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12.12.12. Brides

Hi any 12.12.12. Bride to be out there as excited as me.!!!


  • Yes. One month today. Ekkkkk. Xxx
  • How's your planning going ? Where r u getting married?
  • Good thanks. U? Gaynes park u? Xxx
  • Yessss!! 29 days image x

  • 12 days to go!! Xx
  • Cannot wait whoo !!
  • This day next week ladies -  it will be our last sleep as a single gal!! image How exciting!! xxx

  • So excited can't sleep already I defo won't sleep next week, everyone finished organisation ?
  • Just a few final things to do - getting there! Cant wait to finish up at work on Friday!! How are you getting on? x


  • Alright few little bits to do at the weekend I can't wait to finish work x
  • Have you had a few that's weird getting married in the week comments and having to explain 12.12.12 wish I could have it recorded on repeat lol
  • Yesssss - a lot!! I am tired of telling people too. Plus we are skipping a lot of the usual traditions. I guess people think we are strange!! image

  • Me to soo fed up of explaining we're skipping alot of usual stuff to as we wanted to keep it about us and why where marrying not stressing over everyone else I do think you can get caught up in the bits that arnt important or what the marriage is about x
  • Sometimes it's nice to make your own traditions x
  • Where are you marrying ?
  • Totally -  I am not fussed about all the big traditions! I just cant wait to be married to my lovely man and have a party to celebrate. And 12/12/12 is a great date! My wedding is in Scotland. Hope we dont get snow image How about yours? x


  • Exactly my plans were having a nice meal with close family and a bit of a party I can't wait to be married. Getting married in Nottingham England. I hope the snow stays away for you well a few sprinkles would be romantic but you don't want more than sprinkles . Speak tomorrow if u like on our countdown. Sleep tight
  • Ah yes sprinkles are fine - deep snow not so great for the beautiful heels! Night night - speak tomorrow when its 7!! Woo!! x

  • Hey lilyRusso how's today been another day down ????
  • 12.12.12 is a great date! Congrats everyone, hope you all have lovely day!
  • Hey Nicolebell1!

    7 days!! Wonder what we will be doing this time next week image

    I am not long home from work.

    2 days left to go! Roll on Friday.

    Excitement is really building now.

    How was your day?

  • It was ok just got my mind on next week every minute thinking ill be getting married now ill be mrs now ill be at the restaurant now lol wonder what we will be doing this time next week really can't wait. Really can't wait to finish work to.
  • 5 days 5 days!!! How are you Nicolebell1?

    Have you finished work now? X
  • Hi I'm good thanks I finish on Monday a bit pants but then not back until new year so can't moan. How r u can you believe it's nearly here, have you got any snow?
  • We had some snow last weekend. All clear now. V cold though.

    Hope you have a nice speedy day Monday. image

    Enjoy the weekend.

  • Its really cold here weve had alot of sleet, You enjoy your weekend to, finishing off last bits. Can't wait to get Monday over x
  • Jamie10Jamie10 Posts: 111

    Aww all the best girls! Not long now image My OH will be 30 on 12.12.12 so I will be celebrating as well. Will be sending you all positive vibes xx

  • Hey lilyRusso how was your weekend is super excitement kicking in x
  • Hellooo!

    Yes it is. I feel exhausted though.

    Can't sleep - keep thinking about things image

    Hope u had a nice weekend? You all set?

    Have a fab last day at work.

  • Nicolebell1 - I am going out tonight and may not be on tomorrow - so I wish you all the best for your big day on Wednesday!!! Its nearly here!! Hopefully catch up with you later this week once the celebrations calm down. Have the most wonderful day. xx

    Wishing all the other 12/12/12 and December Brides a fabulous day too image


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