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winter wedding

im getting married 17/12/12 and its a country house hotel with stained glass windows and a burgundy carpet with gold curtains, id love to go down the purple and snowflake route but i really dont think it would look as nice so am opting for christmassy colours of claret and gold, my dress is a white mori lee one with little flowers along the bust and im really thinking about adding some crystals to the bottom as i want it to sparkle, what do you think?? dont know how to add a pic of it on here. image


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    Ooo that sounds lovely!! To post a pic, sign up to and upload your pics onto there. Once it is uploaded onto there, click on the 'direct link' code on the right hand side of the photo.

    Then in the box you write in on this thread, click the img button, paste the code after the img (right click and paste) and then click img again!

    That'll post the pic once you've okay'd your comment and clicked postimage

    Hope that helps!
  • ahhh thanks for that, i did it eventually. its not a v big photo but it took me hours to find it, i dont think im having it as big as it looks on here though, she must have about 3 skirts on underneath!!!! i want to add scatter crystals to the white tulle, not loads, just enough to make it sparkle. what do you think?? x
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    That's a gorgeous dress!!!!!!! I love it!! I reckon you could add some sparkles onto it and it'd look wicked! You might want to add just a few to the bodice too so that the light really catches them and the whole dress sparkles!!
  • the little tulle flowers along the bust have got sparkles in the centre of them, silver bugle beads and white pearls, i was thinking of adding sparkles to the ribbon around the middle. i still haven't decided whether to get a wrap, maybe white feather. also do you think black,red and white can work for a winter wedding?? im thinkin maybe white table cloths and chair covers and alternate red and black bows the maybe black table runner with red centre pieces and red rose and diamante bouquets,im still deciding. lol x
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    You'd have to try a wrap on with your dress I think; feathers might make you lookmlikema giant puff ball with your skirt image but I'll probably be a case of trial and error to see what's best! I'm wearing a feather shrug with my dress but my skirt is pretty smooth and streamlined (satin skirt with embroidered lace overlay).

    I love the colour ideas, only thing I would say is that you'll have to be careful with the shade of red you choose if your venue is burgundy and gold. A bright 'christmasy' red might clash with the more classic coloured red.

    I reckon a burgundy table runner, with black and gold table decorations would look fab! But that's just my imagination and I haven't seen your venue! image
  • i think a flatter faux fur wrap might work better actually, a small one that just covers the shoulders or i might just put my bridesmaids in the wraps and stick to just a veil for myself, will have to see, it is just trial and error isnt it, i always thought a princess style dress would make me look bigger but it actually makes me look slimmer and for some reason i dont suit taffeta at all, only tulle. whats your dress look like??

    do you think claret/dark red would go with black??

    ive seen some black table runners with gold christmas trees embroidered onto them on 'raise your glasses' and also on the winter wedding page on here, a lady has got her bridesmaids in black with fur stoles and red bouquets and it looks gorgeous (although not keen on the satin gloves).

    also, do you like the idea of a sweetie bar/photo booth?? im just thinking it might entertain the guests a bit as they probably wont be venturing far outside middle of winter!!imageimage
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    I'd just try loads of different ones on and see which looks best! If you're wearing a veil you might not want a shrug as there'll be too much going on up too!!

    My dress is really hard to's ivory, with a multi diagonal ruched bodice with sparkles, and the skirt is a-line ish; satin, with an embroidered lace overlay. I think I'll wear a pretty big hoop as it's got a massive train which'll need to be spaced out.

    I think those colours would go perfectly! It sounds lovely you're planning to incorporate Christmas into it! I'm not sure whether in will yet, I might have mini Christmas trees in the table, if I can find some that are affordable,

    I'm having a DIY photo booth! My sister does photography so she'll be taking photos for the guests!

    I went to a wedding last year with a sweetie bar and it was fab!! It was good to have sweet snacks throughout the evening!!
  • thats so handy, your sister being a photographer, will you be having lots of props too??? my friend in work did photography in college so was going to ask him if he would do that for us in the evening.

    your dress sounds really pretty, i love lace, i really wanted a lace dress from 'forget me not' but just couldnt justify the cost, id already tried my dress on last year then last month found out it went into the sale so got that one which means i can spend a bit extra on accessories now.

    theres a store called charlies by me and last year they had mini xmas trees with baubles already on them and in little baskets with ribbon round them, they were really nice and only 10 pounds each, i was going to buy them but found out our hotel supplied centre pieces that were really nice anyway.

    not sure they have a website though.

    i was thinking if we dont have a sweetie bar i could put red and white candy canes on the tables as favours. image
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    She's not a qualified photographer so she won't be doing the day photos (she did a college course), but she'll do all the reception photos etc which is handy.

