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Three weeks to go today!

Hi December brides

three weeks to go today - i cannot believe how quick it is coming round.

am off to have my teeth whitened tonight - OMG!

hows everyone doing planning and emotion wise?




  • Hi
    It's come around so fast hasn't it?

    I'm 16 days today - eek!
    I have a very busy week at work this week, so haven't been at all wedding focussed.
    I fly home tomorrow night, then I think it will hit me!

    I have been on an extreme health kick since Monday (only two and a half days in but it already feels like forever!) - to get the last few pounds gone! My trousers are already a little loser - so that's good that it's working. I've just cut the carbs and the fizzy drinks. Not expecting to lose weight, I just need to lose the bloating around the middle! I'm scared my dress won't fit nicely! It was ok a month ago when I collected it, but it's been a stressful few weeks with a lot of non wedding stuff, so it through me a little off track!

    I still have a few sewing jobs to finish - but other than that, all the DIY is done. I have one more hair trial, suits and a hire car to collect all in the final week. We are talking the best man and FOG through the timetable/set up plans etc this weekend, so they know what's going on on the day and everything doesn't fall to my shoulders.

    How are your plans going? how are you feeling about everything?

  • MrsTwizbeMrsTwizbe Posts: 3,355 New bride

    If you want rid of bloating (and this may be tmi) go for a colonic! I mean it, I saw a bride on here had done it before her wedding so hubs and I went for one before ours - amazing results!

  • really?


    helped with the tummy size?

  • MrsTwizbeMrsTwizbe Posts: 3,355 New bride

    yep - it removes a lot of the clogs and that reduces bloating. Didn't work so well for hubs as you have to 'go with it' and he was a bit restrained.

  • ooh...interesting!  Thanks - I'll look into it!

    If I do it - do you think I should book close to the wedding?  or does it take a few days to feel the "benefit"?

  • Sorry ReaIsTheBrideToBe.  Just realise this thread has gone from white teeth to poo! image



  • MrsTwizbeMrsTwizbe Posts: 3,355 New bride

    It is pretty instant and you can reverse the 'good work' by eating junk after, we did ours about a week before the wedding.

    Tip (and sorry here) but wear old pants and what ever you do - don't fart afterwards! Lol

  • Ooh...jus thtought -  might get a nice inch loss body wrap in the week before the wedding as well.


    It'd be nice to have a little pampering.  I planned on getting my nails and toes done - I might add this to the list!

  • This thread is fantastic hahaha!! teeth to poo hahahaha made my day!!!

    Love how down to earth we all are.

    OMG 16 days.  i am 21! what the heck has happened? its just dissapeared hasnt it.

    I was thinking about the inch loss body wrap also, i think even if you do not lose any inches the softness of your skin afterwards its meant to be fantastic!!! and i think it will make u feel 100% better anyways.  i am defo going to look into have it done.

    i am also going to do the no carbs diet as of next week - 2 solid weeks of it will do the trick i think.  again even if it just makes u feel better - i think u may still lose a good couple of pounds, esp if you are very carb heavy like me lol!!!

    you sounds very organised - well done hun.  how are ur emotions?

    I have a few DIY bits i need to do which will be finished (fingers crossed) by Friday and then the rest is confirming with two suppliers that like to confirm 2 weeks before (this is stressing me out no means lol) wrap up the pressies, sort xmas pressies out and wrap (we come back from honeymoon xmas eve so this needs to be done before we go unfotunately) and put music on ipod.  Micheal Buble xmas album!! yes pls image ekkkk!!



  • I'm a bit shakey.  And I haven;t really thought about it yet.

    How are you feeling?

    I'm a bt worried I'll eventually stop and relax once I check into my hotel for the night before....and then I might get overwhelmed with an emotion (just not quite sure what emotion yet!)

    When we got engaged, I burst into tears for about 3 hours!  Just couldn't stop!  It was very odd. Completely unexpected and uncontrollable!  Hope that doesn't happen!! image

    I just booked by universal contour wrap.  (plus accidently booked lash extensions - always wanted it they can do it whilst my wrap is "working")

    I've found a CI place - think I might brave it.  What's the worse that will happen??! image (Mrs Twizbe - don't answer that!! image )

  • Where are you having it done, i just had a look and made some enquiries.  its more expensive than i thought £50 i got quoted.  when have u booked for?  last extensions are lovely image

    I cry pretty much every day - sobbed last night - one of my best friends is singing three songs at the wedding and she practised them last night and i was a wreck lol.  sometimes someone says wedding and i cry haha! oh dear lorde lol!! hopefully that means i wil be hard as nails on the day (YEH RIGHT)!!!

