7th December 2013

I know there is a thread for December 2013 in general but rather than trawling through there I thought I would start a new thread for us 7th December 2013 brides.  Let's share details, plans, ideas, stress and then enjoy our fab days!

To start the thread here's a bit about mine and Mr Franita's big day..

We are getting married at Compton Verney House neat Stratford/Leamington at 2pm - civil ceremony, wedding breakfast and evening reception all in one beautiful location.  So far I've booked/bought:

  • My dress and shoes 
  • Bridesmaid dresses (x2)
  • Emailed Save the Dates
  • Photographer
  • DJ included in venue hire
  • Caterer booked with venue (tasting in June)
  • Groom's suit
  • Tealights and holders for table centres
  • Make-up artist (doing own hair with help of bridesmaid)
  • Notice of marriage given
  • Honeymoon - we are going to New Zealand for three weeks (booked before we got engaged!)  To be partially funded now by gift list.
  • Some jewellery sorted - wearing my late Grandma's necklace, just got to sort other bits

We also know that we want a cake of cheese, we will probably have heather in nice pots for our table centres and I think we will have a videographer (as people keep telling me we should!) Hen do plans are under way with bridesmaids for the weekend before the wedding (!)

I'm just going to book a taxi from my hotel on the morning so not fussed about fancy cars (no one will see me arrive anyway as I have to come in the deliveries entrance to meet with the registrar!)  Oh and I've made a brooch bouquet as I really wasn't keen on spending a fortune on cut flowers that just get thrown away (it incorporates a few family brooches), and we are constantly adding to the DJ playlist as and when we hear songs we do/don't like!

So lots of detail (and wedding rings) to sort but feel like the bulk of it all is done really.  Of course there are invitations to do by my OH is in the process of designing them.  Will also sort the wedding rings and bridesmaid gifts nearer the time (as we can't afford to sort much more at the moment!)  

We don't have a "theme" - colour-wise or anything else - we just want a relaxed and fun day where we get together with our closest friends.  I know it may be weird not to have one - I feel like it is when people ask me - but I really didn't like the idea of things being too matchy matchy and getting stressed over the colour of ties in the days leading up to it image

Just can't wait to get closer to the date now - want to do the fun stuff like invites, dress fittings etc.  (although currently doing the 30 Day Shred and want to tone up/lose bit of weight before then - at least we have time!)

How are other 7th December ladies going?  Any exciting ideas to share??  (or have I forgotten anything glaring?!)



  • Hi I'm a fellow 7th December bride I can't believe how orgainsed you are all I've done is


    Book venue, which includes DJ and Catereeres

    Booked photograpger

    Booked Videographer

    Booked car (my H2B is a car fanatic and was insistent we had a car)

    Got some stuff towards the centrepieces


    I think i'm being abit to laid back about this!

    my nightmare at the moment is choosing invites I just can't decide

    have you decided what your doing about your invites and when you're planning on sending them off?

  • FranitaFranita Posts: 487

    Hoorah!!!!  You've booked the important stuff - that's what matters.

    Have you started dress shopping yet?

    Let's have some details of the day... where and when? What have you bought for centrepieces?

    Our planning is all on hold a bit while we save some more money... we have had to spend quite a lot out on our honeymoon in advance so it has taken its toll on our funds!

    Actually my OH wanted to design the invitations himself (wow something he showed an interest in ha ha!) and he was working on the design last night.  I've created a little 4-page booklet of info to go with them with hotel, taxi info etc.  I personally am a bit anti sending out invitations very early (I hate receiving them with months and months to go - just a personal bug bear!)  Since we emailed out save the dates in February, I think we will probably post them in September, and ask for RSVPs early/mid October - just need to check with the caterers about when they need final numbers as that could change things.

    This is the kind of invite we took our inspiration from (ours are white background with blue text but not quite finished yet).  I'm hoping to get them printed through a contact at work so they should work out fairly easy on the purse.



  • We're geting married in a hotel so everything is in the same place it's just on the outskirts of solihull (west mids)

    I've been dress shoppin but haven't found anything yet so thats an ongoing thing.

