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Anymore Feb 2014 brides?

I just see that there are a few posts today for April 2014 bride so ondered if there are anymore Feb 2014 brides out there?? Would be lovely if there were image x


  • maisiecupcakemaisiecupcake Posts: 517
    sorry that posted twice!! since i posted there has been an Aug 2014 bride, cool, there seems to be alot of weddings coming up in 2014 now exciting image congratulations ladies xx
  • February 20th 2014 we get married - I cant wait! xx
  • cool just a week after me are you finding time is flying by??
  • Sorry for the delay!  Absolutely!  Now its like, we go away in six weeks for my Best Friends wedding in Cyprus, and then it will be Christmas and then it will be a year to go and then it will be here!  Really cant wait!  Where abouts are you getting married?

  • I've booked 8th February 2014! Time is flying! How far is everyone into their planning?
  • Hi Laura!  Congratulations!  Its coming round quick now! We have booked both venues (getting married on 20th and reception on 22nd), photographer, florist, registrar, and have started looking at crafting bits and buying some things as we are hand making invites, favours etc.  What about you?  x

  • You are so organised! Amazing!

    We've booked our Venue (who will do ceremony/reception/accommodation) and the band (who are friends of my family so we knew we wanted them!). Will be sending off our request for a Registrar this week, and have got a million pictures on my Pinterest board so hav tonnes of ideas for decoration and outfits! My bridesmaids and picked and so helpful! Eek!

    Been with my fianc??e Ryan for nearly 5 years but still can't quite believe I am marrying him!
  • I'm a 14th February 2015 bride and feel like its a million years away, you girls have a got a year less then me image x

  • You are doing well too Laura!  Where have you booked?  We have our theme chosen and only 12 of us plus my dog are at the wedding and staying over for two nights.  Then on 22nd we have a guest list of 250 lol!  My best friend is my bridesmaid, and she gets married in three weeks in Cyprus and I cant wait!  I am marrying Jon after being engaged since 20th May this year and we have known each other years but being together for a year and a half. xx

    FutureMrsAlderson - that will be lovely!  Where have you booked?  Have you got much planned yet? Its all exciting isnt it? xx

  • We've booked Norton House Hotel in Edinburgh. It's perfect for what we need! Where have you booked?

    I'm not having a theme, but know what style I'm going for - casual and minimalist! I wants lots of candles and mason jars, pretty simple flowers! We're having a Ceilidh in a bug ballroom. Should be fab! 50 guests for Ceremony and 200 for Reception! What theme are you going for?
  • That sounds lovely! And your style is gorgeous! A ballroom sounds amazing! We have booked rudstone walk, east yorkshire for wedding and country park inn, hessle for the reception on the saturday. Our theme is red love hearts, bright red. Now everywhere we go with red hearts we pick up and spot haha! xx
  • Kimberley2002, we have booked our reception at Redworth Hall in County Durham, we looked at loads of venues and were starting to give up on ever finding anywhere that we liked!! Then we went to Redworth and loved it straight away!! We have also booked our church, but as of yet not booked anything else......although I know exactly what I want for everything else (other than my idea!!) Me organised.........never image xx

  • FutureMrsAlderson yey a date twin, not the same year but all the same were both valentine brides image how many guests are you having? i have almost sorted everything, there is not much i have not done!! very organised im always mega organised image so exciting, time is going so quickly the next few month will fly by too what with birthdays halloween guy forks xmas new year then its valentines day and the BIG 12 month cound down starts!! we got engaged 18th feb this year and the time has run away with us its scary!

    We went to a wedding fair last week at the hotel we are getting married in and it all became very real seeing all the wedding cars decorations cakes etc scary stuff!!

    What made you two go for the 14th??


  • I'm 22nd Feb 2014 - H2B thinks its ages away, but its really not! I keep thinking about the time in segments: Xmas / friends weddings / etc and its really gonna fly in.

    We're getting married in the Moorpark House Hotel, Kilbirnie, and have booked the house from Friday to Sunday, with the wedding on the Saturday. The bridal party and parents are staying Friday & Saturday night, and we have exlusive use of the house = a few drinks then hide and seek, i reckon! 

    I'm so excited!! 


  • Ah how cool that sounds fantastic. Congratulations.

    I am thinking of the time in segments too ours start from August. Kids off school we have a week holiday somewhere then it's our eldest birthday sep my birthday oct Halloween nov my little ones birthday bonfire night dec Xmas jan new year feb valentines day then 12 month count down.

