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The Dress.....

I finally made a decision today, tried it, swished it, bought it! Did anyone else not have the 'oh my god it's the one' but have a, this is lovely, I feel lovely and it just feels like me?! I felt sick parting with that sort of money, I had a proper paddy as I have to pay extra as I'm 'over size', took an hour in a pub over lunch to decide 'just bloody buy it' after a text from my fianc??, saying we only do this once just get it!!! How did you feel after you'd decided? I feel a bit deflated that the search (albeit a short one!) is over!!


  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253
    what did you get?

    when i tried my dress on last i didn't think this is it i just didn't want to take it off and it makes me feel good. its probably just our version of 'its the one'.
  • I was the same, neither me or my mum cried or anything like that, I just felt really happy and didn't want to take it off image I swished and clapped my hands a bit in the shop because I felt lovely in it and like myself as well as a bride which was really important for me as I'd felt a bit stiff in the others, like I couldn't move freely, but in my dress I was twirling and swishing around the shop, hehe.

    Like nats said, think it's just our version of 'oh yes, this is the one!' image

  • SparklesSparkles Posts: 377
    Oh good! My words to the girl were, ooo I could swish about in this all day.

    So that must definitely be 'our version' I'm glad it's not an earth moving moment for everyone!

    Chloe that's how I felt, and that I could have gone on trying them on forever, but I felt happy and could imagine myself at the venue and in church in it - ie. I didn't feel like I was playing dress up!!

    Nats ill pm you - so paranoid OH will find out!!
  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    I didnt cry/cream/squeal etc either! But i did feel that it was the one even before i properly had it on! Drove home with a massive grin on my face after image

    I did have a slight wobble but went back to the shop to try it on again and got some half decent pics, and feel 100% now!

    Glad you have found your one!

  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    I never had the "this is the one" feeling either - but it did make my Mum cry!  I loved it so decided to part with a hell of a lot of money!  I only went to 3 dress shops, all on the same day and bought my dress in the last shop we went in.

    Although I have to say when I got the call to go and try my dress on when it arrived I had to wait a month, the day came and I moved my appointment because I was so nervous, I tried it on and then I cried! 

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