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11 Months To go!!

To all the fellow August 24th 2013 brides, 11 months to go ladies image



  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    How exciting! Hows the planning going?

  • DATE TWIN! image 

  • GemgemGemgem Posts: 242

    Yay image Plans are coming along slowly, I haven't long found this site and feel so behind in comparsion to a lot of people! I've got my main bits sorted,church, reception venue, dress, flower girl dresses and a few other bits. What have you both done so far? x


  • I know this site makes you feel like your slacking! lol So far we've sorted:
    - venue (both at some place)
    - cake
    - florist
    - videographer
    - going back to dress shop thursday to try on dress image so could have that by end of week!
    and been looking on internet tonight and might have found a photographer.
    oooh who is your dress? image  

  • GemgemGemgem Posts: 242

    Some people on here are soo driven, I'm lazy, keep hoping someone is going to come and plan it all for meimage  My dress is Sincerity 3664, its everything I said i didnt want when i went into the shop, and I didnt even choose it to try on, my Mam sneaked it in! Have you got any dresses is mind? x

  • GemgemGemgem Posts: 242



  • Yes I know the feeling, I need someone to help me and make decisions but no one does so planning is coming a long very slowly.

    I'm going to a wedding shop tomorrow morning to try on some dresses then later that day going back to try on this dress

    And show it my dad and sister and hopefully put down deposit image

    Where are you from? I'm from Blackpool, it's hard finding anyone in my area for advice on people to book with, everyone seems to live down south lol.
  • Oops, forgot to say that dress is beautiful by the way image I love the lace but it just didn't seem to suit me image
  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    Lovely dresses ladies!

    So far we have booked the venue, DJ, Rooms for night before (not having wedding cars),spoken to florist and got a quote (family member!), dress (its in and all paid for, fitting in may!), veil, few bits and bobs bought, photographer. Oh and we have given notice to registrar.

    Now looking into cake, invites (did get some but have changed my mind!), music for ceremony and BM dresses..



  • GemgemGemgem Posts: 242

    That dress is lovely! Is that you in it? 

    I'm trying not to book things that I'm going to change my mind on. Booked a VW camper van as a wedding car, got slightly carried away at the first wedding fayre I went to and now I don't like it image ahh I'm south too, well wales...sorry image 

    MrsBeau2B sounds like you've done quite a lot, what dress have you got?x

  • Yes that's me image thank you, so excited to go try it on again tomorrow, hope they will have a hoop I can try on with it, the bigger the better I'm thinking.

    We don't know what to do about transport yet, I would like to secretly book an awesome car for h2b.

    We are thinking of booking this photographer..

    he is a videographer that's turned photographer What are your thoughts ladies?

    And yes mrsbeau2b let's see your dress image x
  • GemgemGemgem Posts: 242

    Those photos look amazing! We are having a friend as a photographer, he started out properly last year and is doing a full day with 3 photographers and a photobooth for the night for £500. I'm hoping being new to it he'll be overeagar.. hopefully! Seen stalking people on facebook whos weddings hes done this summer to see their pics image

    I think you should def try bigger with the dress image x


  • That's an amazing price for photography Gem! The photobooth will be so much fun. Are you printing your own album afterwards?
  • GemgemGemgem Posts: 242

    I think we get some kind of photobook thing with it for our favourites and then I dont know with the rest, think htb is out with him on friday so I'll make sure he asks for details, wasn't really interested when we booked because I hate photos! I am looking forward to the photobooth though, bit of a poser when drunkimage Are you having any bridesmaids? think it's them stressing me out more than any other planning x

  • Oh I love photos don't have to have a drink for me to love a good photo opportunityimage but at the moment were looking for a disc only package to keep costs down, then probably make our own album after the wedding.

    Oh dear what are they doing? I've got two bridesmaid, both our sisters. Original had my best friend but we hardly talk any more, and tbh I cannot stand her and don't want to talk to her, but anyways!.. My sister is only 16 and doesn't know a thing, or really care, about helping with the wedding. Hubbys sister is in her twenties and has been such a help. She was actually ment to get married last August but left her h2b 6weeks before the wedding! She's happy and is seeing someone else now but its been a bit of a nightmare! On the plus side we moved her booked florist and cake over to our wedding date so deposits are put down for them and his mum and nan have offered to pay for them image .
  • GemgemGemgem Posts: 242

    Oh can you imagine that happening so close to the wedding! good news for you for all the deposits and stuff!  am having my two sisters and my best friend. My friend is really opinionated which does my head in and my youngest sister i have told she isn't going to be a bridesmaid if she carries on playing up, she caused a massive argument with my other sister in the middle of their dress fitting image x

  • Ha oh know what happened? Friends are a nightmare, after past experiences I refuse to involve them in anything. Your always stuck with your sisters so can't go wrong picking them. Have you got your bm dresses? What are they like?
  • GemgemGemgem Posts: 242

    This dessy one was the one I loved from the start but in the short version.


