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Any 23rd Aug Brides?

Any other brides here getting married on the 23rd Aug? image



  • Malb2b13Malb2b13 Posts: 679

    i am august 22nd image x

  • Sawcy_89Sawcy_89 Posts: 105

    Im 23rd August! Thought I was the only one! image

  • AngellahAngellah Posts: 109

    I'm 24th image

  • I'm 24th image
  • B2BGemsB2BGems Posts: 107
    Sawcy_89 wrote (see)

    Im 23rd August! Thought I was the only one! image

    Me to! image 

    How are everyone's plans going? What have you done? What have you got left to do? I dont know whether we are on track or not image 

  • Malb2b13Malb2b13 Posts: 679

    i thought i wa really on top of everything and then new year came and i am getting married THIS year and i am not quite so sure i am on track! Ive got the biggies venue, dress etc i feel like i have lots of little things to sort and chase up. tbh i think im probably where i should be just now that its this year it sounds so near! x

  • B2BGemsB2BGems Posts: 107

    It does sound so close. Only 220 odd days I think now image I'm the same. Done all the big stuff bar the notification of marriage which is booked in for end of this month. Invites out next month. Sorting bridesmaid dresses over next few weeks hopefully. Then it'll be on to the dreaded table decoration/venue decorations. Our budget is tiny so that's mostly a diy job image

  • maddiehmaddieh Posts: 315

    I'm the 23rd but then having the reception the next day. I feel quite far behind! I am only just dress shopping! But I have lost a stone and a half, so glad i have left it until now, hoping to loose another stone or two before the wedding, but can't leave it any longer.  Have you sent invitations out yet? I also have quite a small budget (£3000 at a push, although this hasn't actually been saved yet, we most likely will have to get a loan out to pay for some bits), I have the ceremony and reception venues, a band and some random decorations at the moment but that is all! I think i must be really far behind... let me know what you think! x

  • B2BGemsB2BGems Posts: 107
    Mines a 3k ish budget too. I've done most bits myself so we have more to spend on venue. Got invites going out in the next month or so. We still have cake, photographer, entertainment, decoration flowers and ceiling decs (making paper pompoms) to sort.
  • im the 24th - were almost done planning, just suits and finishing touches, I am already having nightmares pretty much every night about it going wrong already!!! 195 days to go ladies!! x

  • maddiehmaddieh Posts: 315

    I'm having paper pom poms too - will start making them in the easter holidays I think, as I have 8- 5 days atm surrounded by 30 energetic 5 year olds and by the time I get home i am exhausted. I think I will follow your lead and send the invites out next month Good luck with everything image

  • GemgemGemgem Posts: 242

    Im the 24th. Deffo got a bit scared when we came into the new year! Have booked string quartet for the church, DJ for reception, chosen invitations and paid, bought my shoes and loads of other bits all in the last few weeks! Got my first dress fitting wednesday too and managed to lose no weight since I ordered it back in August image x

  • B2BGemsB2BGems Posts: 107

    Invites are out! It suddenly feels very much more real! Had make up trial. Finished paying for the bridesmaid dresses. Just shoes to go for them. I go between sheer excitement to complete fear in minutes. I am looking forward to it though image x

  • becbec Posts: 63
    I'm the 23rd! image))
  • I was the 24th! but have moved to the 23rd! got to get my invites reprinted and sent out soon! xx

  • Sawcy_89Sawcy_89 Posts: 105

    Oh, I never get notifications from YAYW!!

    I'm feeling so frustrated today, we had to send our invites out pretty early for various reasons, so they actually went out 6 weeks ago, tomorrow is the deadline for RSVPs and so far out of 40 invites we have had 6 replies!! We sent Save the Dates out over a year before so I'm sure people should know by now if they are coming or not but they just can't be bothered to reply!

    Maybe I'll send an email to all the non responders revoking their invitationsimage

    How is everyone else doing?- less than 150 days to go now!!! x

  • PreshPresh Posts: 1
    I'm an Aug 22nd bride, my fianc?? only proposed 5 days ago! We have a hectic few months ahead I think....

    He's from Caerphilly and I am a Worcester girl, but as his Dad is poorly we shall be getting married in Wales. We will be having a big party in Worcestershire a few days later for any family/friends that couldn't make it.

