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My Planning Thread 29th Dec 2012

After months of saying I will do I'm finally doing my planning thread image

I've only just learnt how to put the pictures on properly!

A little background info about myself and Jay to start with:

At the end of 2010 I suffered a breakdown, my partner of two years left me, I was in hospital for medical probs and all in all having a really sh*t time image

Fast forward to May and our new neighbour is moving in....the lady who lived next door but one had said the guy that was buying her house was "quite dishy..he'd probably do for one of you two for a bit" (referring to myself and my also single next door neighbour.

Jay had moved in with his son who is six after his partner sadly passed away. the move was a new start for them. we became good friends chatting over the fence, calling in for a brew, watching films whilst the children played together. Within a couple of months we were calling round to eachothers houses 2-3 times a day but it was purely friendship. we seemed to help each other move on...

in the august, jay had planned a solo trip to america (vegas and la) jokingly i said he should be taking me with him! and lo and behold he did!! we had an amazing time, we were such great friends and it really was an amazing experience! on the flight home, we had one to many g&ts and had a bit of a drunken snog and have been inseperable ever since.

He proposed to me in the october and we planned to get married the following december.

Right, thats that done with, lets talk planning!!

firstly, here is my stunning engagement ring, i think he chose very well on his own, its exactly what i would have chosen for me!

me and my man image



  • Hannahs23481Hannahs23481 Posts: 290
    we are having our ceremony at our local church, Holy Trinity,

    our venue is Hey Green country house hotel in marsden, near huddersfield.

  • Hannahs23481Hannahs23481 Posts: 290
    inside hey green

  • Hannahs23481Hannahs23481 Posts: 290
    We are having all white table linen, white chair covers and sashes and crystal tree centrepieces. im currently in the process of making these, will post a pic when they are done image

    They are a crystal tree in a black gloss pot with tiny white and black baubles on them. They will sit on a large round mirror plate with six tealights in holders with clear diamante scatter crystals.

    Each table is named after a Vegas Casino (we loved Vegas that much!)

    these are the table name cards i have made

    ive never done anything craft like before so i am really pleased with how they have turned out
  • Hannahs23481Hannahs23481 Posts: 290

    i will be going from my mums house to the church so my dad and i will be in this

    I have five bridesmaids (!) my daughter, my younger sister and my three closest friends. They will travel to the church with my mum in this

    We have also provided transport for our day guests from the church to the venue and they will travel in this image

  • Hannahs23481Hannahs23481 Posts: 290
    The Cake

    my mum has always said she wanted to buy a wedding cake from Slatterys in Prestwich. Now i loooove the cake but even i think it is a total extravagance!!

    Collectively it will look like this

    Then each individual cake will be decorated with snowflakes like this

    half the cakes are sponge coated in white chocolate then the icing and the other half are chocolate with milk choc coasting then the icing. Yum! we have ordered enough so that each couple can have a full one each in a little box with our names on it image
  • Hannahs23481Hannahs23481 Posts: 290
    bridesmaids outfits

    My best girls are going to be wearing an alfred angelo bridesmaid dress, black satin full length with black beading on the bodice.

    I did want my daughter to have a different dress as i thought it was little too grown up for her but she has insisted that she has the same! (almost a teenager so i daren't argue about it!)

    The dress:

    Then as it is the end of dec and likely to be f..f..f..freezing they will also wear these

    now one of my bridesmaids is 6ft then the smallest is 5ft1,

    so i have bought black glitter shoes in a range of heel heights, the tallest wearing flats and the smallest wearing massive platforms!!
  • Mrs BoundsMrs Bounds Posts: 1,311
    LOVE your cake!! love a good planning report, especially a December one image xx
  • Hannahs23481Hannahs23481 Posts: 290
    Thanks Rosie image

    Will do more over the weekend, got tired last night and working till 9.30 tonight image boooooo

    I wanna share! Lol

  • SP2013SP2013 Posts: 857
    Loving it! Can't wait to read more!
  • Hannahs23481Hannahs23481 Posts: 290

    where was i??

    ok my dress image

    my dress is Lola by Ronald Joyce, i fell in love with it as soon as i put it on, paid £700 deposit then didnt see it for months, then i decided i didnt like it anymore so after an emergency trying on i fell in love all over again.

    ive done a seperate post with some dress flash photos but heres a little one

    i love all my accessories and think the whole look together is exactly what i imagined.

