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29th December - My Winter Wonderland Wedding

Hi Girls,

I thought it was about time to start a planning thread and share my plans and ideas! Me and my H2B have been together 5 1/2 years and got engaged on 2nd July 2012. We are very excited about our winter wedding and so is everyone else! I have never been doing a winter wedding but I think it is going to be the best time of year to get married, so romantic and magical!

The Church - St Josephs Church, Chalfont St. Peter, Bucks


The reception Venue - Taplow House Hotel, Taplow, Bucks 


Reception room


 Save the Date! 

These were sent out earlier in the year in March




 The dress! Ian Stuart Dominica


 How the dress should look...


My faux fur stole

I need something to keep me warm in December!



 My shoes




 Hair and makeup






 Bridesmaid Dresses

I am going to remove the sequins around the middle as I think they are a bit OTT, and replace with a darker silver silk satin sash



  • For some reason not everything posted, I will continue below!


     Bridesmaid Shoes - Miss KG!


     Wedding Invites!

    As I am a designer I took the opportunity to do my invites myself! There was blood sweat and tears over these things! One tip is not to do a stencil of an itricate design, it is nearly impossible to cut out and will not last long! I wanted silver invites so this is the idea I came up with to gain the desired effect. I used glitter spray paint




     I will also be making all the other stationery to match!

  • Fur accessories - it is December!

    To keep us warm!



     The Bridesmaids:


     Venue Decoration

    I decided against real flowers as they are expensive and hard to get what I want that time of year. I have decided that silver manzanita trees as centrepieces will fit the time of year better. They will be in tall clear vases, mouted on a mirror with lots of candles. Each tree with have silk flowers attached, with hanging tea lights and crystal strands. The photo doesn't do it justice, they look amazing in real life and twinkle when the candles are lit! They are really tall too which suits the high ceilings in my venue


     Place Cards

    Something a bit different than the usual place cards that sit on the table!


     Table Plan

    I am design my own table plan to match my invites and then they will be mouted onto this big silver mirror and stand



  • Post Box

    My Edwardian post box that fits my theme and venue perfectly! and will keep all the cards from the guests safe!


     Sweetie Table

    I am having this instead of favours on the table. Everyone will have their own little silver pin striped sweetie bag with a little poem telling them to go and help themselves to whatever sweets they like!

    The photo below is the look and set up of the table I am having but all the sweets with by white, ivory and silver, so white chocolate, sweeties in silver wrapper etc, they are actually a lot of options!



    I am going to design my own cake and have an amazing cake maker to make it! I want a cross between the 2 photos below: a 4 tier cake with sugarcraft flowers on top, snowflake shapes covering 2 of the tiers, a pearlescent finish and pearl icing around the base of each tier - all to be ivory of course!





    That is everything I have up til now! I have done most things but just need to sort out the guys and the rings! I am also making my own silk flower and brooch bouquets, buttonholes and corsages so I will post up my progress soon!

    I look forward to hearing about all of your plans!


  • NowMrsMackNowMrsMack Posts: 2,535

    I'm December 28th 2013.. but LOVE seeing all your ideas! Its so nice to see other winter brides' plans... there's not many of us! 

    LOVE your bridesmaid shoes... cant beat a bit of glitter!!!! 

  • love your plans! I'm going for white and silver too, and making my brooch bouquet and buttonholes. Would love to see how it progresses! I was thinking of just having color coordinated sweets but can't think of that many, what are you having? x

  • This is the list of sweets I thought of but my sweetie table supplier had some more so nearer the time il ask her to send me a list!

    white marshmallows

    white chocolate maltesers

    small white chocolate mice

    milk bottles

    white chocolate buttons

    flying saucers

    love hearts

    fried eggs

    toffees in silver wrappers?

    fizzy cola bottles

    chocolate circles with 100's and 1000's on top

    silver dragee hearts

    chocolate hearts in silver wrapper

    bon bons

    I do love fizzy sweets though so trying to think of things! I just think it might look. Bit tacky if the theme is silver and white and then the sweets were all bright colours!
  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    Just seen this! I am a Taplow bride too image Although in Aug 2013.

    Cant wait to see more of your plans!

  • ah wow! exciting! will post more pictures and plans as and when i have them! are you local to the area? i love taplow house and could not find another venue like it! it\s everything i could of wished for image look forward to seeing your plans, will be a very different contrast of seasons!