    I have never heard of that site, but from what you say the dresses sound lovely. I'm trying not to look at other dresses in case I change my mind (I'm fickle when it comes to clothes)!

    I'm going to raid all the sales this year and buy all my decorations for a much cheaper price!!! I want people to feel like it's Christmas in the sense of mulled wine, mince pies and good food, but not in the sense that it's a christmas themed wedding and i'm going to walk down the aisle as mother christmas image hence why I've chosen pretty non Christmas colours.

    It's all so exciting image
  • i know what you mean, i want to feel like christmas but not look overly christmassy!! thats why im thinking black bridesmaid dresses with black wraps, were having mulled wine as welcome drink but no mince pies or christmas cake, although might have traditional xmas dinner for reception as our weeding is a week before christmas so will be like a warm up for people lol

    id really love to have a snowflake theme but with my venue colours it just wouldnt really work

    .im thinking of maybe using white chrismas baubles as name placecard holders tho, so gonna wait for the sales for them as they are quite expensive on websites ive looked at.
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    That all sounds really nice!! And if it works well with your venue then that's even better! Have you asked your venue for pics of previous weddings they've held there? As sometimes that's really good or giving you ideas for styling etc!

    I don't think we'll have Christmas dinner as were hoping to Marty on christmas eve and it might be too much for some people to have it two das in a row lol. But we'll probably have mince pies etc just as a token gesture of what the next day is!

    Have you checked out eBay for the bauble holders? You can usually get some great deals on there!
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    Ooo lincolnsmum you're getting married exactly a year after me image

    My venue sounds very similar to yours in style and colour so I too went for golds and deep reds/burgundy - it was easier as the venue was already going to be decorated in those colours! Although ive gone for lighter accent colours than you i.e. bridesmaids are having ivory accessories, including lots of pale gold etc. I think your black accents will make it look more formal wedding than overly 'christmassy' though, it sounds lovely.

    Good luck with all your planning!
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    Hello girls! Lovely to hear all your gorgeous ideas...we are getting married on 22/12/12, would love the silvery/blue/purple theme but like you have a very ornate venue so not sure how to play it? I love the winter themed invitations on the ivy ellen website:

    Has anyone been inspired by other wedding goodies of a wintery nature?

    Jo xx
  • i love the whole black/ivory or black/white with one accent colour, mine will be deep red ive now decided.i will have christmas accents such as xmas decs and candles and baubles. although am having second thoughts on my dress. going to try on a dress i fell in love with last year tomorrow, but have had problems locating it until i got a phone call today.i have put a thread up on swap and sale for my other dress and will add tomorrow if its defo for sale. image

    like some black and ivory bridesmaid dresses from debenhams also, online there was 20 per cent off. image
  • Hey

    I think your colour scheme sounds amazing with the country house and stained glass. Have you gone as far as thinking of favours?

    This is a great thread for me, I've just started a Wedding Favour business with my friend, but as I personally have never been married, did wonder how people came up with their themes or colour schemes.

    I've got a blog if you want to look at it, maybe in the next few weeks as i get more and more ideas and confident with the concept of blogging you might get some inspiration or indeed give us some lol.
  • i'm thinkin red and ivory m&m favours to tie in with the red rose table center pieces,sweets always get eaten!! image
  • i like the red ones very wintery . x
  • sorry wrong post
  • NowMrsMackNowMrsMack Posts: 2,535
    i'm thinkin red and ivory m&m favours to tie in with the red rose table center pieces,sweets always get eaten!!

    Mmmmm yummy!! image
  • wow,its weird reading this thread again when most things have changed and been bought, my dress is completely different and so are my favors!!!

    i'm having crackers made in black and ivory holly pattern card and having name stickers put on them and having them filled with boiled sweets so they are favors and place names all in one and they are only costing 1.20 each so a little hint of christmas but not too much. image
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