table names!

what's everyone thnking of? i think so far we're going to go with places we've visited together/been on holiday to. the only thing is this was done at two family weddings last year and each of the couples had been to much more exotic destinations than us! we're also thinking maybe famous couples (real or fictional) or naming each table after characteristics of a good marriage (could be worth it to see FH grandmothers face if we put her on the "desire" table!). x


  • LouLovesLouLoves Posts: 125
    I like the destination thing, lots of people do it but it doesn't make it any less personal to you. image

    Do you share any hobbies? My fiance and I love birdwatching so all our tables are named after different birds - Goldcrest, Linnet, Waxwing, Skylark, etc.
  • We were thinking films, books or maybe couples from films and literature.
  • i know this sounds awful, but me and FH don't really have much in common lol! (although we obviously click despite this) so the hobby idea won't really work for us though. i think the bird watching idea is lovely though image
  • We're having an old fashioned seaside wedding in Brighton so we've got old fashioned seaside postcards as our table names. Expecting a few giggles from our friends on the 'what a lovely bunch of coconuts' table.

    Good luck finding your table names

  • HLB1970HLB1970 Posts: 280
    We are going with the surnames of our bridal party, so all the ushers, bridesmaids, mine, my soon to be new name(!) best man's, my Mum's maiden name etc... we are going to see if they can host their own table, not sure it will work though...
  • the seaside theme sounds great (i'd love to be on the bunch of coconuts table! lol). at the moment we're thinking of father ted related names (we were watching it when FH popped the question, not the most romantic proposal ever!)
  • we found these cute little wooden cut outs of words and i painted them and glittered them white and they will be our table names

    the words are:

    love, live, believe, journey, create, laugh, cherish, joy, forever, inspire

    we thought they were nice image and plus i had heaps of fun painting and glittering them image
  • We are having films that we both enjoy with a quote from each film written underneath. We did think about having love in different languages but the film idea one!
  • RowenaFWRowenaFW Posts: 2,078
    We're getting married in Oxford, and we met in Oxford, so we're having Oxford pub names! I suppose this is a microversion of places we've been together, except that there's no attempt to prove ourselves with exotic destinations!
  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253
    we were going to name them after our dog's pups but we decided recently we won't breed her as I now have a wedding to plan (and other reasons). soooooo we're going to name them after our hamsters as they won't be able to come (they'l be in the compost heap by then) and we've got some really nice pics of them.

    We love our pets and our dog will be there so it will be nice to have all our furbabies there is some way image
  • I'm a little torn on this myself. I think we'll probably just have numbers (thinking now possibly in Maori to add a new zealand aspect).

    I had thought of using Bridal party surnames, names of our favourite drinks (cocktails), names of the towns & cities in New Zealand that we lived in as children.. But I dont think my H2B is too keen on any of those.
  • we have castles we have visited together and the dates we visited them xx
  • Hi these are great ideas my h2b is a director of golf so he picked different golf courses lol blurgh I love the film quote idea

    Good luck to everyone enjoy your special day x
  • We're having all the years we've been together, from 2003 when we first got together to 2012. Each number will be joined by a Friends-inspired 'the one where...' sentence! E.g. 2003 - the one where our eyes met across a crowded dance floor. x
  • We're having a Disney theme so are naming our tables after favourite Disney films we grew up watching, i.e. Fox & the Hound, Jungle Book, etc. Our names are Peter and Wendy so the top table will be Peter Pan!
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  • Flowers!! My table theme is flowers... Lily, Forget me not, Rose, Sweet pea etc etc. Good Luck x
  • jot1982jot1982 Posts: 128
    My tables names are going to be tickets from concerts and shows we have seen together .

    Some are more embarrassing than others /Justin Bieber ( we took my nephew image
  • emcharlyemcharly Posts: 84
    I think the year 'the one where..' table names is such a great idea!

    We are thinking about using famous couples. Could make it cute as you like (e.g. kermit and miss piggy) image

    How about quotes from your favourite film/s?
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