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hiya everyone,

I'm not a newbie to the yayw forum, but I am to this part of the forum so I thought I'd say hello!!

After months of discussion and date changing, my h2b and I have decided on December 2012 on the basis that I have a full time job by the end of this year (i've just finished uni) as we are also looking to buy a house and want to make sure we can afford everything; yes, 2012 is going to be a super busy year!!

I love the idea of a frosty winter wedding, but not sure I can deal with all the drama that snow brings! So frost is good, a light dusting of snow is good, December 2011 style snow = BAD image

We're looking to get married on Christmas Eve image so we're in the process of contacting venues etc at the moment to see what's available and what packages they do! We've got our eyes set on one particular one so far but we're still looking around, so unlike some of you that I've seen have booked loads already (good on you!), we haven't got anything booked yet! We have written a guest list and got a colour scheme all sorted (dark purple and golds) which I suppose is about the most concrete thing about our plans currently image

To add to the mix, we're also on a pretty tight budget, so I'm going to be DIY'ing loads of stuff, including centrepieces and decorations etc so everything is all really exciting at the moment!!

Anyway, that's about it, just thought I'd say hello!! image

Lauren x


  • HamsterHamster Posts: 1,123
    Hi Lauren,

    Nice to have you on board! Where abouts are you looking at getting married? Maybe we can help you with venues etc?

    I'm a NYE bride myself, super exciting!

    Are you having a christmassy theme? x
  • NowMrsMackNowMrsMack Posts: 2,535
    Hiya! We're in Essex! So any recommendations would be fab!

    Because obviously the next is CHRISTMAS DAY (woo) we don't want our guests to travel too far from home which obviously restricts our options! Plus we've got a relatively small budget which further restricts things! But hopefully we will be able to find somewhere affordable and available on Christmas Eve!

    We were considering NYE too but i've got a massive issue with odd numbers so that pretty much ruled it out image

    I wouldn't say our theme will be christmassy as such, we'll probably have elements of it included like a decorated christmas tree up at the reception, but it'll probably be more wintery, so snowflakes, glittery pine cones, candles everywhere etc!

    If I try to imagine what i'd love, I think of a candle lit ceremony (we're hoping to have our ceremony about 4pm) and candles throughout the room, with lots of mulled wine, mince pies, and people just feeling warm and cosy eating lots of food. Basically christmas day come early! image

    It sounds a bit sad, but thats me! image

    I've got so many ideas I just need to find my venue and then I can put them into action!

    Anyway, enough about me! How are your plans coming along? X
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