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Our Christmas Wedding

Hi all, I have been thinking about doing a planning thread for a while, and I've been really enjoying the recent ones (especially other December brides, Hannah, Clare, Rea and more!)  So, I thought I would give my own a go! 

It seems to be the ‘done’ thing to start with a bit of introduction as to how we got together, so quickly (we've not been together very long, so don't have much to tell!) 

Jason and I met through our respective jobs. On my first day, my boss told me to 'ring this guy Jason and speak to him, he's very helpful' I think it's fair to say we hit it off almost immediately, although it took Jason a long time, lots of 'little favours' with my deliveries and collections, and many hours on the phone talking about anything other than the actual job I had called up about, to persuade me to actually go out for a drink with him! Our first date was 20th September 2010 and I've been hooked ever since!

The Proposal- (this is in Jason's words, with a few additions by me! Jason proposed the weekend of the 1 year anniversary of our first date!  Cute!!) After finally realizing that I wasn't going to shake Rosie loose...... and that she was the perfect girl for me, the next step was to propose. I knew I wanted to make it spectacular and give her a fairy tale proposal so I whisked her down to Arundel on the South Coast, (this was a surprise destination, J told me to pack a bag just in case, but when i put it in the boot of the car, i saw he didn't have a bag... and slightly got the hump that he hadn't booked an overnight!)  to which Rosie was dreading was going to be a boring history tour, but I had other intentions and after walking around for several hours, even having to top up the parking meter! I finally found the perfect place in the castle gardens and proposed. Luckily for me she said yes, (at this point he took me home to tell my parents!!) but the day wasn't going to end there as I had already booked a suite at the Sir Christopher Wren hotel in Windsor to celebrate our engagement and add a perfect end to a perfect day.

here's my ring (we chose this the next day, he borrowed his mum's E ring to propse!! aww!) 



 here's a pic of us shortly after our engagement 





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    When we got home to tell my mum, one of the first things she said (after a few little digs!! first about J 'punching above his weight', and then about me having been engaged before, mothers eh?! ) she asked us when we'd get married. To be honest, it wasn't something I'd thought about yet, but we both agreed that it would be the year after next (so, 2013) because we were buying a house in 2012 and didn't want to be overwhelmed. So the venue hunt started! I always knew I wanted to get married in my local Church, St Mary's, Farnham Royal, as it was where I went to primary school, and still go back every Christmas eve for the Christingle service. 





     So we knew that we needed a venue locally, as we didn't want our guests to have a long journey between the two parts of the wedding. 

    We looked at lots, including the Burnham Beeches Hotel, but as my friend was due to get married there in June 2012, we didn't want the weddings to be too similar. 

    We looked at the lovely Duffield House in Stoke Poges, which is gorgeous but the inside of the venue is quite 'conferency' so didn't like that.

    We also looked at the Tudor Barn, in Burnham, but although the venue was beautiful, we found the staff to be quite strict about things that we'd like to change, and thought that it wasn't for us. We also decided then, that we wanted a hotel as our venue, as we didn't want people to worry about getting home, or for friends and family who are travelling to worry about travel lodges, etc.

    We then came across the Grovefield House Hotel, in Burnham, and I think we both loved it from day 1. 



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    It’s a small (ish) hotel, only 40 rooms, which meant that we could have exclusive use, but also, all our friends and family are able to stay overnight. The food is superb, the location is ideal, but really feels like it's in the middle of nowhere because of the gorgeous grounds 



    While at the Grovefield, we picked up a leaflet about their champagne afternoon tea and I loved the idea, of an afternoon tea wedding breakfast. We emailed lots of local venues about pricing for a champagne afternoon tea, including Duffield house, Burnham beeches, hotels in Gerard’s cross, Beaconsfield and maidenhead. 

    At this point we booked the Church. We had decided we were going for the May bank holiday weekend, the Sunday. Just as I left work on the day we were due to go to the church, J called me to tell me his friend also wanted to get married that weekend. I totally over reacted!  I was gutted! Didn’t know what to do! They hadn't booked anything, and weren't ready to book anything, but they had been engaged longer and had been long time friends of j's (from Uni) 

    Anyway, after a good talking to from members of this site, I realised I was being silly. We could change our date, and decided on the Sunday of the August bank Holiday. This was November 2011, so it left us 21 months. We went to Church, and booked.

    And then left it there... apart from idly wasting my time on YAYW, pinterest etc, we didn't do any wedding planning at all. It was still a long way off and we had a house to buy first!   