    Are wedding is based around winter wonderland so we've got about 10 led stig trees that are going to be dotted around the room all i've got for the centre pieces so far are Ice white underwater fairy lights.

    I like those invites i'm plannin on sending mine out about sep time 2 other people on here on saying 6 months but I think thats to early personally.

    Oh forgot we have given notice aswell



  • FranitaFranita Posts: 487

    So you're not far away from us in Solihull - we are getting married between Leamington and Stratford.

    Do you know what kind of dress you are looking for?  I got mine at Quello in Kenilworth - they were lovely and although the shop was small I was quite surprised at the wide range they had.  And I lucked out and liked a sale dress the best so got it half price!

    Love the LED stick trees - that will create a really lovely atmosphere. And totally agree about the invites - 6 months before is just way too early! Surely you will only get people dropping out on you then!

  • ahhhhhhhh invites stress!!!

  • i am also getting married 7th December in Sutton Coldfield.

    I have main things sorted. Venue, Dress, Suits, Photographer, DJ, MY Dress.

    I am in search of a florist at the moment i wanted crystal bouquets and button holes, found a site on the net but the supplier wasnt very helpful so it put me off. so now back to drawing board. i have centre pieces sorted. havingwhite twig trees with draped diamond garland and fairy lights. then having tea lights where ever i can! i want to make a romantic warm feeling with the wintery feel still present.

    its comeing to fast!!!

  • FranitaFranita Posts: 487

    Hurrah and welcome WinterWonderland!  And all three of us so far are local to each other too!

    I don't have too much to update progress-wise - OH has been busy designing the invites, I've been finishing off my brooch bouquet and cheese cake toppers (handmade).  I have however just booked a videographer - after weeks of tossing up whether to I took the plunge as everyone keeps telling me it's the one thing they are glad they paid for. A bit of unplanned expense but I think it will be worth it (and we are hoping to save lots on flowers, invites - getting printed through work, jewellery - get discounts through work etc).

    So then date twins, what are your dresses like? Are you adding any clothing in case it's cold and you have photos taken outside?


    F x

  • image

    I no this is a stupid question but what exactly is a videographer? i have seen a few at a couple of wedding fayres that i have attended where you tell your guests to learn a song then throught out the day they pick bits out and at the end you have your own music video. i just couldnt imagine my nan learning the word to gagnam style! image are you having this aswell as a photographer?

    my OH has purchased me some weddington boots. they were from Amazon, i havent yet seen them as they are a present for the wedding day but the pictures look fab. Our venue is amazing and we definatley want pics outside so these will b a godsend imo. Our photographer actually advised us into getting them. i have also purchased white fur shrugs for my two adult bridesmaids in the Jan sales from top shop. they are great and ideal to take the chill off.

    my dress is amazing. its a fish tale, diamond white. with lace and sparkle. the designer is Allure. it actually comes with a lace shrug so this will be great for the outdoor pics.


  • FranitaFranita Posts: 487

    Hi - a videographer just videos the whole day (or as much as you want of it). So we will get a DVD with the ceremony and speeches in full, then parts like the guests arriving, photographs, drinks reception etc filmed and set to the music of our choice.  So it's basically just a film of the day.  We have booked him in addition to the photographer.

    I think the ones you have seen are called "marryoke" - totally different and totally NOT what we are having that as I think they are pretty dreadful (And yes, cannot imagine my Mum learning the words to a tacky song!)  

    I think will all the stress of the day, it will be nice to look back and watch the ceremony etc again, and also there is a lot that happens that I will miss - like guests arriving, reception drinks while we have photos taken. 

  • Hey! yes thats it marryoke. i must admit it did look fun but just not for me. althought my mom loved the idea which i was so suprised as she is the shyest person ever!!

    Was the videographer expensive? the more i think about it the more i am thinking i need one! your so right there will be sooo much of the day that we will miss. all this build up and anticipation will be so nice to sit back and watch the whole day again. i may have to look at the budget but i will defo consider this! great idea thank you!

    im trying to think outside the box for small litlle extra touches. x

  • FranitaFranita Posts: 487

    They are so wide ranging in price (and quality!) just the same as photographers. You can expect to pay anything from £300 to £2000 - depending mainly on how long you want them to be there - just ceremony, ceremony and speeches, all that plus bridal preparations, all that plus evening reception etc.  

