I'm new! Getting married 10th August 2013

Hi, I'm new to posting but have been addicted to the forum since we got engaged in May! We are getting married 10th August image So far we have booked the venue, registrar, cars, photographer, caterer, florist, the band, my dress, and suits. We have also picked bridesmaids dresses, rings and I've bought lots of hurricane lamps, candles and flip flops! Oh and I have made and sent out Save The Dates! Thanks to all the other ladies for sharing their ideas to pinch!


  • Welcome, the time will fly.
  • Emma0813Emma0813 Posts: 64

    Congratulations. Less than a year away. Exciting xxx

  • Congratulations were getting married the 24th! Gosh your so organised we've got venue, booked registrar yesterday, videographer. Cake and flower ladies are booked though I've never met them lol

    What are your save the dates like? I'm debating weather to do them, might just send invited out earlier than usual. Do you do them for all guests or only day?
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    I only sent Save the Dates out to day guests image xxx

  • I've only sent to day guests too. They are made from postcard size Kraft card (from eBay 100 card with envelopes 12.98 bargain.) I cut pieces of fabric as mini bunting to go with our theme, will try and upload a pic when I'm not on the iPad.

    Picked up a lovely Save the Date stamp from the English Stamp company to finish them off image
  • Meant to say have tried to be organised as it's back to school next week after the summer hols and I know I won't get much chance between work and Uni!

    Cake is the next thing Nicoladarcy70 thanks for reminding me image
  • Emma0813Emma0813 Posts: 64

    Looking forward to seeing the picture hun. They sound lovely. 


  • we getting married 11th August 2013. So far we have then venue, dress, choosen lady to make the cake, photographer booked, given notice to registar, hair and make up booked.

    I have found the save the dates and invites so hopefully be ordering them next month. Im only send the save the dates out to the day guests.xx

  • They sound lovely. Mmmm cake, I'm just so undecided about everything!

    And regarding pics on Ipad, if you download the Photobucket app you can easily upload pics, copy the image link, paste in here and HEYPRESTO! image 

  • i cant decide on what sort of cake it have, i orginally chose to have cupcakes and then have toatlly changed my mind!

    just realised that we have the same surname Nicoladarcy70 - im sad to be getting rid of my surname lol image x

  • Ooh almost date twins!

    Thanks for the tip on photo bucket, Will have to get practising!

    I'm no further on with cake but have now discovered an ice cream bicycle that I am thinking about for the evening...they do unlimited ice cream in four flavours for your guests yum image
  • Im also getting married on the 10th! Exciting stuff image

  • Ooh that will be lovely, we were thinking of getting one but don't know anymore.

    Idarcy it's not my last name it's my daughters name actually image but what a beautiful last name!
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    Date twins!! My oh works away so trying to organize stuff when he's home is a pain! We have venue, photographer, my dress, dj, church booked, cake ordered. Next jobs are cars and flowers.
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    Congratulations that's fantastic. I'm getting engaged on 10 August 2013 and having a party with family and friends. Any ideas what the weather is going to be like? Were thinking of having an outdoor marque, however this maybe risky as UK weather is unpredictable. Lets hope it lives up to some nice sunny weather, if not cloudy will do better than rain! 

    Have a lovely day, all the best!

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