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Shows everyone's planning going

Which is making me think Iv forgotten stuff! Got my dress, got the bridesmaids, booked church n venue, booked cars, sorted bouquets, still to make invites but have all the stuff, h2b is getting sorted in January...... Wot have I not done?


  • photographer, cake,

  • Here's some suggestions from my (very long) list, photographer, catering, bar, cake, favours, rings, gifts for bridal party if you are doing, centrepieces, entertainment, dj or band, hair, make up and erm honeymoon image

    Think I need to get on with a few things now lol!
  • jendoojendoo Posts: 166
    Oh yeh photographer is booked, cake is part of my package and honeymoon is booked.

    Think for the bridal party I'm gonna do jewellery for the day plus a little something, hip flasks n flowers. Hair is sorted, makeup I need to sort out! I was lucky that most things are included in the package so have just had to pick colors n stuff.

    Thing I'm dreading is sorting out music for the ceremony!
  • Ooh you are lucky to have lots of inclusive things... Our venue basically includes chairs and tables oh and the lightbulbs lol!

    Music and make up at next things on our list too!x
  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    Ive got most of the big stuff sorted -

    Dress, Florist booked just have to decide on them next year, cake, notice given, venue, hair and make up trials booked, veil, music for ceremony, DJ, favours picked, just need to buy them, invites picked, just need to pay deposit, photographer  -sure there is more!

    We will have our first meeting with the venue in Jan/Feb so can crack on more then!

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