another room and plays games with them making balloon animals, then at night djs. He also brings a candy floss, popcorn, and slush machine!

    - finalllyyyy.. After months of searching we've booked a photographer! ??650 for all day coverage with disc of images, pre wedding shoot with disc, and if budget will fit will have him do a photo booth also

    How you coming along girls, 277 days! After Christmas its gonna come round so soon!
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