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Anyone else?!!!

We are planning for Feb 2014!! Very excited although we won't be booking anything till nearer the time...

Is anyone else planning for feb 2014? Seems like Jan and Feb are pretty quiet months! I am slightly concerned about the weather but Hopefully it will be ok, think positive, that's my motto!

Anyone else getting married then please say hello!


  • Meeeeeeeee were getting married on 14th Feb 2014 very excited and enjoying all the planning. I have loads of ideas and have done alot of research. We will be sending out our save the date after xmas this year
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    Yaaaaaay!!! Congratulations!!!!

    Feb 14th how romantic!

    We don't have a date yet, it's our 10th anniversary on 18th feb but ideally we want a weekend wedding so not sure when yet.

    Are you worried about the weather?

    Oooh also have you thought about dress shopping yet? I'm itching to try on but can't help but feel its too early! I really wasn't going to start planning till feb 2013 but my mind keeps wandering and getting carried away!!

    Do you have a colour scheme in mind? I always wanted pale blue but I'm wondering if this might look too washed out in photos, what do you think?

    Anyway I'm so glad I'm not alone in the feb 2014 group anymore! Congrats again!! I'd love to hear about your planning details image
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    just a quick piece of advice, there will be certain dates in February which are very popular especially about the half term and valentines of course and if you have found a venue you like the look of i wouldnt hesitate in thinking about booking sooner rather than later especially if you want a saturday image

    (im a july 2013 bride but started looking at venues 2 years in advance and booked about 21 months in advance and the ceremony venue was already filling up)
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    Oh thanks for that tip Nats, so prob be best to at least get the venue sorted then, gives me an excuse to officially start the planning!
  • woop its great to have a Feb bride to chat too image big congrats to both of you too, 10 years wow fair play to you i bet you cant wait, been a long time coming hun! xx

    The weather is not a concern of mine as we have decided on one venue i will be getting ready there so if it does rain it will not pose a problem plus it never rains all day so when there is a break in the weather we would try for some out doors shots. Our venue has so many lovely features that there are plenty of photo options imageTo keep warm for the outdoor shots i have already bought some feather wrap for the girls in the debenham sales!!! i just need to get mine, i think they will look lovely in the photos too image

    I have seen lots of photos of blue weddings i love the ice blue its a clean crisp beautiful colour and look fantastic on photos. i am not keen on navy looks too dark. Teal is another fav of mine, hat shad of blue are you thinking??

    I am well and truley into our wedding planning. I have my dress and its paid for!!! the only reason i have bought it already is just by luck! Basicly i went dress shopping and tried on loads of styles, i could not decide between the big sparkly princess dress or the elegant sophisticated look. It was so hard to decide. I then thought i would look on the internet for something to catch my eye, i still had not found "the one" in the shops. I finaly found the perfect dress it has the princess big tulle skirt with diamonte and the bodice is beaded and has pearls and diamonte but not too much and has the elegant look too it a great mix of what i wanted.

    I rang local shops so i could go and try it on. It was £850 so i would need to save hard to buy it so figured if i try it like it then i could put a deposit down and slowly pay.

    However i rang a local shop and not only did they have the Ronald Joyce "connie" but it was in the ivory and the size i wanted too and also in the sale!!!!!!!!!!! £300!!!!!

    had to have it, so its all paid for, my beautiful dream dress!

    i do advise looking finding the one you want then keeping an eye out hen it goes in the sale then you can snap it up!

    As for our venue, today we have negotiated a fantastic venue to do the whole day i am so excited, just waiting for the registrar to call me back to discuss a few things then i am booking both image We found a few venues we liked however they were already booked! so yes i do also advise you find your dream venue and book.

    our colours are ivory with only deep red roses for the splash of colour and the groom will wear a deep red cravat.

    Our roses will have diamonte and pearls in them.

    our theme is butterlfies all the stationary will be designed and made by me all in ivory i have even made some designs.

    I have bought a butterfly punch and have started punching out my butterflies!! i need loads for all the stationary and also for my table confetti!! its going to take me till feb 2014 to do them all as i am going to make them 3D and put diamonte on the body of each butterfly!!! (keeps me quiet so the hubby to be is very happy!!)

