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Details so far

Hi all,

I am finally starting to feel like I might have things under control so thought I would celebrate by posting some pics of some of the details. I would love to see yours too!

This is the church and the reception venue:

I am having my first dress fitting next week and am very excited. This is the dress (it looks very different on me!):

and the coat to keep me warm:

We are getting to the venue on a bus so that my mum can be with me and my dad too (and the bridesmaids will be in it as well):

These are my shoes but they will be bright pink:

The invitations finally went out last week as they took me much longer than I thought they would. I am dreading making all the order of service etc now!

Finally (sorry, a long thread I know) the flowers and table centres:

Now show me your please!


  • Aghhh - can't see your photos? image

    Is it just my computer?
  • Sorry ladies, that was my first attempt at posting pictures and I used photobox. Having just read all the posts about vanishing photos though I now know I should have used somewhere else. I will try again!
  • MrsR4evaMrsR4eva Posts: 1,246
    Hi newly weds and brides to be ... this is for all you ladies that have trouble with your pictures showing on this site and also not staying on the threads either ....

    First the image hosting site photobox dont hold your images here for very long the link breaks therefore people cant see your pictures even if they are public

    So ... try photobucket

    its a free image hosting web site and very easy to use

    Once your pictures are uploaded onto the site its very easy then to transfer them here once you have set your self up you need an e mail addy and password .....

    just click on the picture you want here

    a box will come up with a blue line that says share edit delete move

    under the picture there are four boxes

    email &IM

    Direct link

    HTML code

    img Code
  • Ok, attempt number 2 (and in a more sensible order this time)! This is the bus to take me, my mum, my dad and my bridesmaids to church:

    My dress (I think I love it ut am going for my first fitting next week so wil then hopefully know for sure!)

    My coat to keep me warm:

    The shoes which will be bright pink:

    The dresses my beautiful bridesmaids will be wearing:

    The invitations that finally went out last week!

    The venue (the church is right next to the barn):

    The table centres:

    And finally my flowers will hopefully look something like this:

    I really hope this has worked this time!
  • Yay!! Photos have worked this time!! It all looks gorgeous - where are you getting that fabulous coat from? And who is your dress by? Love your table centre pieces - I am having twigs and berries possibly with lights and candles - I think they are going to look great!! My florist is going to use our table centre pieces as her christmas shop window display! And where are you getting married?
  • The coat is a Justin Alexander one and the dress is Alfred Sung (it was about the 80th dress I tried on so it was a huge relief to find one I actually liked!). Your centerpieces sound fab, they will look gorgeous with the candles image We are getting married at Wasing Park in Berkshire - where is your wedding?
  • Looks gorgeous! We were married last December. I think my bridesmaids had the same dress but in Icy Blue. Is it Alfred Angelo with sparkles?
  • All looks lovely! The link to my plans is in my signature below. image
  • RowenaFWRowenaFW Posts: 2,078
    Ohhhhh, coat envy!

    I really want a white tailcoat, butI don't know where to get one!

    I downloaded a pattern, but I'm not sure what to make it from!
  • Ohh Missb2MrsB which date are you getting married at Wasing i'm getting married there on 21st December?!
  • RowenaFW: what material is your dress? If it is something that a coat can be made from then your bridal shop should be able to order fabric to match for you.

    MrsMirandolina: it is Alfred Angelo but the version without sparkles. Trying desperately to find the same dress in the same colour but the wedding is too close now and nobody can do it image

    Gemmam82: So exciting to find another Wasing bride! We are getting married on 10 December - I can't believe how close it is now! Are you nearly ready?
  • I know when I read your post I got very excited image

    Yes I am getting there. A few little things left to do but I do have everything more of less sorted! 6 weeks to go tomorrow!!

    I can't wait to see some pictures from your wedding. Everything looks lovely and I love your dress & coat! Beautiful.....
  • I know I got very excited when I read your post image

    Yes I am more or less sorted apart from a small couple of things that I need to do but I am so excited and can't wait to see everything come together. 6 weeks to go tomorrow....

    I can't wait to see some of your pictures and all your planning pictures look amazing. I love your dress & coat you will look like a beautiful bride no doubt!

    I really want to put together a post but need to get some pictures together and will try and post something. It's all so exciting isn't it!!! image
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