February 2013 topic yay!

Am I the only one!!

Woo Hoo!! image


  • Yay 2 of us!

    I am Saturday 16th February 2013!! So excited..

    would have been together 9 years and 2 days when we marry, and will be 2 years to the day we got engaged.

    SOOOoOo excited
  • hannaho88hannaho88 Posts: 25
    Im getting married on Sat 23rd February 2013! So excited! Would have been together 4 years and 2 weeks by then image

    Have you started planing anything else, i.e flowers photographer etc??? When I tell people the date they seem to think its too long for an engagement!

    Ahhhhh exciting times x
  • 4 years and 2 weeks, that would be lovely..

    We have been together 9years & 2days when we get married, he really knows how to make me wait! ha
  • hannaho88hannaho88 Posts: 25
    Bless ya image its sooo exciting!!!! xx
  • I know image I have to ask have you many of these comments??

    "Ohhh.. February, why aren't you having summer wedding??, but it will be cold"

    So annoying.. I like the cold, and don't fancy sweating like i p.i.g in my wedding dress thank you very much
  • what does have you got??

    Mine is big as well image
  • Our wedding is on Saturday 2nd February, we will have been together 9 years on the day and i cant wait! i would absolutly love snow on the day but not too sure if that will happen lol!
  • We are so similar..

    We are Feb 16th, and will have been together 9years & 2 days!

    Spooky lol

    How are your plans coming along?
  • lol it was an easy disicion for me, i love the winter so couldnt think of a better time, so far we have booked and paid the deposit for the venue, and im in talks with a friend about the flowers as she is a florist just need to make my mind up about what flowers i want image

    How about yourself have you got much planned yet? x
  • So far we have

    Venue booked

    Registrars booked

    My Dress

    Chocolate Fountain booked

    Fireworks booked

    Photographer booked

    and lots of other little bits!

    So not too bad.. lots that need to be done.. that are all in the process, start designing our stationary soon..
  • Yippee!! More February Brides!! You're the first lot I've "met"!!

    We're 9th Feb 2013. The day of our 12 year anniversary and 2 years to the day since MrApples proposed in Venice!!

    So far we've got our venue, humanist minister, photographer, videographer and I've spoken to the seamstress who will make the bridesmaid dresses and sorted our catering (well almost!)
  • eek you have both sorted loads compared to me! really need to get my butt in gear! i have tried on some dresses but still havnt found the one yet, still not too sure what style i want!
  • Just try on EVERYTHING!

    I always knew what style of dress I wanted, but I still tried on every style of gown, it's so much fun!
  • Hi Everyone

    We are Feb 2013 too...we are getting married in Kenya and are going to book in the New Year....so excited. We are having an evening reception when we get back so that will give me something to start planning hehe!! Going to start looking for a dress in the new year...I have no idea what sort of style I want so am just going to try on everything! xx
  • Kenya! wow whats made you choose there? x
  • We've been to Afica before and loved it and it was the place that most jumped out at us from the brochures
  • Think i may have found my dress yesterday at the NEC!!! I tried on Makayla by Jonathan James and oh my i felt amazing! Planning on taking a trip to try it on again this time with my mum and MIL to be so they can see me in it! also i booked my make up artist today image feel like im finally getting there with the plans! image
  • Hi all ! Great to find some other people getting married in Feb 2013. We're looking at Sat 16 Feb (just need to confirm the hotel booking). I'm guessing that lots of hotels will get booked up around Valentine's day -what do you think ?
  • Hay, I'm February 16th!!

    There is another bride on here also, who is Feb 16th lol

    Do you have a reason for that date??

    For us.. our first date was Feb 14th 2004 so we celebrate are anniversary every year on 14th. Then this year on Feb 16th we got engaged!

    And as we wanted a Saturday wedding, it worked out 02.16.2013 was a Saturday exactly 2 years after engagement.

    When we get married we'll have been together 9years and 2 days! image
  • i somehow fell into this topic lol ladies i am getting married 07/09/12 and booked my church & venue in august 2010. its felt like ages away as was over 2 years but seriously it is flying in. the last year is going super quick image
  • Jay28Jay28 Posts: 2
    Hiya girls,

    I'm gettin married in Feb 2013 image Almost a year... Sooo exciting. We only got engaged 29/12/2011, so we're lovin goin round all the venues n looking at weddingy type bits n bobs image

    We kno which church we wana get married at, we're waiting for the vicar to contact us as we live out of the parish n so we've gotta get some bits n bobs sorted. Pretty sure we'll get this church, n i'll be truly gutted if we don't... Fingers crossed!!

    Any tips anyone wants to give me about anything weddingy, feel free. Lol.

    Jay xx
  • it will fly by ladies - I booked my wedding in may 2010 and it seemed like forever away and now it's in less than 2 weeks. Just remember that it will be here in a blink of an eye x
  • Hoping to get married on Feb 23rd because on that date in 2010 I was on holiday in Rome and threw a coin in the Trevi fountain and wished for h2b and I to always be happy & healthy and since then we've moved in together, had a son and got engaged!

    I don't want to tell him (or anyone we know) this before the wedding though, I want to save it for my vows image
  • That is AMAZING! and so lovely
  • We booked our venue yesterday so we are now officially getting married on February 23rd 2013. Less than a year to go! So exciting, full steam ahead now image
  • tripqueentripqueen Posts: 222
    We're the 1st Feb 2013!! Yay!! Venue booked, photographer and florist chosen, about to order my dress, so exciting!
  • RapunzbelRapunzbel Posts: 402
    Photos from our trial shoot with our pbotographer have arrived! Even though I dislike how I look in them all they are really good so we'll definitely be booking them.

    And I ordered our flowers (foam ones) for the wedding party yesterday. It's all coming together and is getting more exciting!

    Cake designer & dress apointments next image
  • RapunzbelRapunzbel Posts: 402
    I've just bought my dress! YAY!

    am going a bit mad posting this everywhere but I am so happy. You know how it's stereotypical that girls have their entire wedding planned when they're like 6, well the only one thing I have ever really, really wanted like that is a Princess Belle wedding dress. At first because of the price i had resigned myself to it not becoming a reality but then by some fortunate twist of fate I found one one ebay tonight in my size for well under my budget so another little part of my life is complete lol image
  • RapunzbelRapunzbel Posts: 402
    We booked our registrar this morning, so we now have a time for getting married! It's all coming together.

    How's everyone else doing?
  • Joxie1Joxie1 Posts: 25
    Can I join in?!!

    I'm going to be a feb 2014 bride so I'm way behind you all!! It does feel like ages away! Clare I hear you on the waiting -we'll be getting married on our 10 year anniversary image I also don't wish to be sweating in my dress! Lol

    Have you found things to be a lot cheaper going for an out of season wedding? I have an idea the venue will be a bit cheaper, but what about the extras? Flowers, cake etc? In fact, wouldn't flowers be pricier?!! Are you all having fresh flowers?

    I have an idea of a pale blue colour scheme but I'm not sure if that will be too cold a colour. I don't really like the bright strong colours so my other option was just to go white and silver. What colour schemes are you all having?

    Happy planning ladies!!

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