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Saturday 1st December 2012

Hi fellow brides,

Just wondering if I have a date twin on here...

I am getting married in a barn in the Cotswolds on 1st December 2012, would be lovely to hear from anyone else getting married on this date or around this time.

Happy wedding planning, lots of love V x


  • Hey,

    Im getting married on the 1st too!!! Also having a barn wedding! Hows the planning coming along?

    Laura xx
  • Ahhh how lovely! thank you for your reply. You're my date twin image planning is coming along nicely. A few things still to sort but im taking my time. How are your plans? What part of the country are you getting married would love to see a photo of your barn xx
  • I'm getting married on Saturday 1st December 2012 too! I am getting married in a hotel in Tetbury so not far from you!

    How are your plans coming along? xx
  • How fantastic! Which hotel? I looked at a few in Tetbury. xx
  • The Close Hotel.

    I thought I was never going to find a venue I liked and then I found this little gem that was everything I had been looking for and more! So excited!

    Have you planned much yet? x
  • We are in Tewin Bury Farm in Hertfordshire. So far planning is going really well. We have a wonderful performer during the meal.

    The registrar is done (have to give notice in a month though) We are looking at Dj's now, but really don't no where to begin. How do you know if they are good!! Plus, its really bad but im already stressing about if we get snow! A lot of my family are from up north so fingers crossed for a year me thinks!

    Have you got a theme yet?

    Laura xxx
  • Li1736Li1736 Posts: 324
    I am the 1st decemeber too!! well, we have the date held provisionally till we get round to paying the deposit!

    how much have you all done? we did out budget last night and it was terrifying :S
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