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winter flowers and colours?


i am after some ideas please - we are having a december wedding - bms are wearing navy but i dont really want to carry this colour through as dont want to make it too dark... we like the idea of a winter theme but not too xmassy ie dont want baubles and crackers.

we thought of going for ivory flowers with green leafy foliage? and maybe red berries? or maybe leave the berries or maybe go with red flowers for bouquets and ivory elsewhere or red everywhere?? i dont no what would look good!!

for the church we think we will have xmas trees with white fairy lights down aisle

anyone have any suggestions or pics that be great!!


  • NowMrsMackNowMrsMack Posts: 2,535
    I would deff go for ivory flowers for the BMs!! It'll stand out beautifully against the navy blue!

    And then perhaps you could have some red berries in your bouquet?
  • Ooh a woman after my own heart! I'm getting married in January so also want to do 'winter' without doing 'christmas'! I'm going for a red rose bouquet with some verbernum (sp?) berries, and my BMs are having ivory roses. My inspiration for my bouquet is this blog - just look at her amazing bouquet!

    The berries would also tie in with the navy blue BM dresses. We're also having twigs and pine cones everywhere. I can't wait!
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