August 17th Anyone? What should i be doing?

Just wondering.... lol!
So far dresses are bought, band are booked, cake is sorted, venue booked, minister booked, flowers booked but not chosen, photographer booked, kilts booked, car booked, invitations being worked on, music for the ceremony booked, accomodation for night before wedding and night of wedding booked, guest list basically done but there will be movement, hairdresser booked, make up artist booked, my shoes bought, jewellary bought.

Whats not sorted.....caterer as our caterer just went into liquidation but we are working on that, table settings and place thingys, seating plan, rings, first dance choices to the band, liscence, actual details of ceremony, are we having favours and if so what will they be, trials of hair and make up, final fittings of dresses, gifts for wedding party/mums, hen/stag nights, honeymoon.....

Anyone want to help me out with other things I've missed? LOL!



  • Not getting married then, but it is my birthday!!


  • Hiya

    Im getting married on the 17th August too. Only 190 days to go!!

    We've got loads left to do, we've booked the car, church and reception. Still looking for dresses, photographer, makeup artist, hairdresser and sort out my hen do.  This is my second time, so much more exciting than the first.  First time round i got married abroad. This time its very traditional, i love all of the organising.

    Your so organised, i wouldnt worrry.


  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    Im the day before, so can i join in? image

    We have got lots done, but still have lots to do! Need to buy rings, decide on flowers (meeting booked in march), decide what to pick for our menu tasting and wording for the order of the day/ table numbers. BM dresses are having alterations done and should get them back soon, cant wait!

    We have our lovely invites now, just need to buy some nice pens and will get my sis and sis inlaw to write them (they have far nicer handwriting than me!)

  • Hi LAdies, a bit late i know but can i join? i get married on the 17th august too image

    So far i have got my church/venue sorted.. My menu sorted... transport and accommodation is sorted. . MY dress is ordered will hopefully be having first fitting as soon as it comes in around may time.. bridesmaid dresses all ordered and should be here soon for fittings! .. mens suits all ordered (Except H2B's Step dad.. but thats a whole different rant- needless to say if he doesnt get his @s$ into gear soon and sort suit out hes not sitting on the top table! )

    Cake has been choosen and pics sent to cake lady... Photography/videography choosen. Photobooth and casino hired for the evening! ... invites are all being printed at the wedding shop (left this a little late but at least when they arrive i dont have to hand write them as they are all being printed) .. most stationary we have agreed on not quite ordered ut the ladies who are donig invited will be using the same format/design for most stationary.... Wedding favours are sorted: we decided instead of spending money on things people leave on tables we are putting money into a charity that is very close to our hearts.. so our favours will be a poem we have written about the donation and a charity pin!

    I am buying my candelabras rather then hiring them (i have gone for the ones with the crystal globes ) as the price was only slightly higher to buy, so i am gonig to buy them and once i am finished with them hire them out but at a cost that is reasonable to other brides (as we all know how expensive a wedding can be so any saving is a good saving)

    Urm.... so just need to confirm which flowers we want from florist... pick music and i think thats it!....have i forgotten anything?

    Has any of my fellow 17 aug brides done anything else since they posted? or can see anything i have forgotten?

  • I'm 17th August too!!  So far I've sorted:


    Reception Venue & venue dressing

    Invitations (sent, some RSVPs already!)



    Bridesmaids dresses


    Church singer and organist


    Hair and make up


    We still need to sort out:

    Flowers (although have two quotes, need to decide which)

    Stag do (H2B's job, I'm staying out of it!)

    Suits for the guys (ditto above!)

    Readings for the church

    Favours (can't decide whether to bother)

    Transport... no idea what to do about transport

    SHOES!!  Shoes are a major source of argument between me and my sis (chief bridesmaid) and the probably cause of my eventual bridezilla tantrums image

    I'm hoping that posting here will keep me motivated as I'm definitely running out of steam!

  • Bit late here but we're 17th August too image suzysimpson..... I can totally empathise with the chief bridesmaid/sister/arguing over shoes...

    We've pretty much planned the same as everyone else, as well as having done invites/placenames and now working on seating plan and order of service image

    Getting very excited now!

