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12 days..........

Oh my god.... I remember when my ticker said like 500 days!

I just feel a little like a spare part now, just doing little bits here and there, just waiting for the day before where we go mental picking up cakes and dresses and everything!

Is everyone else ready now?

Lots of Love & Luck

Vic x


  • I'm 17 days and not at all prepared!

    I still have loads to do and sort out image but I'm sure I'll get there eventually! The fact its so close seems to have snuck up on me too, its suddenly so close...
  • MrsHumpsMrsHumps Posts: 218

    Im at 26 days, and Im getting the butterflies now, It feels like Ive gone from feeling I had very little left to do, to OMFG I only have 3 and a bit weeks to do soooooooooo much.

    I just cant bloody wait though, I cant believe Im going to marry my man in less than a month image
  • eek, snap 12 days...but not at all prepared!!


    sure it will be fine image eeekkkk!!!

  • I'm 12 days too!! Still feel like there is loads of little bits to do and stressing out slightly!!

    We've also put added pressure on ourselves by deciding at the last minute to do a dance routine for our first dance - we must be mental!!!

  • Haha I love the idea of a dance routine but h2b would never roll with it lol!!! I have booked surprises that he doesn't know about on the day so really hoping they all go swimmingly!

    Is anyone writing a report after? xxx
  • imfrylimfryl Posts: 248
    25 days today for me image

    I'll definitely be doing a report, it'll be a good way of hanging onto everything wedding-y after its all over!! lol
  • I'll definately do a wedding report.

    Me and h2b have also decided to do a last minute first dance, but only the basic waltz, not an actual routine, but neither of us ever usually dance!

    16 days - eek!
  • 25 dyas for me I am SO excited I am fit to burst.

    Not had a great weekend on the wedding front final dress fitting wasnt great BUT super excited about getting married realsied that all the fluff which I have loved doing wont make blind bit of difference on the day as I jsut want to say 'i do..'

    Clearly feeling super soppy today!!!

    And yes most definately be doing a wedding report have kinda started it alread (hangs head in shame image
  • So exciting! I stayed logged on until after midnight last night to see my ticker drop from '1 month' to 29 days then had to excitiedly show h2b that we were no longer counting in months! image

    Good luck to all you fantastic December brides, I hope we're all ready and sorted by the day (the day before would be great to chill and relax!)

    Looking forward to seeing the first reports coming in! image
  • Awh I am pleased we are all doing reports, now I don't feel so sad for doing one myself!

    Thought it would be nice to give a quick low down of H2b and your relationships?

    My fella is 23 and I am 22, we have been together 8 years and have just bought our first house (moved in september). I'm so excited to marry my childhood sweetheart. He proposed in Tunisia and for our honeymoon we will be going to Mexico =)

    Tell me all of yours! x
  • 18 days for me and my dress still doesn't fit - aaagh! Time is flying by now but I am very excited about the big day image Our first dance is going to be more of a shuffle so hopefully people will take pitty on us and join us on the dance floor!
  • Can I ask what you are all having for your first dances? We are going to go for the shuffle approach rather than learn a routine but we just don't know what to dance to!!
  • NowMrsMackNowMrsMack Posts: 2,535
    I'm not getting married till next December, but I've secretly been following you all and watching the progress you are making!!

    I am SO excited for you all and I can't wait to see photos of your big day - from what I've seen, everything looks absolutely amazing!!!

    I expect I'll speak to some of you nearer the time of other threads, but I really hope you all have amazing days - remember to take everything in throughout the day (easier said than done I expect!)!!!

    Soooooo excited for you all!!! image

    Much love!! Xx
  • Awh Thanks MrsMack, thats lovely!

    Halli, we are having too lost in you, it came out around the time me and H2b got together and was 'our song' when we were teenagers
  • I cant wait to be like you Lady's!!!

    Oh hope everything goes ultra smooth and perfect for you all.