  • Mrs BoundsMrs Bounds Posts: 1,311

    I was thikning about having my sweetie table themed as well, but I just couldn't make it work! So i'm having a mixture of sweets and adding cancy canes and chocolate coins for a christmas feel haha x

  • Hi Healthy to be  I love your planning thread and your winter wonderland theme.  Where did you get your white fur shrug/wraps from?  Love them.

  • Hi Healthy to be  I love your planning thread and your winter wonderland theme.  Where did you get youw white fur shrug/wraps from?  Love them.

  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    I have moved slightly out of the area, but only about 30/40 mins from taplow!

    I love it there too - went back for champagne afternoon tea in the summer and it was brill.

    What sort of numbers are you having there?


  • Flumpers: I got them from bee gorgeous bridal, the quality is lovely, the photo is the actual samples I received. The link is:

    They are customer made and you pick your fur and lining from swatches and its all for under £40! only problem is because they are custom made they are non refundable. so you need to ask them for the measurements of each size and then measure your bridesmaids. I got one a bit wrong and it's a bit loose on one of my bridesmaids.


    Rosiebounds2b: the chocolate coins sound like a good idea, i will have to do that! I think I will have to put other colours in as il struggle to stick to ivory and silver I think!

    Mrsbeau2b: I like about 20-30 mins out too, so not too far for guests to travel! At the moment I am currently have 60-70 during the day and possible 150+ in the evening. I've sent out around 190 invites (I did panic a bit!) but there seems to be quite a big drop out rate because either people are around that time of year and off work for christmas, or they go on holidays. I have had a 10% drop out of day guests, that is close friends and family, so I am guessing it will be similar or more for evening guests. How about you?


    Bridesmaids shrug - need to make sure you measure yourself as it is an exact fit!

    my shrug! sorry it is upside down! this one is easier to fit correctly as the brooch is separate (included in price), so you can have the shrug as tight as you want



  • LucyluLucylu Posts: 148

    Oooh love it, love it, love it all. I get married 31st Dec, but mines in secret at Gretna Green. i was thinking of ordering the exact same shrug as you, would u reccommend it? I also have your blue 'i do' stickers! Love your dress and hair too! My shoes are similar to yours too but have tiny sparkles round the toes! There is only the two of us, but a girl has to have certain things, lol even though we have both done it before. Thank-you for sharing your lovely ideas!

  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    Sounds like a good amount! We are having approx 110 in the day and around 180 in the eve - we have hired the cellar bar for the evening so should be ok for numbers!

    Looking forward to seeing more of your plans and the report of course! image

  • Snowy xSnowy x Posts: 1,100

    YAY, Another winter thread! Love that Snowflake cake! Is that Post box hired or bought, if bought, where from and how much was it ( hope you dont mind me asking? )

  • Love your hair and make up heathy, might have to show my hairdresser for inspiration, having my trial on the 30th, very excited image

    Snowflake I've hired the same postbox in red from a seller on eBay it's 40 to hire or you can buy for about 350-400 pounds(!) xxx
  • I'm loving this thread so excited about my winter wonderland wedding the main colours are silver and red.

    I've bought 8 white led trees to have around the room, I've personalised baulbales for the place names and as the centerpiece I'm getting goldfish type bowls and putting some battery operated lights in them


  • LucyLu - I definitely recommend the shrugs, they sit perfectly on the shoulders, are so soft, the brooches are a nice sparkly quality and so much cheaper than getting them on the high street!

    MrsBeau2B - that is a relief as I was worried the limit for the eve was 140 (as it says 140 eve guests on my contract) but I must be able to have more, mine has gone slightly over that! I will see what replies I get, lots of people may cancel!

    Snowflaketheme - I have hired the postbox I didn't buy it. I don't know how much they are to hire or buy I am afraid! I got a package deal on the decor and just picked loads of bits and they came up with 1 price rather than pricing them individually! sorry I can't help!

    Hannahs -  Thanks!

    How is everyone else getting on with RSVP's? I've had most people reply to the day now with about a 10% drop out as some people are away over x mas! and I've had only a couple evening replies, ive given a deadline of the 7th november as I don't want to wait a long time! Is it polite to chase?

    I have a few more pics to upload of my latest buys and DIY projects! will upload shortly!




