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How are you all doing ladies? I have less than 10 weeks left now.... eeek! Had a really good weekend went to see the organist at church to decide on our music, and bought our rings! I sent my engagement ring away for replating and polishing too (as it's white gold) so I feel a bit naked without it! I also bought some books for the kids favours from the book people, really good value. xxx



  • Hi Rosie! Did you get the ring you showed me on my thread? haven't done much wedding stuff this weekend, need to crack on really. Had a casual attempt at a rough table plan and was a nightmare! I ended up with 14 tables when I only have 12! ooops. Good idea about books, I need to get the kids something to keep them occupied I think. My bouquet is finished now though, and I have this silly idea that I can make my own lace headpiece type thing...hmmm...I have a hair comb but it felt too plain when I tried with my dress, but when I put a veil on i felt ridiculous! Is your dress being altered at all? Mine's with a seamstress now...i'm terrified of eating too much and exercising too much as I need to stay the same now! xxx

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    Yeah, this is the rig I've bought 


     unfortunatly I don't have a picture of J's ring but he bought a 6mm palladium ring with kind of a brushed effect. 

    You're very good making those kind of things yourself, bet it's saving you loads. I don't have a creative bone in my body!

    My dress needs to be shortened, I think that's it though (well I hope so!) I am meeting the seamstress next Wednesday to sort that all out.


    I forgot that my bridesmiad dresses also came into the shop over the weekend! So a very good weekend image xx 

  • Hello!

    I spent the weekend writing my Christmas cards (random!).  They are now all written, complete wth addresses and stamps, ready for me to pop my Thank You cards into before I post when we get back from mini-moon!

    Rosie - that ring is gorgeous!  So unusual.

    Amy - good luck with the headress.  I'm making one for my flowergirl (as soon as the material arrives).  There's lots of DIY videos online, I'm currently viewing to see which ones might help me!

    I have my final dress fitting Friday.  Eek!  Shame I never got close to my goal weight - just hope I don't regret it too much when I see the photos!

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    Hi Jayelle, why so early? Can't you give yourself another month? your bodyshape can change so much within a month if you work hard at it (I've been doing bootcamp 3x a week and love it, fast results but healthy ones too, along with the paelo diet) 

    Thanks, I'm so pleased with my ring, I needed a shaped onw to fit my E Ring but didn't want a wishbone style or any of those, this one is crossed over and my E ring fits in snugly, but also doesn't look weird on it's own! it's gorgeous and I'm so happy with it x 

  • Well - the appontments were booked at the beginning of the year.

    I was due to have three (September, October, then final fitting and collect in November) but at the last ftting they got more done than they were expecting, so it might be ready this week (if it fits).

    Not much I can do now.

    I was happy wth the pics last time - so fingers crossed its ok.

    Ideally I would like to lose 10lbs as it changes my face so much.  That won't affect the dress that much (as I'm hardly small to start with!), so I think I will still push and try and do it!  image

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    go for it then!! I know what you mean, I don't want to change my body shape too much so the dress doesn't fit, but I would like to have a flatter tummy and slimmer thights for our honeymoon image 

  • I have my first dress fitting tomorrow, I hope I still like it.

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    Oh wow how exciting! What dress do you have Ashley? Xxx
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    We rebooked our honeymoon last night!!! eeeekkk so exciting image xxx

  • Hi girls image

    Where you going to Rosie?

    I've had a brill couple of weeks and seem to have for loads done. Went suit shopping yesterday to diet jay and the men out. Will update my planning shortly so you can see progress.

    Money doesn't seem to showing its face image as soon as we get paid its all going out again to all our suppliers image beans on toast for next few weeks I think! Xxxx
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    We're the same Hannah! Bought a £2 bottle of rose from Lidl the other day and felt like I was splashing out haha! 

    We're going to St Lucia on New Years day! Yay can't wait now it's all booked! We had booked it a few months ago but then cancelled- and not got it cheaper, for a better room in a better resort! so happy! xxxx

  • Aww that sounds fab Rosie image

    We were looking at New York yesterday image

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    New york is amazing! would you go striaght away or in summer? I've been twice in December and loved it, it's so romantic and just like you see in the films. Xxx

  • Going on the 2nd jan so hopefully all the Xmas lights will still be up. I can't wait to go ice skirting in Central Park! Xx
  • ooh...both sound like amazing honeymoons to me!