  • Hey I'm 17th Aug too image.  Plans are pretty much same as you other girls - my next thing is to get my new passport sent off as I need the minister to complete part of the form as I'm getting it in my new name - exciting!  How quickly its flying in though eh girlies!!!!!  Good luck to all of you lovely BTB's xx

  • suzysimpsonsuzysimpson Posts: 95
    Deborah Wrighton wrote (see)

    Bit late here but we're 17th August too image suzysimpson..... I can totally empathise with the chief bridesmaid/sister/arguing over shoes...


    Hi Deborah!  My sis is still faffing over shoes!!  The other two BMs have bought theirs, plain ivory heels (they could choose any style as long as it's ivory!) but my sis keeps pointing out green ones, blue ones... aaaargh!  When she finally did order an ivory pair, convinced she wanted 4 inch heels (she's 5'11 like me, and I'm wearing flats so she'll be a giant) had to return them because she couldn't walk in them... I'm just letting her sort it out herself image

    Hi Michelle too!  Lovely to have more 17th Aug BTBs!!  

    We've sorted pretty much everything now I think, we've decided against wedding cars (could walk between our church and reception, they're so close it's not worth it) and against a honeymoon - H2B says I have to graduate first image

    Hopefully RSVPs should all be in by Friday so can start working on table plan etc then image

  • Oh my gosh! So annoying... my sister recently declared my shoe choice "yuck" and ordered two new pairs of her own in bright purple... :/ But hey! I´m learning during this process how to say no to people! 

    How are people doing table plans!? We have to start ours but kind of putting it off because I have no idea how to go about it... For example, top table will be a bit random if its just the bridal party as my sister for example is married with 2 kids but we can´t fit them all on the top table!!

    Getting there with my dress though, and trying to source ivory/cream shrugs for bridesmaids is proving difficult! 

    suzy, why no honeymoon? not fair! image 

  • suzysimpsonsuzysimpson Posts: 95
    Deborah Wrighton wrote (see)

    Oh my gosh! So annoying... my sister recently declared my shoe choice "yuck" and ordered two new pairs of her own in bright purple... :/ But hey! I´m learning during this process how to say no to people! 

    How are people doing table plans!? We have to start ours but kind of putting it off because I have no idea how to go about it... For example, top table will be a bit random if its just the bridal party as my sister for example is married with 2 kids but we can´t fit them all on the top table!!

    Getting there with my dress though, and trying to source ivory/cream shrugs for bridesmaids is proving difficult! 

    suzy, why no honeymoon? not fair! image 

    We have the same issue with table plan!!  Where to put everyone is confusing... We're having a round top table so less formal, but it looks like we need 12 seats round a table that seats 8... unless we bump some people off, but how to decide?!?!?

    Apart from that I'm going to try and keep people mostly with other people they know.  I'm not really bothered if people 'mingle' or not, they're all grown ups and can chat in cocktail hour lol.  Plus sometimes it's really awful if you're at a table of strangers and they just don't get on!!  Silence is so awkward!!  

    Honeymoon... I'm a bit disappointed we're not having one but it makes sense for us to postpone it for a while... I am in the middle of writing up my PhD dissertation, and have to finish it then get a job ASAP to save up for said honeymoon lol H2B has only just started proper work after he graduated too so we're both reeling in a lot of student debt.  We are having a night in a posh hotel in London though the night after the wedding image

  • Exactly! we´re having 10 people and round tables too... but its still hard to work out whether to split up the married couples in the bridal party (ie ushers/bridesmaids/best man!) because we can´t have them all on there... I guess its ok maybe to make the top table just family and best man/chief bridesmaid? 

    Yeah I was thinking about keeping people in friend groups too, would love to matchmake some of my single friends but don´t know if they´d appreciate that! Got a few awkward ones who don´t know anyone else so not sure what do about them?

    That makes sense on the honeymoon... we´ve been saving all year for ours as I graduated last June and HTB is graduating this year! I understand that... the posh hotel sound lush! 

