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JA wedding dress taking AGES!!!

Did anyone order a Justin Alexander dress?  I ordered mine in September, was told it would be ready around Feb/March, just rang bridal shop today and they said another couple of months.  Only got 3.5 months to go before the wedding on aug 3rd.  Will this be enough time for fittings etc?  Anyone else had similar experience?? Help!! Panicing now!!!


  • aww no! which JA did you go for?


    i ordered 8630 in December- infact i chose and ordered it on my birthday so 1st December, i had a phone call last week telling me it had arrived....

    if i was you i would be ringing the shop daily!
    Hope you get it sorted!

  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    It will be plenty of time for fittings, just be aware that you might need to arrange them at short notice - i.e. be prepared to leave work early if poss/book time off/go at weekends or evenings.

    My dress is a different designer, but it took 6 months and that was considered quite quick!

    Im sure it will be fine, but call the shop and tell them you are worried, maybe they will call the designer and chase for you.

  • hodgy-podgyhodgy-podgy Posts: 257
    I had 8596 and it took 6 months. Don't worry as the seamstresses can turn them around very quickly. My alterations were done within the week.
  • looploop Posts: 3

    Thank you! it was 8645 a tea legnth gown.  It's taken 7 months so far image I just hope it comes in time to be altered as I've lost a stone already!! eeek!! Might go to bridal shop at the weekend and see if I can get a more specific date out of them.....

  • SparklesSparkles Posts: 377

    I only had my final measurements taken in March and my dress will be in in June, so plenty of time, i get married on the 2nd image

  • PurdyPurdy Posts: 181

    I ordered a JA in August last year, it arrived in December or January, but fittings don't start while June anyway and even that is the end of June, i'm getting married in August this year.  JA is a professional outfit so they'll sort your dress out.  Is the dress shop ok though - as perhaps they didn't order it when they should've done, hence the out of the ordinary delay.?  I would probably start ringing them next month to keep them on their toes!  You'll have loads of time to sort the fittings though, even if it arrived in July.  It's just extra stress no bride needs though.x

  • PurdyPurdy Posts: 181

    Did your dress arrive yet?!  I hope so! image

  • MrsPDMrsPD Posts: 42

    I ordered the 8664 after Easter this year and it arrived at the beginning of August for my wedding in October-my bridal shop was saying 4-6 months, but as the end of October is 'out of season' it was a bit quicker!! I'd chase your bridal shop-or try tweet/Facebook JA and ask them how long it should take?  I hope it comes ok!

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