    Ashley - how'd the dress fitting go?

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    oooh it'll be lovely!! I'm a tiny bit jealous lol xx

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    Jay are you going on Honeymoon? xxx

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    J (FINALLY!) booked the wedding car last night! And I'm not allowed to know what it is.... exciting! xxx

  • I'm a December bride too - 29th.....I've got my first dress fitting on 3rd November, soooo excited.  Bought my underwear at the weekend too.

    Been looking at China for our honeymoon - won't be till March though, when its a touch warmer image

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    Wow Mrs NB, China would be amazing. I'd have loved to go but we were really really sure about going soon after the wedding. what;s your dress like? xx

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    just had a text to say our rings are in at Ernest jones! Our Flowergirl dresses have also arrived at BHS, can't wait to go and pick them up on Saturday morning. My wedding ring will have to go in the safe at the in laws to stop me trying it on every day. My engagement ring isn't back yet, thay said that would take about two weeks but I think I might keep it off while we're working in the house to stop it getting ruined before the big day. eeee exciting!! xxx

  • How exciting!  EVerything is coming together!!!




    I appear to have a "nesting" gene kick in this week.  I'm desparate to get home tonight (I work away all week) and sort the flat out.

    I don't want to start married life by havng to empty the flat and huge a major spring clean and clear out.


    Just not sure if I have time in the 14 days I am in the UK between now and the wedding to finish all the wedding plus sort out the flat.  (I am a major hoarder...and know Mr W hates it).

    Wonder if we can hire anyone to help do this type of thing.......

  • just googled it...apparently "Clutter consultants" is a real job!


    hmmm...wonder how much that would cost!!

  • That s my plan jayellekay! Starting today! I'm not in work until 4pm so have took the kids to school and plan on starting in our bedroom. It looks like a storage room for a charity shop (jay says I have far too many clothes but I disagree image )

    Think the plan to start married life free from clutter and disorganisation is a good one. Going to sort out all our finances and stuff to this weekend, and the front and back garden, want it to be nice for the wedding pics don't we, then the lounge, dining room, kitchen and then the dreaded task if the kids bedrooms.... Gosh there's a lot really....

    Ill just finish this brew........


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    We're wuite lucky (in a way!) that we're moving in so close to (or after!) the wedding, because it mean we're sorting things out now and we'll have a lovely fresh, orgaised house to start married life in. That's really important to me and every year before my brithday and just before christmas I would have a huge tidy up and clean my bedroom. 


  • its stressing me out just think about it.

    I'm such a hoarder.  I get super stressed when I have to throw somethng away - and usually end up crying!  Ridiculous!  No idea where the anxiety comes from (from my memory I never had a childhood exprience where I was forced to get rid of anything that was important to me or any other type of life damaging experience!!).  I think I need professonal help!  hehe!


    Rosie - that really is lucky.  It must be so exciting for you in your relatonship too.  I think one fear of mine is we get married and literally it feels no diffferent at all.  This is slightly contradictory, as we have lived together for 7 years and I get annoyed when other people say...."ooh everything will change once you are married" which it cleary won't (and I wouldn't want it to).  But I would like it to feel slightly different.  Not behaviourly, but just in some tiny way.

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    Lots of poeple have said that being married feels very different, even if you've been together for years. J and I are very very close already so That'll be interesting for us. I think i'm looking forward to being married, more than i'm looking forwatd to the wedding! not living together at the moment means that it's something even more special to look forward to! xxxx

  • It's amazing what you can get done when you put your mind to it, an hour and a half and my bedroom is clutter free image

    Omg ladies 72 sleeps!!!!!

  • wow.  Think it'll take me a day and a half to do one room in my flat!

    Wow - 72!  Exciting!  I've got 50!  Scary!!

  • To be fair I have just removed clutter from one room and put it on the landing...but at least my bedrooms clean and tidy image lol xx
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