  • suzysimpsonsuzysimpson Posts: 95

    Yeah the couples issue is confusing us too!! We have:

    - 2 sets of parents

    - My sis (chief BM) and her boyfriend

    - My brother (usher)

    - H2B brother (best man) & his girlfriend (bridesmaid)

    - one other bridesmaid (a single friend)

    - one other usher (H2B best friend, married with little girl 2.5 years old)

    We just can't figure out what to do! We initially thought like you to have chief BM, best man and family as that seemes the easiest way to do it!!!  But that means my single bridesmaid would be on her tod as she knows nobody, same goes for best man's girlfriend. My sis also isn't keen on her boyfriend not sitting with her... ARGH!!!

    We have a few awkward people too, we're probably going to put the singles together with our friendliest guests to try & make sure they're included.But we're having a ceilidh in the evening so I think that should mean everyone gets a chance to dance as very few of them are couple dances!

    Matchmaking is really temptingimage


  • Yeah I see your problems! We have similar, both sets of parents, My sister (chief BM, married with 2 kids) my other BM (married) then other bridesmaid, and then 4 ushers, 2 of which are HTB's brothers, one is my brother (married) and the other has a girlfriend who doesn't know anyone! Best man is engaged too... its all very confusing! I want to play with little action figures  a la Monica in Friends but am stopping myselfimage

    Plus trying to organise the wedding from Spain where I currently live and fiancé is in the UK - nightmare!

  • suzysimpsonsuzysimpson Posts: 95

    I think you should totally do the action figures!  I just realised last night that I hadn't been counting me and H2B in the table setting, so silly!!  Still no idea what to do... think we'll just hope for some inspiration at the last minuteimage

    Gosh organising it from Spain sounds challenging!!  I am organising my Cheshire wedding from Leeds and I thought that was tough!!

  • How is all the 17aug brides having there seating plan show to guests? there is some lovely designs like the mirrors with lovely card and everyones ames on but i was wanting something a little different but not sure what! i lvoe the idea of a suitacase for a vintage wedding but our is quite traditional and wouldnt suit!

    also what is everyones colours schemes and wedding dresses? ... my dress is Justin Aexander 8630 and theme is Teal! ...i was worried that when i went back to have first fitting i wouldnt love the dress as much...but i was so wrong i loved it even more! image

    Any one else getting nervous and stressed over nothing? i have most things organised.... i think only things left is .... table plan (i have provisionally done it, just waiting all replys back to confirm if they are coming) ..once i have these i need to do my seating plan to put up at venue and give final names to stationary lady to print place names. ... i have another make up trial next week. i am just waiting on my charity pin favours to come... then i need to finalise little things like give a picture to the casino company for our printed money and confirm what writing we want on the photo print outs... our main concern is picking our music..we havent picked any music also we havent met vicar yet to sort order of service or hymms.....

    Whay hymms or readings are everyone else having? ...


    all my things i have left to do are relatively small easy things to do but for some reason i still keep getting REALLY nervous as if i have forgotten something really important! hmm ... but the most important things are sorted such as wedding rings, church and dress/suits, cars, photography and flowers! ... so no need to panic!


    weddings take over!!

  • Yeah organising it from 1000 miles away isn't great! Plus I really miss my fiancé image But its nearly over!

    Hi lollypoplauren88! Our table plan is probably going to be based on a cycle race line up as our tables are named after different cycling teams... bit crazy but we both love cycling and its part of our theme! image Not sure how to display yet though, maybe pegged onto an old bike wheel..

    Wedding dress I designed myself and is being made by MIL... colour scheme dark cadbury -esque purple and sunflowers image

    I wouldn't worry too much, sounds like you've done most things! Sometimes I get stressed about silly things.. i.e bridesmaid shoes but actually they're not massively important.

    We are both Christians so had great fun picking out our songs and readings image If you need any help let me know!

    Also, are you having a casino?! Sounds fun!! image

  • PS.... 3 months today girls!!!!! image

  • suzysimpsonsuzysimpson Posts: 95

    Can't believe 3 months have been and gone!!  Eeeek!!

    Speaking of readings and music... The priest was round visiting my parents last week, he was asking how our preparations are coming along as he hasn't heard from us... H2B is meant to be in charge of that as he wants to make a good impression on the Priest (H2B isn't catholic) but he's just dragging his feet so I've told him he has to sort it this week!  I think we need to tell the priest about readings and music... Music is fine, we're having a singer, but for readings we have no idea!!!!  Help!!  