     When we went to try it on though it looked terrible, dont know if it was because it had been tried on so many times. They tried on this one too which i think i prefer now and it made them all look smaller than the Dessy one and they are £50 cheaper.


     Personally I dont like them that much but the girls liked it. I dont know whether to change my colour from coral to peach either, sigh


     This is a pic of my sisters in them, dont know why its stretched x

  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    Ladies your dresses are lovely! And the BM's are lovely too - im planning to visit some dessy suppliers soon with my ladies!

    My dress is by dememtrios - i have searched high and low for a pic of a real bride in it and there are none! Only thing i could find was a pic on a for sale site but it def doesnt show it at its best!

    Dress pics below - might take them down after a while as i'm paranoid about anyone i know seeing it! It needs taking in massively at the top, and it will be altered from the deep sweetheart as per the second pic. Bolero will be made into cap sleeves and my veil is being altered to have more of a gather!





  • GemgemGemgem Posts: 242

    Its really lovely image Ive shown loads of poeple my dress, i can't help myself image Do you know what bridesmaid dresses your going to get? x


  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    No not yet, am going to let the girls choose! Im having two bridesmaids so im hoping they can find something they both like.

  • Aww mrsbeau2b I didn't get to see your dress in time image

    Gem both those dresses are really nice, personally I prefer the dessy one but think that's just because I prefer the colours

    Went and tried on more dresses today, tried on a lovely benjamin roberts dress, and the lovvvvvvvvely Lola by Ronald Joyce, but it just seemed like it drowned me image too much dress. Afterwards went back to try on the dress in my picture above and omg I love love love it definatley MY dress image

    Got my sister to try on some bridesmaid dresses and she really liked this on

    She's a 14/16 and is so conscious of her weight and she said she felt really comfortable in it, personally I don't know :/ don't know if I'm liking the one shoulder. Also! Fell in love with a new colour for the wedding :O wisteria! It's gorgeous I don't really want it in the wedding, just the bridesmaid dresses. Want mostly everything else to be ivory, stationary, flowers, ect. But originally wanted really blush hardly there pink colour in wedding and don't know how to include it and the new colour now.. :/

  • This is the beautiful colour ive fallen in love with image and my lovely little sister image

    Another pic of my gorgeous dress!!! image and my sister in the dress she like. The more I look the more I dont like it :/ maybe if it had two shoulders. I want full length dresses so the girls can wear flat shoes, my sister has no shoes on here and I'm stood on a box! also hubby is tall so I'll be wearing big shoes on the ay image
  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    Ahhh your dress is so lovely! Are you going to go for it? I also steered away from the massive dresses as i want to be able to move about easily and it not keep getting in the way! I also felt a bit drowned in some of them!

    As for the one shoulder BM dress, i really like it - im pretty much going to let my girls choose, but i'd be happy with a dress like that!

    Oh, and here is my dress again - will leave it on a bit longer!



  • Ooh mrsbeau2b that's a gorgeous dress have you put deposit down yet? We haven't paid yet but it is definitely the dress I will be wearing on my wedding day.

    Showed my ore bridesmaid that one shoulder dress today and straight away she said no no no! Will be going to try some on next week at a different shop
  • Nicola Darcy - your dress is AMAZE, is it a JA one? please can you tell me what number? x

  • Thanks sparkles image it's Allure 8957 (I think) the belt isn't attached it's so much better in person how will I cope 10months without wearing her! image how is your planning coming along?
  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    Its in and paid in full! Ordered in Feb!

    Its way too big at the top and needs a bit of altering on the body too, but is the perfect length so alterations shouldnt be too much! image

  • Excellent image have you picked your favours yet? I'm gonna make some raspberry vodka this Christmas and if all tastes good will fill small bottles with it with personalised labels for favours image
  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    I think we are going to do charity pins - OH and i both have family members affected by cancer so its a good choice for us!

    Yours sound really fun!

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