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Do people still want Wedding Favours?

I personally have never been married before and i'm struggling with coming up with a themes or colour scheme.

I've got a blog if you want to look at it, maybe in the next few weeks as i get more and more ideas and confident with the concept of blogging you might get some inspiration or indeed give me some lol. ( i sell crafty bits and wedding favours on the side) but can't decide for myself what to have!!


  • TheWifeTheWife Posts: 188
    I must admit that I feel the same. I recently went to a wedding where guests were not given favours and I actually really missed them. I think it's nice that your guests get something to take away and think they provide a bit of a talking point amongst the people at the table. That being said, I'm really struggling to come up with fun ideas for favours that don't break the bank. Ideally I wouldn't spend more than £1 per person on favours.

    As for theme colours, ours came about quite easily as I'm going to wear my nanna's wedding gloves which are a midnight blue. However, if I hadn't gone for that, I would have chosen a deep green because I'm a redhead and it suits me. What I'd suggest is making a list of colours you like with H2B and then narrowing it down to what suits you, your bridal party and your venue. Good luck!
  • I went to a fabulous wedding on Sunday and they didn't have favours. We went home with a piece of cake and it was more than enough. I hadn't even noticed there were no favours till later on.
  • TheWifeTheWife Posts: 188
    I can see how that would work actually LondonBride2012. At the wedding where favours weren't given, wedding cake was served after dessert and not given to guests to take home.
  • i like favors, i think were having ivory and red m&m's. image
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