Getting married 21st January 2012


We are getting married 21.1.12. There is so much to do, I have, bought my dress and accessories, bought my bridesmaid dress and flower girls dresses, booked the venue and the registrar. Still do much to sort including, mens suits, flowers etc ..

We're getting a friend to take the photographs so that will help to cut costs and no cars as I will be staying over night before at the venue. Only 200 days to go


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    With the help of my sister I made my wedding invitations today if I figure out how to upload pics on here I will upload a photo. I'm pretty impressed with them image
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    Help with bouquet flowers???

    Other than ivory roses I really dont know what to have in my bouquet. I don't want it to be too fussy just quite plain and simple so whether to stick to just roses or add foliage or something sweet smelling. I feel I've looked thru endless pics but no inspiration. Help!!!
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    Im getting married on 21.1.12 too!

    I m sticking to ivory roses. I dont want anything too fussy/fancy.....I dodnt want to look back on my wedding photos in years to come and wonder why i went with 'that' so am sticking to what i consider to be quite classic.

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    I do agree that ivory roses are classic and will probably go with just those as the only flowers in my bouquet. What is your colour theme bella21112
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    Im going with Navy Blue and Ivory.

    My bms are in navy blue satin logn dresses with an ivory sash, my flower girl will be in the reverse, my h2b and bm and ushers in navy, and navy velvet ribbon on my stationary and cake.

    Im having silver candleabras surrounded by tea lights as my table centre pieces. And my venue has a snow machine too!! though i have fingers crossed for the real thing!

    How about you? xx
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    My colours are merlot and ivory

    My bm who will be wearing a long merlot 2 dress and 2 flower girls ivory dresses with merlot trim

    My h2b is wearing having an ivory waist coat and cravat and the best man and my brother who is giving me away will wear ivory waist coats with merlot cravat

    The invitations that I finished making last have organza merlot trim ribbon and either an ivory or merlot heart on the front

    I've decided to go with cupcakes and instead of a traditional wedding cake but we will have a small cake to cut at the reception

    I've yet to decide on table decorations but I am having a candy bar

    I think the snow machine sounds fab and I do think it will look romantic if it's snowing when we have are photos takenimage
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    Oooohh it all sounds lovely!!

    Have you had any negativity re the date? I have had a few 'err why do you want to get married in winter?' comments....!

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    A little bit of negativity yes but it we have explained that it's the nearest date we could get to our first date anniversary which is jan 31st and people seem ok with that.

    I know everyone expects summer weddings but I think a winter wedding is romantic especially if it snows. Your photos will look fantastic cos you'll have snow either way.

    Have u had negative reaction?

    As our stag/hen do's will be around Xmas time we have had a few moans about that a people saying nobody has any money at Xmas so how do we expect anyone to be able to come!!!!
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    date twins!

    ive just changed my date so im the same as your im parents arent loving the datex
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    I love the date 21.1.12 .

    What date did you have before, what made you change your date?image
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    I am the least creative person but with the help of my lovely sister together we made my wedding invitations a few weeks ago. I have finally put the finishing touches to them and posted them out today. Am so excited I can't wait to receive the first RSVP's imageimageimage
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  • mism1mism1 Posts: 307
    15/1/12 but a sunday in jan wasnt working out to well. so we moved it to the follwowing sat mum was trying to get us to go for spring but i can bare the thought of having to thinking about this for much longer! by may ill be happily married not still working about bloodly flowers and cars!
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    What is everyone having as their first dance song?
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    I have just discovered by chance that some of the invites that I sent out a week and a half ago have not yet arrived at with the intended guests. I am getting quite anxious and not quite sure how long I should leave it contact anyone and ask them. I don't want to leave it to long in case I need to make up more invites but on the other hand if they have got them I dont want them to feel lime I'm rushing them in to a reply. HELP!!!!
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    You make me feel disorganised...getting married the week after you and haven't even bought the card to make my invites yet!! Not sure what to suggest...maybe ask on one of the other forums. There seem to be a lot of people around with sensible advice!
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    i cant believe how quickly time is moving - i have booked the florists this week and ordered, the button holes, my bouquet, flowers for the venue wands for my flower girls and as my older bridesmaid will be holding their hand to walk in with them she will have a corsage on her wrist.
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    Omg I just spent ages typing a post and it's disappeared how annoying image
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    Just wondered how other people are decorating the tables at their venues?

    I have a winter wedding and have candleabras an bowls of floating candles. I thought these would look lovely when they're all lit at night. The candleabras are draped in ivory which I think will look wintery.

    Other than that the tables will be minimal, no flowers on the top table just plain simple.

