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Which day in Feb?

Hi everyone!! Just wondered what dates everyone is getting married in February?

Im the 05 Feb xx


  • Mines friday 18th feb image

    121 days to go and i cant wait image

  • klmr14klmr14 Posts: 68
    Mine is 26 February
  • 12th Feb but mines a summer wedding, as having it in Australia, where I live (am from UK though).

    Wooooo, big up the Feb 2011 B2Bs!!! x
  • NavyNezNavyNez Posts: 370
    Mines 20 days after you - Fri 25th Feb. Exactly 4 months to go today! Sooooo, excited!
  • Mine`s 21st feb! Getting more excited every day!! image
  • Mine is Feb 20th! So excited xx
  • hiya ladies im the 5th of feb
  • Hop11Hop11 Posts: 1,404
    Im the 22nd Feb image
  • whoopsuk1whoopsuk1 Posts: 788
    Hi everyone. I'm a valentines bride getting married on 14th feb. 3 and a half months to go!!! image would love to hear how you are all getting on xx
  • Mine is on Feb 11th, 96 days to go, most things are done now just the smaller details to sort now, cant wait.

    Are you all having the big day with the sit down meals and evening parties?

  • yay im the 11th too.

    im pretty much organised as i was supposed to get married on the 27th august this yr but it had to be put on hold as my son was seriously ill.

  • Hey Ladies.....

    New to this forum.....I get married on 9th Feb 2011 in's getting so everyone nearly ready?

    WE just had our hen & stag doo's, what with Christmas, my b'day and everyone being skint in January!
  • Hey gals - I'm Feb 13th, get to wake up on Valentines day for the first time as a married woman and absolutely cant wait! 90 days today for me, eeeeeeeeeek! just been looking at our hotel info and cant wait to get all our rsvp's in at the end of the month so I can get it all sorted out and paid for. One tip you might find useful is that vat is going up again in Jan so we're paying for as much as we can in December - I know it's only 2.5% or something but that's £450-ish that I want to stay in my pocket image Everyone got much to sort? xxx
  • @Finlayson2B - yay, I am 5th February too!

    VictoriaPuk already knows we are date twins image

    Still have quite a lot to do, oops image

  • I'm Feb 6th image

  • 19th - can't wait!! How organised are you all? - x
  • I'm 12th feb-woo hoo!!!
  • Another Valentine's day bride...not long now x
  • ACTG4ACTG4 Posts: 3
    I'm a valentines day bride too! And so not organised!! aaaarrrh image
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