    @ lollypoplauren88 My dress is Mikaella 1661 and our colour scheme is "anything goes" lol!!  The invites and stationery etc are white and yellow, and the flowers will be white and yellow but with random coloured wild flowers and foliage in there too, same goes for table centres.  Bridesmaids are in cream and the guys are in light grey suits with cream waistcoats and yellow ties.  No idea how it will all look to be honest!!

    Oooh I must confess a crime - I've bought a second-hand dress from eBay!!  My dress is quite fitted and we're having a ceilidh, so dancing will be really hard, so I was thinking about buying a second dress for the evening and saw a total bargain on eBay last night so bought it!!  No idea if it will fit, or look good, but I can always re-sell it image

  • Whoops been a while since I was on here! Had a nice weekend early birthday celebration so I was occupied in nicer ways.. image Yes, we have kind of sorted our order of service but not fixed on definite readings and things yet! Do you know what you want? Like poems/bible readings etc..? There are lots of great bible readings.. image Like the typical 1 Corinthians 13.. which is a lovely passage image But there are lots more!

    Love your dress!! So beautiful image Mine is lacey too, I designed it and MIL is making it so its not completely finished yet but promises to be different anyway.. ahah! our colour scheme is cadbury purple and sunflowers image  It's scary to wonder whether it will all look right together on the day isn't it?! We're having a marquee and I'm panicking because we won't be able to decorate until the thurs before which means i literally won't know what the reception venue will look like until 2 days before the wedding! eek! It's really hard planning marquee decorations too.. anyone else having this issue?

    Ooh what does the second dress look like?? I wouldn't say ebay is too criminal..image

  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    I too am worrying how it will all look, have not done a planning thread as worried about people seeing, but at the same time, want to see it all together! Its all the little details that i see at other peoples too, i hope ours will be personal enough. Hoping on the day i wont care though!


  • Hi ladies!!

    Not been here for a while, had a huge scary deadline at work... Well nothing to report anyway, trying to get H2B to pull his socks up and do his share of wedding things! He has to get baptised, before July, or we won't be getting married (Priest said he had to be baptised, not me, I don't care before anyone asks!).  

    How can I hurry him up?  AAARRRGGHHHH.

    Suzy xxx

  • Good luck with that one Suzy! Its sounds funny getting a man baptised, maybe he's a bit embarrassed, my other would be!!

    We had our first visit with the Reverend last week.  She was lovely. We have been given "homework". We have to decide between now and next week what music to walk out to and choose a bible reading.

    It all seems to be happening at once, this weekend is the first weekend of our banns being read in church, so excited!

    Its coming round really quickly now. xx

  • It's not a proper baptism, the Priest said he would basically ask H2B if he believed in god, H2B has to say yes then Priest makes the sign of the cross with water on his head... It won't even be in the church!  Our priest is totally cool!  

    Anyway, I am worried that H2B is changing his mind... he is atheist and is only doing this because otherwise he would have to fill in a load of forms saying how he will support my religion and how he will respond if we have kids etc...

    I'm a bit worried he doesn't want religion involved in the wedding at all but the whole thing was his idea!  We were going to have civil ceremony but my mum got really upset about it, so H2B said we could do the church thing but since then he's just put it off and off and off.  

    It's not just the church, it's his suits (I had to organise doing that with his mum), his stag party (me and his brother did that), his shoes (me again)... I know he's really busy at work but it's making me super stressed.  

    I'm sure it will all be fine though, think I'm PMS-ing and worrying about nothing!!

    Tracy its so cool that you have a lady Reverend!  Wish the catholic church would catch up and let women be ordained!  

    What music are you thinking about?  We're having loads of Bach because he's our favourite composer! 

  • wobblychickwobblychick Posts: 106

    wow - totally forgot I'd started this thread and then not been on again! Whoops!
    ok we're now 9 weeks on Saturday ladies! ARGH!

