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Have you booked your honeymoon yet?

We havent even started thinking about it!

Are you going straight after or waiting a while and where are you going? Is anyone having a Honeymoon giftlist?



  • Hi, we're getting married 31st July 2013. I think we will be going to Mexico but haven't booked it yet organising other things first, we're not doing a honeymoon gift list but probably asking for contributions towards our honeymoon if anyone wants to get us a gift x
  • MrsJCMrsJC Posts: 2,204

    We're getting married 26/10/13, and we are nowhere near booking! Honestly, I think we've talked about the honeymoon more than anything else.

    The problem is finding somewhere that is a) hot b) not having a rainy season c) has some lovely beaches d) has something for H2B to do, because he will go mad lying on a sun lounger for 2 weeks and e) isn't going to end up costing more than the whole of the rest of the wedding! 

    I really want to go straight away after the wedding, but I know that it would be a lot easier to find somewhere to go if we waited a few weeks. 

  • I'm not an August bride either - 27th July - but ours is booked. We're going to Disney World in Florida, just less than a week after the wedding so we've got a few days to sort ourselves out. We're not doing any form of gift list or asking for contributions, but if we do receive any money then we'll use that on fun things to do while we're there.

    Our honeymoon is actually a bit of a controversial choice in some people's eyes, as some of my family will be there at the same time!

    Basically I'd always wanted a Disney honeymoon but I felt like we had to do the romantic relaxation thing, as that's what's expected... even though we never really do holidays like that, we always want to be DOING something rather than just lying around! But then my parents told us that they were thinking of going to Florida, with my brother and his girlfriend, shortly after our wedding. Quietly I was thinking "omg I'm so jealous, I want to go there" and then my fiancé (who's never been one for lying on a beach anyway, he's much more active) suggested we go there too. He loves my family and said he's much better off running around a theme park than hand-holding on a beach, so we booked it!

    We're staying in a completely different hotel to the family and will obviously have lots of time to ourselves, but we will also meet up for a few things. I know some people would hate the idea of not being completely alone on their honeymoon, but we both get on brilliantly with my family anyway so we're not concerned that meeting up with them for a day wouldn't be 'right' for a honeymoon. We're just really excited as it's going to be so much fun - and this is much more 'us' than the traditional romantic bubble of bliss!

  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    We are planning to go two days after our wedding. Have had some good quotes, but just need to work on some of the flight times as they dont really work (I am not getting up at 4am on my honeymoon to catch a flight to the next place!)

    Our plan is Vegas, Hawaii then NYC!

  • gemkatgemkat Posts: 264

    FutureMrsJC - we get married the week before you and we're looking at thailand or the philippines, loads of lovely beaches and lots of activities like snorkelling and diving! image

    I am just waiting for the flights to start appearing on sky scanner so I can start booking!! image  honestly I am more excited about the honeymoon than the wedding at the moment! all that time to relax with no more wedding stress! image  x

  • GG2BeGG2Be Posts: 95

    We just booked ours yesterday, we're off to St Lucia for two weeks....can't wait! x

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