  • My DIY silk sashes

    You may not be able to see it very well but the darker bit of silver silk is my silk painting practice! I did this last night and it went really well. I bought some silk and painted it with silver fabric paint. It turned out a great colour with my silvery dresses so I am going to make sashes out of the silk to go around the waist of the bridesmaid dresses. The sash will match the silver of their shoes


     One of my bridesmaids in her fur shrug and dress! 


     My hair pins to go into the back of my hair and comb for my bridesmaids arrive! love them!






  • another nice view of the bridesmaid fur shrugs (me wearing it!) - i just love them! I can't wait to see what mine looks like with my dress! a week tomorrow I have my fitting!


    The Grooms suit...

    I didn't want to see my H2B in it so I got the best man to try it on image My H2B then went the weekend after without me to try it on




     The guys are all wearing charcoal morning suits - the groom is wearing a silver cravat with an ivory silk waistcoat and the best man and grooms men are wearing the same but with a silver cravat and silver silk waistcoat...




  • My DIY silk flowers and brooch bouquets

    I said I would update you all when I had started! So far I have wired all the brooches up... here is some of them...


     I have done a lot more but that is just a small selected! I have got snowflakes and lots of other bits!

    This is what my silk flowers look like with just a few brooches added, I got a mix of different colours and shades of white and have just put them together in my hand to see what they will look like...


     Next thing I need to do is to spray all of the leaves I removed silver - there were lots of green leaves that I didn't like so I stripped the stem down to just the rose. I will them spray some of these leaves silver and add them back to the stem. I think this will look really nice for the button holes and corsages, and then them little bits of silver coming through on the bouquets.


    Here are some gifts I have got already - hoping no one will see them but I know H2B and bridesmaid don't come on here!

    Bridesmaids gift - a sterling silver and fresh water pearl necklace engraved with their initials and the date of the wedding on the back. I will give them these on the morning of the wedding so they can wear them on the day. 




     They come in a cute box tied with a ribbon!


     The guys will get these engraved hip flasks...


     sorry it is hard to see!

    I am also giving them engraved cufflinks with groom, best man etc on. I will get them all jack daniels miniatures, their own cadbury chocolate bars with their names on... a bit of a wedding survival kit for them really! haha

    Currently I am designing my menus and order of service booklets! Will upload more DIY stuff and buys when done!



  • Mrs BoundsMrs Bounds Posts: 1,311

    I love those neclaces for the bms, can i ask where you bought them? I am desperately trying to sort out presents for my girls! xx

  • Hi Rosie! They are from not on the high street, see the link below

    a brilliant price too!

    they are really cute and they can fit the date on the back if you ask!


    Have no idea what to get my brother who is 15 - such a difficult age! also our page boy who is 5! I want to get them something sentimental but don't know if they will like that?

    I want to get my mum and dad and best man engraved watches as I know they both don't have nice watches (my parents). My h2b doesnt know what to get his parents and said leave it to him but I know he will get his dad something stupid like a psp (playstation thing) as that is what his sister got him at her wedding and apparently he loved it! I can't let him get his parents non sentimental gifts if I have got my parents them! But don't wanna get everyone at watch! it's too hard! our parents have helped us out a lot with the wedding and wanna get them something nice image

  • Does anyone know how to delete photos off a thread?!

    I have gone to edit and tried to do it but doesn't seem to work when I press save? do photos of me and my hair still appear for you guys?

    Reason being is that i met my photographer yesterday and my H2B was searching for photos of our church to show him and it linked him to my thread as i had used a photo of the church in it! he didn't seen anything but i wouldnt want him or any one else accidentally finding photos of me! so want to just delete those or block my face out!


  • I have posted a photo under my other thread, but also adding it to this thread! Here is my brooch and silk flowe



    r bouquet! so exited now, just over 3 weeks to go!

  • Mrs BoundsMrs Bounds Posts: 1,311

    oh my god, that bouqet is gorgeous! Xxx

  • Thanks Rosie image I think it looks better in real life! It is hard to catch the sparkle on camera! x

  • It's my wedding day tomorrow, I cannot believe it! I've been so busy I haven't posted on here for ages! I will update with photos of the day soon! Good luck to all other brides getting married this weekend! It's going to be a wet and windy one! Xxx
  • Hi heathy!

    Hope it goes well for you tomo, I'm so excited, I can't even think about sleep!! Lots of luck and love xxx Hannah
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