Engraved Sandalwood Fans

I've been looking for some sandalwood fans, with our names and the date of our wedding engraved on the side (just like this: http://www.hand-fans.net/personalized_sandalwood_an/?msg=inqsuccess) for a couple of weeks now. I can't find any that ship to the UK, will let me buy only 20, and are actually personalised. The wedding is August 13th, so you can see why I'm starting to panic! Does anyone know of a place or website anywhere that cam supply me with these? 

Thanks a bundle!


  • Hi, I'm looking for the same for my wedding. Did you find them in the end? X

  • Hi! I have found them in a Spanish online store www.sublimeweddingshop.com. They have just cost me 1,65€/piece including organza fan favour!! So happy with them and great value!!

  • Hi Margaret9,

    What a good find - thanks for the tip! Dd they arrive as well made as they look in the pictures? 



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