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5 weeks to go!!!

Our wedding seems to be really speeding round now and I am starting to feel like time is running out to get everything done! Is anyone else feeling like that or am I the only unorganised one? x


  • I've got less than four now and yes totally agree about it speeding around!!!!

    I've got now... my final dress fiting, the boys suits final fit, i need to decide on my hair and have a trial and I need to make my table plan and placecards.

    I hope thats all! x
  • I'm just over 4 weeks and still quite unorganised!

    I still have to get: the cake (cupcakes from m and s), cake stand, post box, my bag, my hair trimmed, my fake fur jackety thing erm....

    I still have to do: print order of days, make up sweet buffet, make up kids packs, dress altered (this Saturday image ) finish table plans, decide how I'm having my hair, make up centre pieces.... I could go on, but I'm not going too as I'm scaring myself now lol!

    I'm sure it'll all work out just fine in the end for all of us...
  • gem112gem112 Posts: 207
    I've got just under four weeks as well and I feel like I've got so much to do but I'm not sure what I should be doing if you know what I mean.

    Still need to decide on ceremony music

    Do order of service

    Final dress fitting

    Place settings

    Wedding party gifts

    Usher suits

    Page boy suits

    Groom's tie

    That's just off the top of my head image
  • Ladies we will all be fine image I've got 52 days now and havent chosen the flavour of our cup cakes, I havent printed the orders of service although I know what is going on them, we havent bought our wedding rings yet, H2B hasnt chosen his suits yet - although promises me this will be done by next weekend, we havent chosen a first dance song yet and I still don't know what to do with my hair! But there is plenty of time yet.....!!
  • Gem112 - if your having a civil ceremony id think you need to be picking ceremony music quite quickly now, as my registrar insisted on having this and readings at least 6 weeks before wedding (so they can check for religious content.)

    We'll all be fine I'm sure image
  • I'm so pleased it isn't just me who hasn't done everything yet! Down to 33 days now and am slowly starting to wade my way through my 'to do' list - I'm planning another major push this weekend so hopefully I will feel more settled after that image
  • 1 month today image half happy half panicked lol.
  • 29 days to go, just had a meeting with my planner and seem to have found lots of things i need to do..............had thought i was all organised before the meeting!! image
  • We had our planning meeting with wedding co ordinator a couple of weeks ago and felt same! She was asking all these questions and we were like 'urmm hadn't even thought of that!'
  • 36 days for me!! 5 weeks on Sunday! Eeek.. our to do list was somewhat extensive, but we have ploughed through it this week! Still got a fair few bits to do yet! Im not even having my first dress fitting until 26th November as i couldnt get in on a day when my bridesmaids could before. Luckily i massively trust my shop that it will be ready, and know it wont need much altering.

    Im excited and nervous in equal measures!!! xx
  • Ive now got 22 days =D h2b has started creating our masterpiece table plan and had my final fit now. Not long
  • 29 days to gooooooo!!

    Got my final dress fitting next Saturday!

    Must, must, must make my table plan image
  • 26 days for me image

    Still not done anything on my list lol, but will get loads done next weekend as h2b away all weekend on his stag weekend.

    Had my 1st dress fitting today, dress needs altering more then I thought and next fitting not until 26th - bit close to wedding for my liking!
  • My next fitting isn't until the 23rd and after looking back at pictures of me in the sample dress and comparing them to pictures of me in 'my' dress I know it is still going to need more alterations (looks like a different shape dress!) and there will be only 17 days to the wedding - I am very scared and having HUGE dress wobbles as a result! I've even booked a slot at a huge sample sale next weekend as I am so worried my dress won't be right image

    On a happier note the place cards and table plan are being finished this weekend - hooray! image
  • Don't panic girls, my dress was an ex sample and has been taken down from a 12-14 to a size 6! If that can be done I'm convinced everything can be sorted =) ... couuldn't order mine any other way as it was discon, however I did express my concern to my seamstress and she brought my fit days a bit further forward, maybe it is worth requesting? After all your paying them the money to do a job that makes you happy?! x
  • Can I just say...... OMG 3 weeks today!!!!!!!!!!

    I haven't had chance to come on the forum for a while as work and wedding planning has taken over my life but I thought I'd check in to see how other Dec brides are feeling?

    Still loads to do and I'm feeling very emotional at the moment!
  • singo44singo44 Posts: 3,420
  • 17 days now.............. starting to having nightmares about every little thing! I'm stressing and run down and not even sure why! Most things are underhand with just one or two wobbles! Treated myself to some lush goodies yesterday to pamper myself with tonight
  • 22 days for me today image

    I'm starting to stress now too, but am also trying to enjoy every minute of it.

    H2b stag this weekend and I'm bit stressed about that, as I'd planned to have a nice quiet weekend doing wedding bits, but my mum has invited herself over for whole weekend...
  • 32 days!!!! X
  • 24 days! It is feeling scarily real now! Slowly ticking off the tasks but could really do without having to go to work every day so I could get more done - if only image
  • 21 days for me today imageimage

    This time in 3 weeks I'll be at my hotel, getting ready for my WEDDING!
  • When does everyone finish work? I finish work on thursday the 1st ready for the wedding on the saturday... my boss wanted me to do late night that night! I told her it physically wasn't possible for me to do that! x
  • I finish work on Friday 2nd December for wedding on the 8th, so plenty of time to do the last bits and boss asked me if I could come in for 'couple of hours' on the 9th (so less then 24 hours after wedding!) I said no...
  • I am finishing on the 7th at lunch time for our wedding on the 10th. H2B finishes on the 2nd though so I will be leaving him with LONG to do lists while I am still at work image
  • Good idea Miss B ... love that we will both become MRS B! Hehe... i'm going to be up against it I think, and i've chosen to decorate my own venue with the planner to help me, I didn't want to leave it in anyone elses hands! Lol perfection is my middle name, are you all going on honeymoon after? We fly to Mexico on the 5th... like to push my time limits i do hehe! x
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