    Time is flying by so fast it's crazy. We go to wedding fairs and now when I say the wedding date they all say ah how lovely that's not long really it's going to go very quick! When we first started going we would say the date and they would say oh lovely!! Not quite as interested so due to the latest reactions at the fairs it's defiantly not long now!!!

    Have you organised much yet???

    We only have kids tiaras to choose and shoes.

    Choose a cutting cake we have Krispy Kreme donuts as our actual wedding cake!!!

    Wedding rings

    Men's suits

    Adult maids hair accessories and hand bags

    Music ideas for the whole day


    Get marriage licence

    Confetti petals

    Mini saycer crackers to put lotto tickets in for favors

    Floral napkins and rings

    Finish making the bunting

    That's about it I think!!!! I have done loads more than I have left to do so that's good but my list still seems to be very large!!!!

    It's all great fun don't know what I am going to do when it's all over! Probably write my wedding thread!
  • Well I initally thought Feb 2014 was ages away, and it was suppliers / exhibitors at wedding shows who were commenting that it wasn't far away.

    I'm thinking in terms of:

    • Xmas - nearly a year to go
    • July (a friends wedding day) - only a few months to go
    • Xmas - final few weeks.
    So far, I've organised:
    • My dress - I actually picked this in March this year, before I even had a date.
    • The Venue - Ceremony & Reception are all in one place.
    • My Photographer
    • My Band
    • Bridesmaid Dresses
    • My Favours
    • My Invitations - a family friend is making them as a wedding gift.
    I'm trying not to think of anything else until Xmas is over, but its sooo hard!! The one bit I'm really focusing on at the moment is Decor. My BM's are wearing a really dark Forest / Bottle Green - being a winter wedding, I went for more bold colours,  and I think I'm going to co-ordinate the green with Gold/Champagne and Ivory. And I want LOTS of candles!!   What colour are you having?  xx
  • ah cool sounds like your doing well with your planning too. Our colours are ivory chmpagne and were having red roses for our splash of colour its also very apt for valentines day image

    since i last posted i have bought my wedding ring and booked a a vintage cart which have decided to have 4 chocolate fountains on the company had loads of choices but we went for the chocolate!!! Also the bridesmaids dresses have arrived in store 3 moinths early!!!

    not done too well on the bunting though!! im scared of the sewing machine!! lol

    its all happening! how are you getting on??

  • That sounds amazing! And when you cut down the time it will come round so quick! We are having our reception on the 22nd so we will party in sync paulalouise87. Maisie cupcake you are so organises, have you used any tools to help plan anything? So exciting! xx
  • Hi Kimberly I have not used any tools. I just sat down and broke things down to see what needed to be done. I have a hardback A4 note book which I have all my info in from brainstorming over 8 months ago to where were at now!! All my suppliers info etc I also have a file box with all my contracts in. I'm a very organised person and a perfectionist so it's all nicely organised.

    What actual date do you wed and where? Have you got much done as yet??

  • Thank you maisiecupcake, I have my project file with everything in and a spreadsheet for the budget, but I feel I need almost a ticksheet or something so everything is in one place. I have done all the main bits-venues, photographer, florist etc. But I need to sort little things and I am so scared I forget them. You are sooo organised! Do you find that time is flying now?

    I get married on 20.02.14 at rudstone walk with just 14 of us plus my doggie and then on 20.02.14 we have a reception at country park inn at hessle for 250 guests. My birthday is 21.02 and my fiance's is 19.02 so we get married the day inbetween.

    I feel like I have so much to do! I am hand making my invites so need to crack on and then all the other will be this time next year and I won't have anymore done haha!

    Have you bought your dress yet? I am in a bit of a pickle, I have the chance of having my perfect dress made for me but they are about 100 miles away and slightly over budget BUT doable, but I don't know if to still go try on dresses in the shops as I haven't looked at anything else?

  • I mean on 22.02.14 we have reception lol! xx
  • Hi ah how cool to have your doggie there too thats ace. You will have a fantastic week don't know about day!!! what with your birthdays the wedding and the reception ovet the course of a few days sounds amazing.

    well I have my dress it arrived 3 or 4 months early!!!! I tried on loads and I had met with several dress makers and had quotes for my own design. I decided although I could have made exactly what I wanted I was worried that I would not like my dress when it was made as all I have to go by is my imagination of what I think it would look like. My worry was that it would not suit me or look so good on after all then I would be stuck big time. The reason I thought this was because I tried on every style of dress possible and the style I loved when I tried it on just did not suit my body shape but the type of dress I would never had gone for is the one I bought!! I wanted a vintage and lace dress but I also wanted a train! My dress is tea length!!!!! Me a short dress????? So there we have it I would most defiantly say its very important to try on as many styles as you can including the style of dress you are wanting to have made. Try dresses you like but you would think ah it's not really me!! You might be surprised!!! I was.