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    Over the Christmas period, lots of our friends seemed to get engaged and talk about their weddings. A few of them had weddings planned before ours. J felt like that wasn't very fair as we had been engaged first! So we started to think about moving our wedding closer. We knew that it couldn't be the following summer, because of the house, but realised we didn't want to wait a whole other year before we got married! As it was Christmas, (Christmas day in fact!) we were enjoying the festive season and got very much wrapped up in the idea of a Christmas wedding. We tentatively mentioned it to our parents, thinking they would tell us we were being silly, but they all loved the idea and we knew what we wanted! We then emailed our two favourite hotels back, explaining our change of heart and asking for another price. 

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    EEEEKKKKK!!!! Had to interrupt the planning to say I've just had a call saying the keys to our house are now ready for collection!!! whoop!!

  • great news!!! Go and enjoy your new house! (we're moving into our first home next friday hopefully! and also planning a autumn/ winter wedding)

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    as you can imagine, the house purchase has taken lots longer than we expected it to- almost excatly 6 months! And, unfortunatly, the house is in a terrible state, it needs lots of work, so we'll be staying at our parents while it's being done up, and hopefully move in by the time J goes on his stag, October 19th! 

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    Anyway, where was I?! Oh yeah, last Christmas! We had decided on Friday, the 21st, as it was close enough to be Christmassy but not so close that people wouldn't come! We went to visit our favourite venue, and pre-booked the date in their diary as the wedding coordinator wasn't in so we couldn't get prices. We loved it even more!! It was all done up for Christmas, even thought the hotel was closed, it had such a lovely feel. We also made a 'phone call to the Church, to tell them we had changed our mind and to rebook our wedding! The Vicar was excellent about it and moved our wedding with no hesitation.

    When we got the prices back however, the other hotel was substantially cheaper than our favourite. This upset me as although I knew I wanted the Grovefield for our wedding, we'd have to seriously cut back on other areas to be able to afford it. Jason had other ideas though and emailed them saying how much we loved the venue, but that the other hotel had offered us a price which was £15 per head cheaper (we have over 100 guests, that's a lot of money!) they duly emailed back, saying that we could have the deal for £12 per head less than the original price!! What a bargain, we were so happy. They even threw the DJ in for free too, saving us another £350!

     We called in the next day to put down a £1000 deposit, and our wedding venue was booked! 

  • Loving this thread Rosie, cant wait for more. I really must do one of these too image xx

  • SO glad you have made one!! EKKKKK love IT!!!!!! xxx

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    so glad image I'll carry on... bit too excited about the house at the moment to be honest hehehe image x

  • Dont blame you, you've waited long enough....go enjoy it xxx
  • Now I understand why you are doing the both at the same time (I would of done the same).

    How exciting about the house!! WOOP! xxx

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    we had a great weekend in the house, loads of junk was removed, trees in the front and back garden cut down, carpets removed, so feeling very good. J and I spent the last two evenings stripping wallpaper and making a plan of action with my granddad who is an electrician and does lots of house renovations. 

    Anyway! This isn't a property forum image

    So we had booked our bargain of a reception venue, and the church, and it was time to start getting really excited!! Even J caught wedding fever at that time, although it has died down since. We decided on red as our main colour scheme, without really thinking about it, as it's just so festive. We talked about silly details, like favours, table decorations and music without doing anything really important. We bought a few things during those first couple of weeks as all the Christmas sales were on, including 100 Christmas cards, Christmas crackers, and more table decorations, all at 70% or more off. 

    I also had to decide on my bridal party. There was never a doubt that we'd have my niece, Tia. Just to show off here's a pic image


    But then, it was a matter of whom else to have, in the way of adults. I knew that I wanted to have my friend who was getting married, Kirsty, I was her Bridesmaid. I also knew I wanted my friend from school Kelly, My 'little sister' Daisy (not my little sister at all but I kind of adopted her about 15 years ago so we've always called each other that!) and Tia's mum, Bex. I thought that that was too many, and get a bit confused about the whole thing, and eventually decided I would only have child bridesmaids, so I didn't have the make the decisions. We'd have Tia, J's niece Bella, and his nephews Shane and Jack. 

    All this was lovely until I had a wedding dream where I was standing at the altar, looked round and realised in horror that I had no bridesmaids! So I grabbed the girls and made them stand with me! I realised that I really did want bridesmaids, and asked Kelly, Daisy and Kirsty by sending them personalised cards from Moonpig. I didn't ask Bex because, in my mind, as we were having Tia, it would be unfair to have them both, and not have Kirsty's or Kelly's children involved. 

