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Sooo.....what about a dress thread?!

Mine is Romantica - Heather, it's due in in July....I cant post a picture as H2b is sitting next to me, so will do it later....but what dresses are all you lovely ladies having?!?

Might as well all discuss our dresses and when they are due in, and the general dress shopiing/outfit thing.

Next on my list to get is a jacket/top type thing.

I did the naughty thing and bought my shoes before I tried on any dresses lol


  • jacquelynukjacquelynuk Posts: 79
    I bought my dress in october and it is hanging up in my mum's spare bedroom!

    It was the first shop I looked in and the 3rd dress I tried on. The lady in the shop suggested it and I wasn't keen but tried it on anyway. As soon as she did it up I knew it was the one. My mum, MIL2b and SIL2b all got tearful so I had to buy it. It was made by the lady who owns the shop and was the last one left so I had to take it home there and then. Its great to have it already because I can try it on whenever I like. I also got £250 off the price as it was the last one!

    I love love love it and its nothing like I imagined I would end up with! x
  • jacquelynukjacquelynuk Posts: 79
    I bought my dress in October and it is hanging in the wardrobe of my Mum's spare room!

    It was the first appointment I made to try on a dress and the 3rd dress I tried. The lady in the shop suggested it and I wasn't very keen but tried it on anyway. As soon as I had it on I knew it was the one! My mum, MIL2b and SIL2b all loved it so I had to buy it. The lady who owns the shop designed it and it was the last one left. I got £250 off the price because of that. It is great to already have it - I can try it on whenever I like!

    I love love love my dress! x
  • MrsG2011MrsG2011 Posts: 8
    I love dress threads!!

    My dress is Benjamin Roberts 958. I got it in a sample sale on one of the school snow days in January!! Was lovely - snowing outside while I twirled around in my dress in front of the big window! Needed a professional clean, but Terrington Burchett did a fab job and its as good as new. Saved myself about £600, and I have it at my mums to look at (and try on!!) whenever I like!! Although now its sparkly clean im really careful about getting any marks on it!

    I also have got my shoes - from Faith before they went into administration image (I used to work there years ago!), I also have a chapel length veil from the wedding veil shop for ceremony, and a shorter veil from H2B's sister for the evening. Also have underwear from Axfords corsets in Brighton, who were lovely and allowed me to go to their factory to have a look and they even made the corset I wanted in the fabric to match my dress!

  • klmr14klmr14 Posts: 68
    I've getting a Candy Anthony dress - the Liz Taylor in red. I'm so excited about it too.

    Can't believe I'll have to go to be measured soon.

    Time flies
  • wow is that the 50's short one? gorgeous
  • mines J'Taime 7016 - the pic online does not do it justice... its like snow falling!
  • jamiesgaljamiesgal Posts: 244
    hi girls, thought i better get back into the wedding planning.

    My dress is Tom Flowers 'Beth' except i didnt have any of the red put on mine. went to get a fitting last week, but since my date has now been moved to feb we didnt think there was much point getting fitted 6 months early, so to go back in january.

    (i did explain all this to the girl on the phone but she insisted they had to go by my original date)
  • jamiesgaljamiesgal Posts: 244
    p.s.. Thats a berketex dress btw lol
  • Mine is Sassi Holford's Estelle. Nothing like what I thought I would end up with! Trying to make a decision about veils and shoes now...
  • Wow, the Candy Anthony dresses are amazing!! Mine hasn't got a name (boo) only a number! But I love it. It's by Elianna Moore. It has some rather odd netting that I'm getting removed though.
  • I'm having La Sposa, Detalle. I'm getting measured in two weeks for it, I fell in love straight away, it looks nothing like the picture when its on, partly because I'm slighty bigger than the model and I have boobs!!

  • o0o0o this is mines had my fitting on sat get to take it home on the 23rd love it so so much

    i've got it in ivory gorgeous
  • I literally have no idea which designer mine is....they didnt even know in the shop as it had come from their sister shop. When i figure out how to do it, i shall post a piccie image xxx
  • Mine is from Elisa Hamilton (her own design) in Buckhurst Hill, Essex. I haven't seen my dress anywhere else and can't find a picture anywhere on the internet which im sort of happy about but its also very annoying!

    I will take a photo when it is all nearly finished as it is in bits at the moment still being made xx
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