Advise on first dance please!

Hi there everybody, could anybody please offer their thoughts on Eva Cassidy Time After Time as a possible choice for our first dance? I absolutely love the song but im just not sure if it is right for a wedding!  Really struggling to make a decision! Thanks xx


  • B2BGemsB2BGems Posts: 107

    I think any song goes these days. Do you and hubby to be feel comfortable dancing to it? Give it a practise and see. That's what me and th oh have been doing. Not found the righ one yet lol image

  • Hi, 

    Eva Cassidy has such a lovely voice.  We are going to have Songbird by Eva Cassidy for ours. It took quite a while to decide which song to have, but the lyrics and tempo (h2b doesn't dance!) Made this the perfect one for us. 

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