    I am having a candy table which I'm hoping will draw plenty of attention, I just need to get myself some jars and bowls and a whole range of retro sweets. So if anyone can recommend anywhere I can get any of this from I'd be grateful image
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    100 days to go, almost in double figures image

    We sat down together yesterday and decided on our vows, readings and the music for our ceremony

    In the end we chose all classical music

    Music whilst guests arrive Air on a G string - Bach & Hebrides overture - Mendelsson

    Entrance Canon in D major - pachelbel

    Signing the register Adagio for strings - Samuel barber & piano concerto no.21 andante - Mozart

    Exit the arrival of the queen of Sheba - handel

    What has anyone else gone with?
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    I've been for my first dress fitting today and am a little concerned as I haven't started to feel the excitement yet image

    I was a little concerned before the fitting that I might have gone off the dress, but no worries on that score, I love it just as much now as I did the first time I tried it on image

    Only one slight problem was with my daughters dress, we bought it in a few months ago in a sale and its a size 14 (we knew it would need altering) and she is a size 12 but as recently lost a few poundsAnd the dress is a two piece and although the lady at the dress shop said she will do her best she may not be able to alter it to Katherine's fit.

    I should say it's not the same shop I bought it from that's doing the alterations.

    Oh well I'll have to wait til the next fitting on 19.11 and hope she doesn't ring me in the mean time saying she can't alter it image
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    We sent out our invites at the start of September and asked everyone to RSVP by 1.11.11 and I know we've still got just over a week to go but I can't believe how many people haven't replied.

    I don't think it helps that some invites didn't arrive with the intended guests in the first place so I had to make up more (luckily I had plenty of extra). As far as we know everyone has got the invites now.

    All the day guests have responded (there are only 35) but only about a third of the evening guests gave replied.

    I just think it's a matter of common courtesy and just plain and simple good manners to reply.

    Am I getting overly worried to soon?
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    We now have replies from all but one of our invites, not bad going really

    Had a few mishaps along the way. Despite checking at the post office that they could be sent 2nd class, at least 5 invites were undelivered or guests were charged extra at there end ( very embarrassing) but at least the guests were understanding. Others were however delivered without a problem!!!

    RSVP date we gave was 1.11.11 and by that date we still had responses outstanding but have todate managed to confirm all but one response.

    Now we have an appt booked with the venue on 22.11 to discuss menu options etc..

    Also managed to bag ourselves a bargain with some champagne from tesco at 50% off. Even with corkage that the venue charge it still works out at £6 a bottle cheaper than their house champagn image
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    Im feeling totaly Disorganised had mishaps with my ring and photos so had to sort then haven't even started sorting out decror. Ordered f avours yesterday invites going out this weekend what else do I need to do!!!
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    Disorganised? I know that feeling, although I do have a list of main jobs to sort out and organise I can't help but think that there's something I missed image

    We've got an appt to see the manager / wedding co-ordinator for our venue on 22.11 and I think I really think I need tomaker out a list of questions to be asking, I really feel lost when it comes down to it. Haven't really got a clue what I should be asking!!!

    My a dress fitting with my bridesmaid on Saturday, looking forward to that but really hope she's managed to sort out the dress (I bought it in a sale size 16 and she's only a size 12). Probably wouldn't be too bad if it wasn't a 2 piece dress - corset top and skirt. Anyway fingers crossed image

    H2b has his stag do the following wknd, he can't wait. Wknd in the lakes staying by Winderemere, Go Ape and plenty of boozing - just hope he comes back in one piece. image
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    Thanks sugarbox1

    Am hoping the excitement will kick on soon image
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    The dress fittings were brilliant today. My dress is fantastic, it's almost ready now, just needs some of the loose crystal beads to be sorted.

    I can't believe that she's managed to sort Katherines dress. As I said before we bought it in a sale so it was at least 2 sizes to big. The dress has been practically transformed. The bodice just needs re-boning and the skirt needs hemming, the width of the skirt bringing in and then hopefully that will be it.

    I an so pleased that she's sorted it, as it's absolute perfect and compliments my own dress so well image
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    I'm just having a drama with bouquets I just don't want to carry flowers seriously allgeric to real ones and I hate silk I got silk for the church and my SIS wants to carry something so I got het a post thing but I don't no what to do just see myself carrying flowers and would be gutted
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    Have you though about foam flowers? Sounds odd I know but the ones I've seen look so realistic. Speak to a florist they should be able to sort something out if the only problem is due to allergies.

    Omg can't believe that we're down to 2 months now image
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    Went to discuss plans with our wedding co-ordinator last night and thankfully they can accommodate all we've asked.

    Just need to pay 90% of the balance now by 21.12.11 and all good to go .

    Dare I say it but the excitement is starting to kick in.

    We spent £70 on sweets tonight for our sweetie table from Let's hope I can resist temptation before the big day.
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