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Just paid out our first money!!

Starting to think Im lucky we've got this close without having to start to pay out, but I just paid the deposit for the photgrapher!!

I met with her for a Starbucks on Tuesday and shes very lovely, so we've booked herimage

This is going to be the start of everything, I think its all going to be go - go - go between now and Christmas, I want to get as much sorted by then as possible. Start a new job next week though so wont have as much spare time - eek!


  • It starts to feel very real when you start paying money out doesnt i? Our wedding is in 8 months and 2 weeks, so far we have paid deposits for venue, registrar, photographer and my dress.  H2b wants to leave some things until after christmas so that we still have things to do, also we are going to a wedding fayre at our venue in november so dont really want to book too much until we have been there. Are you doing a planning thread? they are eally good to get all your ideas down in one place.

    Oh and good luck in your new job image

  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    Wait til you get to a month before and everyone wants your cash! Its scary!!

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    We've booked the church (only did this 3 weeks ago!) Thankfully the Friday we want was free, if we'd have wanted the Saturday thats already booked!

    Venue has been provisionally booked since about April/May time, they work in a weird way and do all the tasters, meetings, day running order, and only when all of that is decided and your happy do they take a deposit. The day is secured and pencilled in as ours thoughimage

    My aunt is making our cake, a friend has offered to dj, were not having cars as were walking to and fro, were both designry people so were doing our own stationary, Ive been to see and try some dresses but havent ordered anything yet, but we havent even thought about Mens clothing, BM's or anything yet.

    I'm sure it'll all come together!!

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