    There are lots who are local and most will give some kind of discount because of being out of season or if you have ceremony and reception all in one place.  x

  • FranitaFranita Posts: 487

    Six months today ladies image

  • Hey F,

    How is your planning going?? i found my bridesmaid dresses the weekend going with dessy from the same shop as i got my dress which is convinient. i havent got a florist yet! the florist i wanted let me down to many times so still on the look out. Got all my venue decorations sorted to the weekend so thats another big thing ticked off. When are you sending your invitations out?


  • FranitaFranita Posts: 487

    OOh well done - that's good work.  What colour are the BM dresses?

    We haven't got a florist sorted yet either, but will probably only need buttonholes - I have made a brooch bouquet, I think I will give the bridesmaids clutch bags instead and we are having heather/lavendar in pots for centrepieces so it hasn't made it anywhere near the top of our priority list yet!

    We were going to send invites out early September with an RSVP of mid October as thought three months is plenty of time, but now we are a bit concerned about hotels in the area (there is nowhere to stay at the venue itself and the hotel we are staying as it now fully booked - I think there may be a wedding there!)  There aren't loads of hotels nearby and I'm concerned if any of the close bigger ones also get booked that people will end up having to spend loads of money... so now we are thinking we will send them out mid/end August to give people advance notice of booking hotels.  However, we did send out an accommodation list with the Save the Dates in February so on the other hand they don't have much excuse.

    We asked all members of bridal party to book a room in the hotel we were staying in if they wanted to for the wedding night before we sent it out to the masses.  This was 4 months ago.  One bridesmaid then told me a couple of weeks ago that she "really must get around to booking that hotel".  Cue me going online to do it for her so she could just pay me back only to find out the hotel is now fully booked.  I was NOT impressed, but that's another story!

    When are you thinking of sending yours out?

    Fran x

  • Hey fran!

    We have had dessy bridesmaid dresses in oasis. they match the cravats perfectly!we are ordering our invites next week hopefully as still struggling with number

    A brooch bouquet omg i bet this is aboslutly gorgeous! post a pic so i can see! imagei wanted crystal bouquets but they were to expensive. i absolutly love the idea of having clutch bags for the BM thats a great idea.

    O dear sounds like a nightmare for your hotels. do your guests have far to travel? i no we was thinking of putting a coach from the local pub in our town to bring the evening guests over and then drop them back there after, our venue has a strict rule that all celebratuons must end at midnight on the dot. for people staying at the venue there is a residents bar so thats not to bad. problem is alot of workplace xmas parties will be taking place around our wedding date!

    what else do you need to sort out? do you have your rings yet. we have now booked our honeymoon and we actually fly the day after the wedding. More stress!!!

    what gifts are you buying your groom, groomsmen, bridemmaids, parents etc.


  • FranitaFranita Posts: 487

    I'll try and remember to take a photo of the bouquet later!

    Our venue is 8 miles from Stratford upon Avon and Leamington Spa, where there are plenty of hotels, so I have decided to stop stressing about guests managing to get back there.  they are adults after all and I've always managed to book myself a taxi from any wedding I've been to! Ours also ends at midnight on the dot.

    I'm going to sort the rings in a couple of months (I work in the jewellery industry so there no rush.  We are in a bit of a lull at the moment in terms of booking big things, so I am just trying to get some of the detail - flowers, guestbook ideas etc - sorted.  Also trying to book up the rest of our honeymoon!  Where have you booked?

    I asbolutely have no idea of wedding party gifts!!!  Eek.  I'm not even sure whether to get anything for groom (is that mean?!), we have discussed maybe a hip flask for Best Man, some jewellery for BMs (again I can get it through work) and no idea about the parents.  Perhaps we need to give this some thought!

    Oh we had our wedding tasting on Friday night and it was delicious.  We are really pleased with the food so that is at least another thing ticked off the list!

