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Getting guests to love a Christmas wedding (like I do)....

Just wondering if any of you have had any difficulties persuading potential guests of coming to a wedding close to Christmas time? We have (finally! after a 5 year engagement!) found a venue we love and really want to get married 22th Dec. 2012 BUT really disappointingly quite a lot of family seem to be very against having the wedding so close to Christmas.

I guess bad weather could potentially be a problem, and some of the family do have to travel quite far (from York down to Sussex), but should we put off what we want for something that might OR MIGHT NOT happen?

People also seem to be expressing the opinion that a wedding so close to Christmas is pretty inconvenient because it's generally quite a busy time there's a lot to organize around then anyway, and I suppose being away from home a few days before Xmas would be difficult. I don't really understand this and am trying to talk them around.... Should I be listening to these complaints??? Do they have a point? Has anyone else had trouble with guests not wanting to travel in December?


  • Hun as upsetting as it is you have to go with what you want people express there opinion on weddings what ever time of the year it is and the people that mean the world to you will defo make the effort to come image
  • It's your wedding! I agree with the above. Someone will always grumble!

    I have gone for a Christmas wedding (28th Dec) and most people have been really positive! (My best friend is getting married on the 22nd the same year 2012)! So it will be v busy but weddings are exciting and those that are important should support you. We chose it because we have family / friends that are teachers and we wanted a Christmas wedding.

    Try not to let others determine all your wedding decisions... enjoy planning it and making the decisions as a couple.

    (hope that doesnt sound patronising)image
  • i also agree with the above comments. no matter when you decide to book your wedding people will find things to moan about. im june 2012 and i've had people say its putting pressure on them because of summer holidays and 1 person go as far to say its selfish to have it in june.

    what im trying to say is go with what you want.

    p.s i would find it exciting to go to wedding in december image
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    i like the idea of going to a wedding before and after christmas, it'l be like christmas over and over again but without me having to cook all the bloody turkeys image dont get put off by what you want, people will moan at whatever you have, i've already had the no one will come talk from the FMIL because we're getting married in england, the country we live, where our dogs can come, where my family live and where all our friends live rather than in N Ireland where his side come from

    GO FOR IT!!!!
  • Hi

    We went to a wedding a week before Christmas and it was fantastic the christmas decorations the roaring fire, christmas dinner, carols in the church service etc.

    Regarding travel we travelled from the west midlands to surrey for the wedding we stayed over for two days a lot of our friends decided not to attend as it was close to christmas and the cost but we had been putting money aside for a few months (as we would for any other wedding) so it didnt impact us as much.

    if you want a December wedding go for it, there's never a good time for guests summer time = holidays etc you won't be able to please everyone so do what you and h2b want.
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    Ive had a couple of people grumble thats it so close to Xmas (22nd) and some family from Ireland wont travel over but to me its what I always dreamed of and our closest fam & friends are very happy for us. We are having wedding so close to Xmas but H2B DOES NOT want anything christmassy!!! Navy & silver winter wonderland theme for us! I am worried about my kids and ensuring they still have a great Xmas but as H2B said they will only be 1 & 5 yrs old so they have years of great xmas to come so to enjoy this christmas as our wedding
  • Ours is 28th December. We chose this date as we both love Christmas, liked the idea of the whole Christmas theme and log fires, cold weather and cosyness. One of the other reaosn we chose that date is because we wanted a midweek wedding (cost reasons) and we were conscious of asking people to take time off for our wedding. Most people are off between Christmas and New Year so we went for that date. we have not heard any grumbles as yet but what I do know if this, the people that truly want to be a part of our day will be there. The people that umm and ahhh over it and see it as an inconvenience, don't deserve to be part of it. I won't be losing any sleep over people who don't want to come. I'll just invite someone else lol!

    Jess xxx
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