Wedding Band Query


I was wondering if anyone could help with my query. We went shopping for my wedding band a few months ago and saw one that I really liked so the jeweller has held it for us as my fiance is making regular payments to pay for it rather than paying all up front for it. My problem is the other day I went into the store and tried it on again and I am worried that it does not sit flush next to my engagement ring. It is a channel setting, half eternity band but it must have quite a high profile, even though the metal sides are very thin, as it is pushing away from the solitaire setting of my engagement ring. I am just not happy with the gap that it creates. I know that my engagement ring isn't too bulky as I have tried many other eternity rings and they all sit flush to it. My question is would the jeweller be able to change the setting of the eternity ring slightly to make it fit better against my engagement ring? He said he could shave down my engagement ring setting but I really don't want that. My other questions is, as my finace has only paid for half of the ring so far and it is being held back by the jeweller, are we entitled to change our mind and choose a different eternity ring that fits better if nothing can be done to change it?

Thank you!!

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