    Have you decided on wedding party gifts yet?  I could do with some inspiration! x

  • i couldnt agree more with you and i must admit we took that approach. if people want to come and enjoy your special day im sure they can sort themselves out, we have enough to deal with and stress out about. image im sure everyone will understand sometimes its easy to over think small details!

    o right so all of your jewlery will be sorted then, at least thats another thing you dont have to worry about. BM gifts is always nice to get jewlery that they can wear ont he day so you are sorted image

    we have booked to go to mauritius but we fly sunday 8th! i just know im going to be really stressing!

    Not getting groom a present? hmm is he getting you anything? i should hope he is. Well our budget is pretty tight so i have been trying to think out the box with this one. i was thinking of a doing a box of presents for my groom with little messages attached. so far i have been thinking..... a watch - so you are not late. a miniture bottle of JD and can of coke - for dutch courage, a pair of boxers with groom in diamantes (still thinking of this caption) socks with groom on in diamantes - so you dont get cold feet. I also have a pair of socks for all the groomsmen with usher, best man etc on them. I also found on amazon a his and hers passport holders which i might put in and also just married flips flops as we fly the next day. still looking for small ideas to pop in there just as novelty.

    Parents is a tough 1, for the moms im going to get wedding pandora charm, and dads an engraved trinket i think. There cheap enough and can be kept as a keepsake. still looking for inspiration for these.

    Was thinking of doing gift boxes for the girls to put in there rooms for the night of the wedding. will put small things in ie, miniture bottle of rose, hairspray, hairgrips, small brush, mirror, lip gloss. just a little touc that i thought would be nice.

    We are staying int he hotel the night b4 the wedding to so i was thinking of getting moms and Bms dressing gown and matching slippers, you can get the diamante tranfers that iron on so i may get these to? all just little ideas that i think will be cute. hope this helps you?


  • FranitaFranita Posts: 487

    I don't know if he is getting me a gift - wouldn't expect him too!  We are spending so much on the wedding and the honeymoon that I'd be angry if he spent lots on me on a gift too!  I've already given him 2 watches in the past and we are not really the sentimental types, so I think our gift to each other may just be the wedding!


  • Everybody is different, i think thats what make weddings so special, every wedding is so different and tailored to the bride and groom and there own tastes. i love to hear everybodies veiws and ideas as people are so differnet, and thats what makes the day so special.

    Do you have your music organised yet? im at a bit of a standstill at the monet as i cant think what else i need to do?! x

  • FranitaFranita Posts: 487

    So it's a big weekend coming - we are sending out the invitations this weekend!  We wanted to do it at start of September originally but have noticed lots of hotels getting booked up because of Christmas party season, so thought it best to give a bit more than 3 months' notice.  Am excited to start getting RSVPs back!

    In terms of music, we have sorted what we want for the ceremony, and just need to keep working on a list for the DJ, which is on-going.

    I have a meeting with a florist next week to get all of that booked.  Oh and we have started making our favours - we are giving miniature bottles of homemade rhubarb or blackberry vodka so have started making it.

    Then it's a matter of odd little jobs that pop up (and bills to pay!) We bought our wedding rings last week - that's put a bit of a dent in our bank accounts!

    How's everything going with the other 7th December brides? x

  • your both so organised ive just moved house so everything was been put on hold just realised it's 16 weeks today so mega stress as there is loads to be done AHHHHHHHHHHH

    men I sorting the suits 2mo

    bridesmaids know what colour their having but haven't seen anything yet

    ordered invites wednesday so will get by the end of the month and will be posting them out straight away

    haven't looked at rings yet,

    luckly I have a friend whos a florist so she's doing the flowers and my MIL 2B works in a cake shop so that's sorted. 

    hair - haven't looked yet but my friend who just got married had amazing lady so need to speak to her

    centrepieces nearly all done

    haven't thought about gifts yet

    I'm falling so far behond STRESSSSSSSSS

    quick question my dress is strapless and i'm having a veil are you planning on covering up?