    God this is so real now aint it?xxx 

  • ooh...that cheaper than I could find.  Round me its £70 or £75.

    I booked for three days before the wedding.


    Wow - no I haven't had any crying related to the wedding like that yet.

    I did cry at work yesterday (unheard of) so that was embarrassing.  Hadn't really thought of it being wedding related yet.  I just feel very stressed and am bottling everything in.  There is definitely an emotional release building up inside me...just hoping it happens before the wedding, not durning!


    Mr W always sees people crying at weddings and says "why"?  He keep joking he will walk out of our if I cry - but he'sclearly cold hearted! image

    Fingers crossed this is just you getting it all out of your system!

  • LucyluLucylu Posts: 148

    oh ladies, yr so funny, i loved reading this, mad me laugh so much! 40 days for me and all I feel at the moment is excitement x goodluck everyone x

  • MrsTwizbeMrsTwizbe Posts: 3,355 New bride

    I already hinted at the worst that can happen (walking down a London street on our way to lunch as I remember!)

  • Mrs BoundsMrs Bounds Posts: 1,311

    oh no Mrs Twizbe hahaha!! I am an emtional wreck at the moment, the pressure is really getting to me, especially seeing as our house isn't anywhere near liveable at the moment and I've told Jason I am NOT moving into his mum's after the wedding. We don't even live together yet!

    I still ahve laods to do and being at work isn't heling haha! Think we should have at least a month's marriage leave image x

  • RosieBounds2b wrote (see)

    Think we should have at least a month's marriage leave image x



  • 28 days for me and I still have lots to do. I am starting to get nervous already and there is 4 weeks to go.

  • MrsPar13MrsPar13 Posts: 821
    I'm not a December bride but you girls have definitely put a much needed smile on my face image
  • MrsPar2b wrote (see)
    I'm not a December bride but you girls have definitely put a much needed smile on my face image

    we're here to entertain!  image

  • Haha this thread makes me crack up haha i just re read it all again.  funny lasses!! xxx

  • How you feeling today?

  • I am feeling goooooooooooodddddddddd, da da, da da, dadadadada (Mr Michael Buble).

    Great thanks - now having amazing shiny white teeth for wedding - wahoo!! 20 days to go!! how are u?

    Got an evening of completing centre pieces and wrapping the girls pressies ahead of me tonight image any plans for u?



  • I fly home today! (Yay!)  Can't wait.

    Then I can really get into wedding mode!

    What have you bought your girls?  I have bought them necklaces for the wedding (that aren't realy ther style) so plan on selling them afterwards, but have bought them necklaces they will like as a gift.

    I've made them hangers wth their initials on.  And I have written them a card each. What else can I give them?  Do you think its bad not to have anything else?

  • So no more work?? I am so jealous!!!! I have including today 11 more working days to go!!

    I have bought them earrings and a bracelet to wear on the day which i am sure they will all wear again (i hope), then a personalised champagne flute, personalised jumper and flip flops lol. 

    I have written them a card to give them the night before the wedding with a little poem in it.

    i think u have got them plenty huni image


  • No unfortunately I still have another 6 wroking days to go.  But luckily I can doing this from the Uk office.

    Then I have 4 days off before the day of the wedding!

  • I'm turning into an emotional wreck!

    Everything makes me want to burst into tears.....

    - train is delayed

    - someone sends an email without "hi" at the top or any pleasantries


    This is ridiculous. Anyone know how to pull themselves together?!
  • Mrs BoundsMrs Bounds Posts: 1,311

    sorry Jayelle, I am also feeling the strain right now! Glad i'm not the only one though! xx

  • Oh hun bless ya - i think that is natural now - i say dont pull yourself together cry it all out so u are empty come the wedding lol xxx

  • That is one plan. But its getting embarrassing crying in public places!
  • Hello ladies! Oh I'm so pleased I found this sight! 2:40 am and laying wide awake in bed, post major blun over my dress! ( which I'm actually sure is fine but tired stressed and extremely emotional!) my wedding is on Sunday 23rd December so 25 days to go. Read through all the post and they made me laugh! Poo & teeth! Very funny. I'm having my teeth whitened & having a body wrap. Trying low cal but the stress is sending me to chocolate! Thanks again ladies, & good luck x
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