    Cant wait for the reports and pics. I hope we dont have to wait too long image Just a sneaky phone pic will keep us going x
  • Mrs Mack that is lovely, this time next year you won't be doing any of the things that we are doing wrong - like trying to choose the song for your first dance a month before you do it!! And Mrs B2b - I like your first dance song - we just don't have a particular song that is 'ours' - and we have vastly different tastes in music which doesn't help......!
  • NowMrsMackNowMrsMack Posts: 2,535
    I'm sure I'll forget to do lots of things and then remember them at the last minute! I bet you felt quite prepared a few months ago, until you realised there was a load of things that still had to be done!! xx
  • imfrylimfryl Posts: 248
    Ahhh just sent off my final seating plan to be made!

    In response to mrsborehams post..

    H2B and I met at our university gymnastics club, I'm 24 and he's almost 26 and we've been together 4 years image

    Time for Don't Tell the Bride now! woop!

    p.s. Thanks Mrs Mack!
  • Quoted:
    Can I ask what you are all having for your first dances? We are going to go for the shuffle approach rather than learn a routine but we just don't know what to dance to!!

    We are having nothin else matters by metallica and are 'planning' to waltz to it, if we ever learn the basic steps! image its our song and has special meaning to us both.

    MissB2mrsB - me and h2b are both 32, have been a couple for 14 years (so childhood sweetheart too) have known each other since primary school image we've got a cat, but no kids as of yet, but are 'trying.'
  • Awhhh I'm so excited for everyone!

    Had my hair trial today and absolutley loved what she did, has made me very excited today!

    Also decorated my post box for cards to go in ... though the butterflies keep falling off so H2b is going to have to fix it for me =(

  • Did you get any hair pics Mrsb2b? What did you decide to go for?

    And for info: I have just turned 37, my better half is 36 and we have known each other since the age of 9 when we were in the same class at school. We've been a couple for 7 years, I have a 17 year old son who is really pleased we are tying the knot which is lovely.

    Am now thinking that an older song for our first dance i.e. something by Frank Sinatra might be good as the older songs are shorter so we have less time to shuffle round the floor on our own!!
  • I did get a pic, will try upload it on tomorrow as its on my phone (bit of a technophobe!)

    Quite hard to describe but have gone for it all up and my veil underneath at the back, quite loosely back with lots of volume on the top, and then at the back quite a neat bun shaped style but with bits looping inwards so not too severe.

    H2b is threatening to do the 'im sexy and i know it' dance by LMFAO, if you haven't seen it ladies please youtube it and you will know why he gets scolded everytime he dares to tell me he is going to do it in the middle of our first dance!!! x
  • http://

    Sorry its a bit blurry guys, kinda gives a little sneak preview, however I had a colour and a deep conditioning treatment done today too so my hair was a little soft and slippy so didn't hold as well as usual!

    Vic x
  • Shot from the other side x


  • imfrylimfryl Posts: 248
    omg you guys have to do the 'im sexy and i know it' dance!
  • 2 weeks today, panic is setting in lol!

    I have no bag, no jacket, no idea what to do with hair (doing my own), no order of days, a half finished table plan - I could go on.... image

    Mrsboreham2b - your hair looks really nice like that image
  • Thank you =) ! The pictures are a bit naff so didnt give the full effect!

    I am on single days now =D 9 to go! Nearly done now too. Going to have a last meeting with my coordinator tomorrow just to double check everything!

    Anyone had any nervous moments yet? I had a little cry at my final fitting, just overwhelmed me massively! x
  • I've had emotional moments, but no nervous ones yet...tho I've woken up with eye infection or allergy so I'm bit nervous it won't be gone on time!
  • Argh, only 8 days to go....

    Still have orders or service to finish, table plan to finish, and I am doing all my own flowers! Sure theres a million other things to do - but i keep thinking of them and then forgetting them again...i need a list!

    eeek, so close now image
  • imfrylimfryl Posts: 248
    eeeee! So excited for all you guys with a just over week to go! image

    (and the rest of us December brides of course!)
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