  • B2BGemsB2BGems Posts: 107

    Congratulations Presh!!! Not long to plan everything?! Awwwwww so sorry to hear about h2b's dad image 

    @Sawcy_89- My dates the end of June. And bar immediate family and party members we have had no rsvps other then nos image About 40 nos for the evening do so far. Kind of disheartning tbh when we sent out rsvps before last summer and booked venue last March! But its their loss. I'm planning on sending an email out at the end of this month checking people received their invites as a gentle nudge to bloody well answer image

    @MrsHousden-Joyce2Be Why the change of date but yay to another date twin image less then 20 weeks left!!! Ive been counting down since the 200 mark! lol

    @bec Yay image


  • @crazybride silly caterer and original venue pulling out! so had to find somewhere else within budget and ended up bringing it forward a day hah! oh well one day less on the counter!

  • Sawcy_89Sawcy_89 Posts: 105

    Oh crazybride I feel your pain with regard to the declines!
    We booked our venue almost solely due to having a massive guestlist, now loads of people have been saying they cant come...
    I read a thread on here ages ago that said up to 40% of evening guests say that they will come then just dont bother turning up!!

    Im totally freaking out that there are going to be 60 lonely people rattling around in this massive venue like peas in a tin can image


  • B2BGemsB2BGems Posts: 107

    Ive pretty much had 40% say no as it is so if another 40% dont show..... well it could be a very empty. But I'm now going with the thought that the people who really want to be there will be and the others are going to miss out on a fab time. I know not to go out of my way for some family. Especially since some of them kicked up a stink about certain things then rsvped no anyway. 

    @Sawcy_89  Awwwww I'm sure guests wont mind the space. Nothing worse then being packed in like sardines lol 



  • B2BGemsB2BGems Posts: 107
    MrsHousden-Joyce2be wrote (see)

    @crazybride silly caterer and original venue pulling out! so had to find somewhere else within budget and ended up bringing it forward a day hah! oh well one day less on the counter!

    OH MY LIFE!!! I bet that was stressful! x

  • Just a little! All sorted now though (touch wood haha) but only gone and got myself a new job and we are moving in the next 29 days too ahhhhh panic stations for meeee! Xx

  • MidlandsbrideMidlandsbride Posts: 169

    im 23rd guys, how are the plans going? iv been stressing myself thinking that it should all be done now! 

  • I'm the 24th image 

    I feel like we've not really done anything for the past few stressing about the marquee and the fact it's not actually booked yet....we are having the reception at OHs aunts house and she's paying for it.....but it's not booked! Am giong to have to ring them up today and sort it out. 

    Busy making the invitatons, it's taking ages. We move house next month as well as getting a new puppy. Madness!

  • It seems moving house before getting married is quite a popular thing to do! Though its crazyy busy!!!! And stressful right now! 

  • It's quite stressful isn't it! We are lucky in that we are moving into a house that we have inherited and is in the same grounds as where the reception will be, so we will finally be 'on site' rather than trying to plan a wedding from over 80 miles away!

  • B2BGemsB2BGems Posts: 107

    I moved house 2 years ago and it was hell!! Never mind planning a wedding and making sure nothing from that gets lost in the move aswell! Hope it all goes well for you moving brides to be!



    Midlandsbride wrote (see)

    im 23rd guys, how are the plans going? iv been stressing myself thinking that it should all be done now! 

    My planning is going good. I dont seem to be doing a lot right now. Waiting on rsvps so I can get stationery for the day done. Am hoping to get all the bits for favours and other bits together so I can get more craftiness on the go. Am having a go at blinging some champaigne flutes for me and the fiance for during the speeches.... We'll see hot that goes!! lol

  • Sawcy_89Sawcy_89 Posts: 105

    Less than 2 months to go now girls!

    We had our first (stupidly late) meeting with our venue yesterday where they promptly dropped about a thousand tonnes of bricks on our heads! All the things we now cant do, all the things they have changed, and all the things they've done which they promised they wouldnt do...

    All they bothered to say was, 'oh, didnt anyone tell you?' Well, no, actually no-one did tell us anything at all!!!

    So now I'm totally freaking out, my mum is furious with them and theres nothing can be done. It feels like all the time and effort (and money!) we put in to trying to make it perfect was a waste of time, and now it will just be second best image

    My hen do is tomorrow, Ive got a stinking cold (so does MoH and my mum) and its pissing down rain- Im so not in the mood imageimage

    Sorry about the rant ladies, just one of those weeks...

    How is everyone else doing? xx

  • maddiehmaddieh Posts: 315

    I'm another 23rd bride, with a reception on the 24th. I'm sure  I must have a 100 jobs to do but at the same time can't figure out what I actually need to do! Think I am getting too stressy about it all. Good luck to everyone else image x

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