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Wondered if there are any other lovely ladies out there who are also getting married on the 15th February 2014?

I am so excited and it is still a good 18 months away, but we have booked and paid the deposit on our venue (which I am in love with) and booked registrar, plus purchased wedding insurance.

I have found my perfect dress too, so just need to go and put the deposit down on that too.

557 days til the wedding!!! lolimage


  • You'll be amazed how quickly it goes! I got engaged on NYE 2011/2012 and we're going to marry in March 2013. I know it seems a long way off and you've done exactly what I did and started booking everything, found my dress etc early doors. Once it's all booked, it's done and you can take your time on the detail then. Enjoy it - it's lovely image

  • DoodleDoodle Posts: 25

    I cant wait to start on all the detail bits, we have decided on theme/ colours etc and I am now collecting magazines, pictures to put together a mood board of all the nice things I have seen. I have decided to make my own cake too, and wish I could get started on it now lol! March is coming round fast isn't it, how exciting!!!!

  • My brother made his own cake - you need to practice (obviously) so start a few months before to make sure you get it right.It will be nice for you to do it though! Any ideas on your something old, new, borrowed and blue?

  • DoodleDoodle Posts: 25

    hmmm, something old I am stuck on, something borrowed will be a piece of jewellery off of one of my bridesmaids, something new will be a Tiffany bracelet and the something blue will be a tiffany blue charm to go on it and blue diamantes on the bottom of my shoes saying 'I do'

    What are yours?

  • Loving the 'I do' idea for your shoes! I'm having (so far - likely to grow!):

    Old - six pence in my shoe

    New - dress and jewellery

    Borrowed - petticoat (not very exciting!)

    Blue - my belly button piercing is blue and I'm looking into a tiara having some blue in it to match the bridesmaids... I don't know - just an idea!

  • were 14th Feb image time is flying only 18 months to go!!! got alot sorted just need to sort out the music choices really now. I also cant decide on my shoes or tiara i have been on the look out for months but nothing jumps out at me. I have also been trying to get hold of some brooches so i can make my bouquet, not sure how exactly i am going to construct it yet i am toying with the idea af adding buttons, foam flowers, feathers or pearls and crystals!!

    How are you both getting on with planning? x

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