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Hen Doo! <3

Tomorrow is my first of two official hen do's and i'm so excited! Its 8 weeks until the big day today and we've decided to do a hen do tomorrow with all the girls from work as working in retail we get very very busy nearer Xmas so hard to get days off together.

We are going for a Flashdance Themed dance lesson and then to one of the girls for a little house gathering.

My official official hen is in 3 weeks time and is a complete surprise to me!

I will try post some pics on after tomorrow! But until then let me know what your plans are for hens??!

Love vic x


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    My lovely work hens!


    My brill cake!
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    The two teams play guess the wedding dress!


    And if you'd like to see the video....

    I had a great day and would really recomend something like this!!! I will post pics from my official hen later in the month! xxx
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  • Time for my official hen! I've been presented with my school prom dress! Told to get in it with heels and bright lipstick and i am getting picked up to go away for the weekend any second now!!!! =Z eeek! Will report back on Sunday! x
  • So after the huge anticipation of what I was doing for my hen do, my girls picked me up on friday night, gave me my school prom dress and told me change into it, we arrived at a cottage in York for the weeekend, it was beautiful! The girls had arranged a murder mystery night for the first night with us all dressed up and cooked me a mexican three course meal as that is where we will be honeymooning! .... I will do pics after each little bit =) x
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    My beautiful best friends and sisters in laws!


    Popping the champagne cork =D
  • In the morning they made my favourite breakfast foods on a banquet, then they pampered me all day in the cottage in face masks and tea bags and manicures, and then made me afternoon tea which is my all time favourite !
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    Us at breakfast

    Pampering in face masks!

    Partially drunk I found a skateboard outside!
  • In the afternoon we played Mr & Mrs, A quiz around all the years that are significant to my relationship and caught up... some of my friends I don't get to see very often due to dam geography!

    So that night I was swept away to Revolution Club in York, I had a vip table and pitchers of cocktails came out, I'm a cocktail girl at heart! Because it was halloween weekend there were loads of other people in fancy dress which made for a brilliant night out ... I've never danced (or drank) so much in my whole life!!!!!
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    My sash that the girls got me, on the back it says 'Bride to Be, Vic's Hen Do York 2011'


    Our Vip table right next to the dj booth


    The surprise chilli shot i was made to drink which set my blooming mouth on fire!
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    trying to walk like a penguin
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