Forum home Archived I got married in December 2011

With about 200 days left what are you?

Jsut for fun to see if anyone is feeling the same?

what are you most looking forward to? and what are you nervous about your day?

I'll start: I am most looking forward to the ceremony and walking down the aisle

I'm nervous about my son (2) having a massive tantrum during the ceremony


  • misstriffymisstriffy Posts: 339
    Ha! I've got a two year old too, although she'll be three by the wedding. I've decided to just go with it!

    I'm looking forward to every single bit of it. image Not nervous or worried about anything, other than it all coming together in time. Feeling very disorganised at the moment!
  • SteampunkbrideSteampunkbride Posts: 1,748
    My son will be 16 months. I've told the grandparents that if he wants to move about to let him. I'd rather he toddled around than had a tantrum coz he wants to get down. There will be a toy for him at the front too, as he is walking down the aisle with his aunties (Sis and Sil2b, my bm's).

    I went to watch my ceilidh band play tonight and they were good fun. I think the guests will be getting up to dance.

    I need to make the buttonholes and bm hair pieces (peacock feathers), I need to arrange a bouquet of some sort, I'm thinking I might go for Irises as they'll be in season and Iris was my Grandma's name.

    I need to make the invites, RSVP's, orders of the day.

    Finalise centrepiece arrangements (books and old jars), and visit the venue again to check where I need to put decorations (we have the whole venue) and how many candles they provide, dye my underskirt petticoat, choose underwear, find shoes, hair/makeup, have meeting with registrar, find h2b some pinstripe trousers, find outfit for son,....

    when I think about it there is a lot still to do. I think coz all the big things like band, photographer, venue etc are booked I think there isn't that much left to do. But there is.... image

    Think I'm just nervous about the whole thing and that it all runs smoothly and the guests enjoy it. Looking forward to the WHOLE day and finally being MARRIED!!!!! image

    207 days and counting...
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