  • MrsJ BMrsJ B Posts: 65

    Davenport 2 Be My dress is also strapless and I have a veil but I wasn't planning on wearing a cover up as I love my dress so much however I want to have some photos outside if it doesn't rain so I'm not sure what to do - particularly with the added expense of it! What are you doing?

  • jess6 I'm like you I love my dress and don't want to cover it up I think it would only be for photos outside so at the moment I don't think I'm going to get anything.

  • FranitaFranita Posts: 487

    I posted our invitations today!  Now it feels very real (and close!!)

    My dress has lace cap sleeves but nothing that will keep me warm!  I'm not wearing a veil etc but am going to take my late Grandma's fur coat with me - I've seen some really nice photos of brides in fur in winter and thought it would look nice if the photographer insists on outdoor shots if it's dry but cold.  If it's not too cold I'll probably go without, but I really want to feel comfortable and not look blue!!  Luckily I'm not too concerned about being matchy matchy either so it doesn't have to be ivory!

    Here's a photo of what I mean (but I have to add that I am only thinking about this because I have it already and it is sentimental to me, if I had to buy something new I would probably grin and bear it!)



  • MrsJ BMrsJ B Posts: 65

    Yours is a brilliant idea Franita. I need to keep my eye out for wintery sales and see if anything jumps out or sense kicks in ha! I still need to find a tiara and jewellery yet! I need a comprehensive to do list of what's left!

  • FranitaFranita Posts: 487

    Thanks Jess. I made the full on to-do list for me and OH a couple of weeks ago. Still so much we hadn't really thought about!

  • Franita I'm worried there's stuff he haven't thought about aswell was there anything obvious on your list that I may have not thought about?


  • FranitaFranita Posts: 487

    Here's a summary of ours (you may have done most of this already of course!):

    • Buy all wedding party gifts
    • Buy wedding rings
    • Book florist (lol!)
    • Order cake (of cheese)
    • Lots of stationery stuff to design and print - invites and info (done), Order or Day books, table names, place names, guest book, menus
    • Decide on ceremony readings and music
    • List of photos for photographer and music for videographer
    • Make favours
    • Book cars (taxis - done)
    • And a lot of payments are looming, including the registrar balance which we are sending off at the end of this month

    They are the big things that we still had to do when I made that. Mine does go into lots more detail (with dates and names next to it - that way I don't have to nag to get OH to do his stuff!)

    There isn't anything on there that I had forgotten to do, it's just that there seems such a lot when you write it all down in detail!  That's on top of us spending a lot of time planning our honeymoon as we have lots of hotels and activities to sort out independently.  I can't remember the last time I just had a night in watching TV!!

  • oh god I forgot  about the list for photographer and all the music needed for ceremony and videographer we still haven't chosen the vows were going to use as the registra gave us a list of different ones.

    I'm stuck on table names at the moment were sticking with the winter/christmas theme but we're can't decide what there's obviously christmas films and christmas songs the names of the reindeers or just general things to do with christmas 

    OH off work next week so hopefully sort out our wedding rings 

    I know what you mean about payments we've got alot coming up aswell.

    Haven't thought about a honeymoon yet!! where are you going for your's if you don't mind me asking

  • FranitaFranita Posts: 487

    Don't mind at all - although it's a bit of an odd one as we had booked it as a holiday before we got engaged - then once we got engaged it became our "honeymoon"!  We are going to New Zealand for three weeks over Christmas and New Year.  I've always wanted to go and OH has been and loved it so it really was a trip of a lifetime thing before anything like babies crop up!  Really cannot wait, and our gift list is all experiences for it so it's quite nice and personal.

    You don't sound too far behind!  I know we don't have to submit readings, lists etc for a while - I am just of the mindset that if we can get them done early and out of the way then we should try (OH doesn't see it that way though!)

    And at least you have lots of options for table names - we couldn't think of anything relevant!  Have ended up just going with special places - it's a bit lame but I went to a wedding recently and couldn't even tell you what the table names were, so am not prepared to give it too much thought!!

    Do you want to go on honeymoon straight after the wedding or are you waiting until New Year? x

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