3 days!!!

OMG I can't beleive I am getting married in 3 days!!! For the past three weeks I have been pretty calm and relaxed after months of stressing but went for the rehearsal at the church last night and now I am so scared of speaking in front of everyone that I feel constantly sick!! I kept laughing throughout the rehearsal with nerves and really don't want to do that on Saturday! xx


  • Oh wow, 1st of all congratulations! You will have a lovely day, if I were you I would take a couple of minutes to compose yourself and think about why you are marrying your fiance. The seriousness of the occasion, and forget about the people around you. Ultimately it is about you and your man.

    Although if you cock up your vows and have a giggle, i'm sure no one will mind! Enjoy your last few days as a single lady!

    All the best doll x
  • Of god, that looks like I used a really rude word, I didn't I used the word 'c0ck up' image
  • lol thanks that's a good idea, when im waiting for the music to start in the doorway of the church i will have a minute to compose myself before walking in and fingers crossed i can control myself from throwing up with nerves and laughing the whole way through image xx
  • NavyNezNavyNez Posts: 370
    3 days?! Wow, exciting! I'm sure everything will be fine. I'm more worried about crying through the vows, rather than laughing!

    All the best for Saturday, hope you have a wonderful day image xx
  • woooo good luck, im getting married on friday.
  • Congrats date buddy VictoriaPUK!!! Can't believe we are married!! 5th Feb was just the best day EVER - I just loved the whole day from start to finish!
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