    I have just bought mine and the girls butterfly tiaras also as they too were in a sale!! by doing things this early we are picking up alot in the sale!! happy days!!

    How do you fancy saturday 15th Feb?? Steve preposed to me on the 18th Feb! so i wanted originally for it to be then! then we though sod it lets go all soppy and have a valentines wedding!

    Did you have to have a weekend wedding?? i did at first then thought well friday 14th feb is the last day of school before the kids break up from school fo the holidays, i rang the school to see if we would be able to get permission for them to be excused from school they said with an excuse like that of course!!! imageit would be so cool if you went for the same date, our venue is giving us £10 off per person due to it being a friday and february! and just negotiated the ceremony roon for 1/2 the price!! so you may find the same image

    happy planning let me know how your getting on xxxxx
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    Loving your post, you have so much organised! You've made me get all excited!! image

    Your theme and colours sound lovely and perfect for a valentines wedding too.

    That is fantastic about your dress! Well done you getting such a bargain!! I just googled it and it's beautiful! image excellent choice

    I can't decide what dress is me.... Originally I liked a few of Alan Hannah's designs, really simple a-line dresses, then I thought the princess look was more for me, but now I'm having an obsession with lace!! There's a Justin Alexander (5896) that someone posted in wedding fashion and I love love love the look of it... See this is why I probably shouldn't look too early, I'll prob end up having loads of wobbles!! I guess when I try on I'll have a better idea of what suits me though, so hopefully that will rule some out!

    Ice blue is the exact colour I was thinking of -I'm glad you think it looks good, it's what I thought I'd always have, I was thinking of like a snowflakes and crystals theme, that would tie in well I think...

    Forgot to say your bouquets sound beautiful... How are you not containing your excitement?!!! You sound like you're organised enough to get married feb 2013!! I think that's why I've been delaying starting cos I know once I do I'll be wanting to get married next week! Lol!

    Good tip on the Friday wedding, worth looking into if you get money off... I want to have a fantastic honeymoon so anything we save on the day will go into that fund. I wonder if they'll still give money off for the Friday of half term week, worth looking into! I take it you have kids then? I do too! What are you going to do for a honeymoon?

    Anyway lovely to hear your news keep me updated, I love hearing about it all!! I might have to rename you 'super organised cupcake!!'

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    ooooh lace how bautiful i never liked lace but then i saw some and though oh yes very nice, its not me though or i would have tried some on i thought i ould have a dress to reflect my personality, a big princess full skirt with sparkle is more me image

    We have now booked our venue its a lovely manor house with lots of lovely features inside just in case it rains and we have to have all our photos inside.

    We have booked our photographer too she is fantastic and gave me loads of questions to ask at the venue she also said due to it being feb it starts to get darker from around 2.30ish so she advised us if we wanted the best photo out door oppotunities we would be best to have an earlier ceremony. She said even if it is not raining it could be just a dark day so making the best of hat we have got earlier rather than later in the day would be better.

    Since i last posted we had tried to book 5 photographers and all were booked!!!!!!!!! so get a photographer asap!!!

    The venue also proved to be hard there were 5 venues we liked and wanted to see or in some cases went to see then got booked before we could get a look in! so again booking the venue asap is also a must.

    I have had a thought about the flowers since we last spoke, they are still red roses with diamonte but with pearls and brooches too. I really liked the full brooch bouquets but they are so expencive and they look a little too vintage for my dress so i think i am going for a mix.

    How are things going your end hun??? xxxx
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    I am loving the sound of your bouquet, sounds like its going to be beautiful!

    I am in shock that you struggled to get a photographer, I guess there are some other organised people out there too. So I was going to start looking at the year mark, but I have some time off in August do am going to start looking at venues (and prob photographers!!) then!! I am leaning to one venue now, I always thought I'd get married in church but I feel like there are no decent venues near by the church. Part of me wants to marry at the church in the lake district wherei was christened but not sure how I feel about organising a wedding from arms length!! Also, I know I keep rattling on about it, but we always seem to have snow in feb, I don't want people risking their necks between the church and the venue!! A lot of the venues I've looked at are up windy country lanes..... And there's no decent venues in the town!!

    Oh well, no real progress here really!!
  • Hi, I'm a val day 2014 bride too, how's everyone's plans?
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