    We're feeling in a bit of a lull just now! And you're all scaring me with your table plans - we've not got our RSVP's coming in till 17th July!

    We're pretty organised though! All outfits sorted, all shoes sorted, cake sorted, caterer sorted, ceremony music and reception band sorted, flowers for bouquets and table sorted, ministers met, honeymoon booked, hair trials done, make up trial booked, nails and hair appts for week before booked, hyonotherapy appts (I'LL NEED IT!) booked, cottage for me and BMS to get ready booked, stag and hens save the dates have gone, invites out, meal taster is done, cars are booked, mirror bought for table plan, favours/place setting things bought, photgrapher booked and site visit done..........

    We still need to apply for the liscence, chose the veggie option for the meal, pick an usher (H2B's job and he keeps putting it off!!!!!), do the table plan, make up the place setting/favour things, table names, decide when to pick up the dresses............. not too bad!

    Our main issue is our best man and bridesmaid are getting divorced from each other! Best man is H2B's brother and his wife is my friend and introduced me and H2B! Its not very amicable, they're still trying to live in their house etc so we are slightly freaking out about it on the day! They've both said its not about them on the day etc and they can sit at the same table and behave etc! But its on your mind isn't it?


  • Argh bridesmaid and best man divorce soungs like a nightmare Wobblychick!!  It's good they're keeping you informed about how things are going, at least if they're going to try and behave that means they are aware of how it might impact on your wedding!!  Could be much worse I suppose!!  

    Sounds like you're pretty sorted, well done you!!  

    We still have to:

    - choose menu

    - sort out timings

    - arrange transport

    - lose weight (me, not H2B!)

    - have hair and make up trials

    - see priest about order of service

    - decide on readings (if any)

    - send out information sheets to guests

    - chase up missing RSVPs (or should I just ignore the ones who haven't replied?!)

    - do table plans and place settings

    - decide on favours


    Think that's it.  I'm sure I will have forgotten loads though!!  

  • wobblychickwobblychick Posts: 106

    hi all!
    6 weeks to go from this Saturday! I am still fat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!

    Thanks for your post suzy!
    Our rings are in! Hooray! We've also got some cheques in which I didn't really expect - very nice!! I've had three hair trials and I'm happy with my hair! One bridesmaid has had all her trials and the other has still get hers but they're booked! The hen stuff is underway!
    I don't think you can ignore those who haven't replied as I know peopel are saying to us they're coming but they've not replied! I intend to chase! BUt we gave a date for RSVP so can't really chase till after that!

  • I know, 6 week, it's so scary!!  I'm not as fat as I was but I'm still spotty!!!  Have tests on 12th July to see if it's hormonal, if it's not I should get magic lotions and potions to make the spots go away, hope it's enough time though.

    Our RSVP date was 17th May... so they non-responders are almost 2 months late!  

    My hair trial is tonight, so excited!!

    How are things working out with the divorcing couple Wobblychick?  Hope no more drama!!  

  • wobblychickwobblychick Posts: 106

    Oh theres tons of drama! LOL! I'm just hopeful on the day it will be fine! My bridesmaid has been brilliant and is holding her end up great! The best man is not really helping my H2B at all so he's in my bad books!!!

  • wobblychickwobblychick Posts: 106

    Just read your earlier post about your H2B at the baptism stuff! How is is that going?

  • LOL I think men are like that though... H2B and his crew are always like "oh we'll do it nearer the time..." pfffff yeah right.  Hopefully the best man will pull it together?  

    Baptism was fine, over in 5 min, priest said a prayer, sprinkled him with water and that was it!  

    Priest is doing out heads in about the wedding though.  First he said we could have any readings we wanted, now he's saying they have to be religious readings... First he said we could be done in 20 minutes without any religious stuff, now he's saying we have to have communion.... Grrrrr.  Totally backtracked on everything.  He's buggered off on holiday now too.  Such a P.I.T.A.  Honestly wish we had gone for civil ceremony... but too late now image  

    My mum has said she'll have a word with him (she goes to mass every day and sees him there) so hopefully we'll resolve it... but at the minute the actual ceremony part is looking totally different to how we planned it image  

    At least the reception is all sorted though lol.  

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