    As for time well it's going crazy fast I can not believe it I still have the kids half term next week the my daughters birthday and party to organise then were going out for Halloween and out for bonfire night then it's Xmas to plan for my dads big birthday then the new year party!!! Then valentines day!!! 12 months count down here we come!! This is the busiest time of the year for us so yes it's going very quick. Quite scary really!!!

    It's my day off today and one of the local bridal shops have just been refurbished so its opening day today 20% off accessories and 10% off shoes!!! Oh yeah I am off to hope I can find the kids tiaras.

  • You won't believe this! Guess what my ideal is like! Yep a short one!!!! Oh wow oh wow! Thank you so much for the advice, I think I will book in and go to the wedding shops and if I find one I will get it and if not I will go meet this designer. It really is going to come so quick! Especially when you put it that way! You are so right! Soon it will be a year to go and I still won't have made the invites haha! I am off for a few days so will try and get some mock up's done image you are so so organised and definitely doing right thing in going to the shop with discounts on. How many are you having in your wedding party? xx
  • I meant to say as well, my doggie is like my baby so it was always important he was there, and our venue are so amazing and couldn't do enough for us with him. As a surprise we have bought crufts tickets for mum for christmas and I intend on trying to get his outfit from there (I hope she realises she is taking me hahaha) image it will be a busy week and then every year lol. xx
  • Well I would say even if you have your heart set on having the one you have in mind made for you I would defiantly say you must have the full bridal experience trying dresses on and having the staff look after you it's a must its so enjoyable and they treat you so we'll after all a dress is very expensive and it has to be perfect so they really do treat you like a princess. As for a designer well you will be surprised but there are loads of really good dressmakers around its best to get a few quotes you may be able to find someone local so you can be around for the many fittings. The dress maker I was going to hire explained the process she would measure me up then make a mock up bodice for me to try then the same again for the skirt of the dress. Then she would alter it then I would try it on again once were happy dhe would start to make the real thing again I would go in for a fitting when the bodice and the skirt was made. I would also be needed for several other fittings until the dress is complete. The dress I was quoted on was almost the same as the one I bought in the end. She was going to charge ??650 which I thought was not too bad concidering the amount of work and fittings she would have to do for me! Infact she was the designer that was featured on dont tell the bride where the groom had her make the dress he wanted image

    What's your wedding colours and do you have a theme??

    We're having 2 adult bridesmaids and 2 children's which are ours. How nany are you habing?

    We will be inviting 30 for the day and 75 - 80 for the evening.

    What entertainment have you booked???

    Crufts sounds great my cousin takes his dog and enters the shows he does very well every year he has a beautiful dog font ask me what type he is I'm useless!!! Xx
  • Wow! I remember that one! Where abouts are you? That's something to record in your memory book for sure. I am taking your advice and booking some in and then if I still want to look at having it made I can keep the appointment. Its one of those things I wanted to leave til next year but I need to do it so I can still go there. Thank you image

    Did you get anything from the shop today?

    Our wedding colour is bright red and in a non tacky way love hearts. What about you?

    Only 14 guests, parents and siblings and best friends and their partners. My best friend is my only bridesmaid/maid of honour (her wedding was three weeks ago in cyprus).

    We haven't booked entertainment as yet, for wedding we are just having music playing as its going to be relaxed and informal and for reception we think DJ, what about you?

    I am so excited, I keep wanting to tell her haha! Awww wow that's really good, you need to find out image

    We are going to look at sorting some bits tomorrow-you have given me the kick I need lol. Thank you

  • i live in kidderminster where are you???

    Unfortunatly not the only one me and mini me liked had been discontunued and they only had the shop sample and i need two! oh well its oviously not "the one"

    Our theme is vintage and the colours are ivory my dress and the mini mee's are all wearing ivory lace dresses. champagne which my adult bridesmaids are wearing and for a splsh of colour all the maids and steve will be having red roses as its valentines day and all that!

