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Going to visit our no.1 prospective venue Saturday!! Any advice??

As the title suggests, my h2b and I are going to view our no.1 prospective venue this coming Saturday!

Has anyone got any advice for questions that should be asked when viewing a possible venue, apart from the normal, how many, how much?

I'm feeling a bit nervous now, it's all becoming real! image

Lauren x


  • If you're having children at your wedding, you should ask if they give a discounted rate for kiddies meals. I asked this at my venue and they ended up giving me the 8 kiddies meals for free. You might also want to know what time does the bar stay open to?!

    Also, something I didn't ask, and I still need to find out - are you allowed to throw confetti?

    Don't be nervous. Turn that nervous energy into excitment! image
  • Are there any planned renovations or building work?

    Will you be the only bride on the day at the venue?

    Are candles allowed?

    Do they charge for cutting the cake?

    Will someone represent the venue all day and oversee everything? image
  • From the top of my head.....

    Does hire include tables and chairs / dancefloor etc?

    How does catering work - i.e. do they do the catering or is it from a recommended list of suppliers?


    Any Negotiation on price??!!! (...hey, its worth a tryimage )

    Hire times ??? ...and if they dont suit you is there a possiblity of extension on either side - if so, how much will it cost?

    Good luck!!!! xx
  • ChlobelleChlobelle Posts: 303
    Hi there

    just seen that you are a christmas eve bride conrats!!

    I used to be a wedding co-ordinator and know very well the sorts of things venues forget to mention.

    Best advice is to take note of all the relevant bits people have already posted here and write them down, ask the question and on meeting the venue representative jot down the answers.

    Also anything they promoise over and abouve the general package e.g reduced prices/ room rate get confirmed in writing.

    With you being a christmas eve wedding definately check bar times. Special days are often listed in small print and have exclusions from normal hours. I would also check how many staff will be attending to you.

    I would also consider those you are inviting from far away or with young children might not stay for the evening reception and obviously will need less catering for night time.

    check what decorations they will have up and asked to see pics as might not like or might help reduce your decorating costs.

    good luck
  • NowMrsMackNowMrsMack Posts: 2,535
    Thanks everyone!!! That's super helpful! I've written them all down and will bombard them with questions on Saturday image
  • 1. don't make the decision until you have seen the contract and gone through it with a fine tooth comb

    2. find out about what is happening on the days either side of your wedding... This can impact on room availability and the like

    3. Don't make a decision on the spot

    4. Anything you agree/decide (no matter how trivial) must be in writing
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