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Newby saying hi!

Hey girlies, just wanted to say hi to my fellow August 2013 brides!  I'm Sat 17th August and already counting down the days lol.  Great forum btw - you all seem a lovely helpful bunch image xx


  • Hi Michelle,

    Just wanted to say welcome image

    I'm not an aug2013 bride but I like to chat all the same!

    Eleven weeks and counting for me image

    What have you got planned/sorted so far?

    Hannah xxx
  • animaanima Posts: 38

    Hi Michelle! I'm your date twin! Only just started using the forum. It's mainly made me feel really far behind! Love reading everyones plans though!

  • Hello Michelle, I am a September 2013 bride. Getting married on September 7th. How are you getting on with planning? 

    Hannah you must be so excited with only 11 weeks to go!

  • Excited or stressed so much I've become euphoric! Tell you what ladies tho it's sooo good to see all your ideas come together. I went through a lull of thinking nothing was getting done etc and then everything just starts to fall into place. It's lovely. I am really really going to miss talking weddings and planning with everyone you know image *tissues* xxx
  • Hey girls, lovely to hear from you all - I'm wedding obsessed just now but its nice to see I'm not the only one lol.  Got the following sorted so far - venue, photographer, videographer, band, dress, bridesmaid dresses, favours, invitations and some other wee bits like memorial candle for family who have passed away which was important as my h2b's father died of cancer a few yrs ago but we wanted to remember him and others on the day.  So nice to share thoughts/questions with everyone on here!

    Hannah - wow you must be counting down the days, I bet the next 11 wks fly by!

    Anima - nice to meet you date twin image

    SylvieBelle - you'll be still excited for your big day after ours is all over with! 

  • TripTrip Posts: 120
    Hey congrats n welcome to the site image bit longer for me june 2014 x
  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    Congrats and welcome! Im the day before you on the 16th ! image

  • animaanima Posts: 38

    Wow Michelle! That is a lot. See this is why I feel so behind here. I have a provisional booking with ceremony venue and registrar (await venue ceremony license), transport (good contacts = freebie!) and cake toppers. That's it! haha! Must try harder!

  • Hi Michelle

    Welcome image I'm getting married August too, the 3rd

    I love this forum, so many nice people on here with lots of great ideas, also good to have a chat about anything and everything

    You have your planning well underway, I think you're ahead of me, must get a move on! Lol
  • Thank goodness we can all keep each other sane on here eh......well kinda lol!!image


  • SparklesSparkles Posts: 377

    Hi Michelle, Im 2nd August, lets hope the sun shines for us all!!

    And dont feel behind, i feel like we've barely done anything compared to most others! Literally just paid the deposit for the Photographer, we have the church book an dthe reception. But thats it!!


  • LilygirlLilygirl Posts: 429

    Welcome, I'm just after you on 25 August 2013. There is plenty of time to book everything, so don't panic!

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