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    So we went dress shopping. I had absolutely no preconceptions at all about what I wanted, and tried loads of different dresses on. I did think I wanted a short dress, back when we were planning an august wedding. Now I knew it would be better to hand a full length dress, but that was as far as I got. I tried on a couple of absolutely gorgeous satin slinky numbers, which almost made me wish I was having a beach wedding (but I am a sucker for anything silky!) some fishtail styles which I couldn't carry off at all, and then the huge princess dress, which I really didn't think I wanted. And I LOVED them!! I tried on loads, but it wasn’t until I had a particular dress on, that the lady in the dressing room with me gasped and rushed out to get a veil and bunch of flowers for me to see. It was gorgeous and we all loved it!! (I had my mum, Mil, Daisy, Kirsty and Bex with me) The dress however was more than my budget (I naively thought I could get dress, shoes and veil for £600!) So I thought I’d go away and think about it. 

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    The next day, I found the dress second hand online- it was being advertised on preloved at only £300! it was in Manchester but my mum offered to drive up and we made a weekend of it, stayed with my auntie and uncle image the dress was fantastic and I bought it there and then image soooo happy! 

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      The next thing we did was booked our photographer. J wasn't willing to spend a lot of money on pictures (no matter what I tried to tell him..) so We knew we had to avoid the ones at wedding fair etc, as they all charge well over £1000. We had met a photog' at a New Year’s party at the copthorne, who was doing portraits for the function. We had a look at his website and were impressed, especially for the price. We've booked the friendly photographer (Clive) for £500. He came to my mum's for a meeting, and charmed Tia and impressed my mum. My mum is also kindly buying the favour service he provides, which is £2.50 each for a token which our guests can exchange for a printed photograph on the day. We loved this idea! And at less than half price, we got to keep all of our photos (digital copies) to make our own album later down the line. 


    here are copies of the pics he took of us on New Years. (they are pictures taken on my phone, of the photos he took, so not great quality!)



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    Sorry guys, just read this back and realised it was full of spelling and grammar mistakes! Apalling! I've now edited all the posts image 

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    Yesterday was the second anniversary of our first date... not that we realised until we were in the house, stripping wallpaper! Whoops! Jason proposed on the 23rd though so we'll celebrate our anniversary over the weekend with a nice meal out and a card and maybe a present! I'd like to get him a real old school soda syphon, anyone know where I can pick one up? xx

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    Ahh just realised we have exactly 3 months until our wedding today! Exciting times! 

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    We decided quite early on that we would have minatures of home made fruit liquer for our favours. We make this every year anyway, because I have two allotments and produce lots of fruit!! This really is very simple, we buy tesco value spirits such as gin, brandy etc, (anything you fancy), put the fruit in the liquer and add lots of sugar. 

    some pics: 



     I bought 125 mini bottles from this company- great value! £35.88, I searched for ages and these were the best value by far. 

  • Ah so glad you're doing a planning thread Rosie image loving it so far! And thanks for the shout out image

    Can't wait to read more xxxxx
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    Thanks Hannah image It's quite exciting to be honest, I'm terrible at remembering thr order that I did things in but I guess that's not so important! xxxx

  • I need to update mine! Got a few bits to add, but am going on my hen on Monday so it will probs be week after now.

    Can't believe how fast time is going now! Only 97 sleeps!

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    oooh wow have a great time on your hen do!! Where are you going? Mine's not for another 2 months! xx 

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    Wenchy, we just leave them 'as long as possible' which it rather difficult! We tend to give it a couple of months at least, 4-6 months even better, my advice is to hide them somewhere, they really do taste better if left! We like them at christmas in our champagne or with lemonade/ different mixers xx

  • Loving this Rosie and yay for 3 months for you...we are on 2 months and 23 days ahhhhh! So excited but very nervous too I cant believe how quickly winter is coming! image

  • Just came across your thread! I'm getting married on the 29th dec too but at taplow house! Not far away from each other at all!
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    I know Rachel, it's been so cold lately which most people are complaining about but it just makes me feel super excited! eeek!! exciting Heathy image xx

  • Me too, now the evenings are getting darker sooner I think yay lol! image H2B's stag next month and my dress fitting so think it will all seem more real after that!

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    J's stag is next month too, but I feel like we're sooo behind, compared to lots of other brides on here. I still need to buy shoes/ underwear and accessories and my veil, still need to book cars, we've decided on an m&s cake so we don't need to do anything else for that. still need to decide on readings and readers, witnesses, and thank you gifts... I'm sure there's more! XX

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