    We have booked a DJ and an accustic solo artist called Ben Webb he is a local guy and amazing he will be doing 2 x 45 min sets for us he is willing to learn to play and sing a few songs for us too! and he is a singer song writer and has said he could even write perform record and produce our own song for just £100!!!! his work is amazing his song writing is so brilliant im really considering the offer its very unique i dont know any bride and groom dancing the first dance to their own written song image

    We have booked a vintage cart with chocolat fountains yum yum and also having a photo booth i think that should entertain people.

    You definatly need to get to the bridal shops thats really when the fun starts and it all becomes very real.

    Is your registrar all booked up or are you waiting till you an get your marriage licence?


  • Oh yes I remember that now! We are in Hull-no famous dress people here haha! Although we are about 12 miles from Rise Hall and Sarah Beanie, we went on sunday (where I met this designer) and its gorgeous!

    That sounds so gorgeous! Are you having the bunting and tea cups and things? We are having red roses too! Bright red to match our theme but we are having artificial so they last for both days.

    He sounds brilliant! Oh I would say go for it! You could just give him words and phrases that mean something and he could write it orrr he could do your names and wedding song, so its X and X's wedding song. How wonderful!

    We looked at photo booth too, depending on budget closer to the time we may get one, I think it would be great! If we had chocolate fountains I would end up messy so we aren't having them hahahahahahaha!!! The vintage carts sounds amazing!

    Registrar is booked, 2pm, what time are you?

    You will be pleased to know after talking to you, we are going on saturday, that gives me enough time to see some before this consultation and if I go!

    We are both off today and going to start writing a check list and look at the invites, if I do 10 a week it will take 5-6 months lol!

  • Yes were having lots of bunting I'm making 60 meters myself!!! I am mad!!! I have got over 40 trio sets of vintage cups saucers and side plates so far so that's more that enough for everyone and were using the others to put tea lights in. Because they are fine bone china the tealights shines through and looks lovely.

    The photo booth were doing ourselves! Steve is making a vintage looking " wall" with a cut out with picture frame for people to stand behind. We have been collecting props and have bought a pogo printer so people can take pics and stick the photo on to their best wishes paper for our "guest book" which is a vintage typewritter!!! We're designing some headed paper for the guests to use. The sheets of guests wishes and their cards are going into a 1940's vintage hand luggage case.

    So excited for your wedding dress shopping trip at the weekend it's going up be do much fun. If I were you today in your wedding jobs list write out some local wedding shops you like the look of and ring and make an appointment. On Saturdays it can be do busy with an appointment you will definable get to try the dresses on. That's a top tip I learnt when looking I was so disappointed that I could not try any on because the changing rooms were booked with appointments!

    Hope you get on we'll with the invites what are they like???

    Our registrar is not yet booked!!!!! We were told to save the ??40 booking fee which we would have to pay and does not come off the bill because we would be booking over 12 months in advance but to book on the 14th feb next year to avoid the charge!!! They said they have 12 slots due to the amount of registrars in our areaimage so we will be fine I hope!!! We're going for a 12.30 ceremony if we can. Can't wait to book it. We are also having a rise ceremony too which when we asked the registrar they didn't know about it so they had to take it to a meeting and get back to us it's been approved so that's brilliant.

    You made me laugh about the fountain. You can look on ebay for a brides bib don't laught they do do them!!! Then you can go got it lol
  • You are mad haha! But be so worth it and you can use it in the house for parties and things! It sounds so lovely! I love the idea of your own booth and the vintage luggage and typewriter! Love your theme! Where have you found all these lovely things?

    I just ebayed and hahaha I see what you mean...I would need several lol!

    My mum is so excited bless her! My MOH/best friend cannot make it as she works shifts and its so quick, but I need to do it before the consultation and that's the last date I can get with enough time to sort it all, so I just think its meant be. We have booked in with two shops and then have two more weekends if I need others. I am dreading it a bit if I am honest lol.

    We have booked it and paid 25 deposit and then more on 20th feb next year and then final payment just before, but because its a thursday its so much cheaper too. You are so lucky, jon's best friend has just booked for june 2014 (we are best man and bridesmaid, how sweet) and they only had choice of 12 or 3! Lol I think its popular as its after football finishes and before the world cup haha!

    My wedding invites are like a book with red heart embellishments and my reception ones are just b6 red card and printed white card over top with red and black writing and red heart gems. They sound horrendous don't they but hope they look okay haha! What are yours like?

    I am getting so excited talking to you!!!! imageimageimage

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