    For my shoes i dreamt of having a pair of blue sparkly Louboutins which jay promised he would get me, but then i found out that my dress was only available in one standard length and being 5ft10 it was perfect just as it was but this meant i couldnt add my longed for heel image

    however i found these little beauts from kurt geiger which look lovely with my dress (not that you can see under all that tulle but if i hitch my dress up they look great image

  • Hannahs23481Hannahs23481 Posts: 290
    I also wanted to have some footwear that wold be suitable for (just in case) it snows and also for going having pictures by the lake at our venue. so i got some weddington boots and had them personalised with "mrs rigby"

  • Hannahs23481Hannahs23481 Posts: 290
    oh i also got five pairs of black gloss wellies for my bridesmaids which i have customised with the girls names in diamantes image
  • Hannahs23481Hannahs23481 Posts: 290

    We have hired a magician for 2hours to keep guests entertained during our drinks reception while most of the "official" photos will be taken. Music will be played throughout the sound system and will be from my ipod, a selection of old and new.

    As we have three children between us and so many of our friends have children, around 30 when we counted up, we are having a seperate childrens party in the adjoining room with a creche company who will do games, facepainting and other bits with them while we have the wedding breakfast and the speeches.

    In the evening we have a Michael Buble tribute act who will do two 45minute sets. The DJ from the hotel will fill in between then take the party into the small hours. We are giving him a list of what and what not to play! with the invites i am asking everyone to send the name of their fave dancing song so we can play them throughout the night.

    We have hired a pyrotechnic company who are going to do us a ten minute firework display, we also have some giant sparklers which will be great for some photo ops image

    Then to continue with the Vegas touch we have two casino tables playing both blackjack and roulette with personalised fun money for the guests to play with and bottles of champagne for the winners.
  • Great wedding cake and wellies! I am getting married on the 29th december too!

    Are you arranging transport for guests to come back as you are having a bus? I'm getting a bus from someone I know who has a bus collection so will take guests there but it wouldn't be a return journey! I'm worried people will just drive and then won't want to get the bus.

  • Hannahs23481Hannahs23481 Posts: 290

    Yes, the bus is return journey at around midnight to a central location for those that aren't staying over x 

  • Mrs BoundsMrs Bounds Posts: 1,311

    Wow Hannah the entertainment at your wedding will be amazing, people will talk about it for ages! I'm thinking about sorting something out too, probably not to your scale but you've given me some great ideas! x

  • Fab Thread might just start my own now


  • invitations

    i wanted my invites to be quite simple but still have a wintery look about them. after looking through loads of websites at different designs i couldnt really find anything i liked. 

    i had thought about doing a diy project (never done anything like it before) and the saving on stationary meant we could have a videographer for the whole day which i really wanted. 

    So here is the finished article, all the writing is embossed so it is raised off the car (if you know what i mean) i had stamps made from a guy on ebay who will make pretty much whatever youre after. All the card/diamantes/ribbon/ink/stamps were purchased off ebay, it probably cost about £100 in total. And lots of hours!!





    Oh the placecard holders were also bought online, they cost £100 for 100 but everyone can keep it afterwards too



  • Beautiful hun xxx
  • Thank you image

    Will try update my planning this weekend, feel like I've not done anything weddingy for a while but last week or so has stepped up a gear! Will update soon image xxx
  • Mrs BoundsMrs Bounds Posts: 1,311
    Loving your report image
  • Thanks Rosie image you neeeeed to do one!!!! Xxx
  • Hi Hannah

    Love the thread so far. 

    Just a quick question, did your Weddington boots come up true to size? it's just that all wellies I've ever had have come up a couple of sizes bigger and I don't wanna risk ordering them online and getting them personalised if they're going to be too big!

    Thank u xx

  • Hi keeley,

    Yes as far as I can remember they were perfect, I do have bIg old clown feet tho lol

    They are living at my mums at the moment and haven't tried them on for a while but I'm going over tomo so will try them on again for you and let you know for sure xxx
  • Ooooh gonna be a busy one tomo image

    Me and jay are having a DIY day spraying our wishing tree and our top table decs, should get off here and get some sleep really!

    Looking forward to it and will put pics of progress on tomo!

  • Keeley,

    Weddington boots were perfect siZe xx
  • Ooo date twinnie image)  where did you get your weddington boots from?

  • I got them from xx
  • was a very productive day today, jay and i went to our venue and set up a table to make sure we were happy with our centrepieces etc. i love it image




  • the only thing thats missing from the table here is my scatter crystals which im having in black.

    Organised to go for a menu tasting session later in the month too which is very exciting. Have chosen a couple of starters, mains and desserts to try. we have pretty much decided what we want but we figured we might as well try other things as well cause we both love food.

    Wishing tree has now been sprayed and is almost finished, im off work tomorrow so will put the crystal on and then tick that off my list too image

    My list is looking much smaller, kind of sad though as it means all the planning is coming to an end xxx

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