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our secret wedding is almost here...

Well ladies, we're off tomorrow, on the first stretch of our trip, staying in Leeds over-night before carrying onto Gretna Sunday morning for our New years Eve wedding...

Iv picked up my cake today, made for me by a very dear friend (who refused any payment) and said it was her present to us... I was so touched I cried...

Just got in from having my nails done and our poor boy Roccos has been packed off to kennels. This was rather unexpected, but after a disagreement with one of my daughters poms (who he usually loves) we felt we couldnt risk leaving him with my daughter in charge, so reluctantly hes gone to kennels, but only til Wednesday.

After about 6 weeks of feeling totally stressed out with work problems... moving... christmas & a secret wedding I'm now actually feeling pretty good, but poor h2b (usually a calming influence) is glugging away on the Rescue Remedy image

So ladies, this is probably my last thread as a single lady, thank-you all for your support and chat. I'll be back as soon as I can with pics. Im soooo excited I could burst, lots of love & luck to anyone else getting married over the weekend and New Year.... I'll be back ximagex


  • Oh very exciting have a fab time and enjoy. All the best for the new year as husband and wife x
  • Hope all goes well!

    Have a fantastic wedding! Xxxxxx
  • Eek!! Good luck, have a fabulous time! Xx
  • MrsF2b2MrsF2b2 Posts: 831
    So excited for you! Have a wonderful time and I'm REALLY looking forward to hearing how it goes, and what everyone says when you tell them image
  • LucyluLucylu Posts: 148

    Thanks everyone, its meant the world to me, being able to share it with you ladies, when I couldnt share it with anyone else. Love & hugs x

  • Hope all goes well I'm sure you will have an amazing wedding x
  • Have a fab time and enjoy every second . Would love a secret wedding x
  • Congratulations xx
  • MissLMissL Posts: 427
    Been thinking of you today! Hope you've had a fab day! Xx
  • I've been thinking of you too! Hope you've had an amazing day and are enjoying being a married woman.

  • LucyluLucylu Posts: 148

    Well ladies, we did it! and it was absolutely fab! wouldnt change a thing and couldnt fault it. I only have afew pics on my iphone until the official ones come & im not sure how to upload onto here, im very pleased with them. Will start a new thread soon & tell you all how it went. We are still in Scotland at the min, driving back down tomorrow. Thank-you all for your good wishes & for thinking of us yesterday. Off to have a last cocktail in the bar! x

  • LucyluLucylu Posts: 148

    Oh and how rude of me, happy new year to you all and I hope all your weddings are fab and stress free! x

  • Congratulations! Can't wait to see photos!

  • Thirdthing2Thirdthing2 Posts: 1,288

    Hi - I was thinking of you but couldn't post on here, only read, as was staying at my mum's and something went wrong with her computer!  I hope you had a fantastic day - sorry could send you good luck wishes before now!  Looking forward to seeing the pictures and hearing all about it! x

  • Look forward to hearing all about it
  • BuddletBuddlet Posts: 1,289
    Congratulations!!! Looking forward to hearing about it image ! Xxx
  • MrsF2b2MrsF2b2 Posts: 831
    Congratulations! Was thinking about you all day, so excited for you image get those photos up as soon as you can x
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