Only booked our wedding just over 2 weeks ago

I only booked our wedding just over two weeks ago, I've organised everything except the flowers but I just want to make sure just in case anything is forgotten.  So far we've booked and sorted the registrar, rings, dress, suits, entertainment, bridesmaid dresses, hair, cake, shoes, invites, guest lists, photographer.  Anything you think I've forgotten? 


  • Oh and all the catering, drinks and evening food are all sorted xx 

  • purpletulippurpletulip Posts: 679 New bride

    Cars, favours, bridesmaid & best mans gifts, seating plan, honeymoon? Order of service.

  • The wedding and reception are in the same place so we don't need cars.  Favours I DO need to sort out, I am really stuck there.  my father passed away and I was considering donating to a charity close to him, and giving people a bag of Everton mints (h2b supports Everton football club)

    For gifts, I was thinking earrings for older bridesmaids and necklaces for younger flower girls.  Have no idea about best man gift, any ideas?  We have only just sent out the invites so no idea of setting plan yet and I don't think we can afford a honeymoon yet -maybe if people are kind enough to give us money We will reconsider 

  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    Are you getting married at Clearwell Castle by any chance?! My best friend was married there a couple of years ago and it's a beautiful venue. Good luck with your planning image

  • I am indeed, I'd never even heard of it before last bank holiday.  It is gorgeous and I really like it when people say they've been there and think its nice x 

  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    It has one of the nicest ceremony rooms I've ever seen- such a long aisle! Food was fantastic and it was just a great day in a beautiful setting. I was a bridesmaid, so staying in the cottage with the bride the night before was lovely too. Have a wonderful wedding day x 

  • R PR P Posts: 6

    Clearwellbride, hi! We are getting married in August at Clearwell too!! Exciting eh! You have done well to be so organised! Have you chosen your ceremony music? How about charity  pin badges for your favours?? We have got the pin badges associated with the cancer my Dad suffered from and asking our guests to wear them. that way you donate to a good cause an have a 'gift' too. 

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