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nearly there!

I have only 23 days left as a miss!! cant believe it is so soon I am so excited!!!!!

Hows everyones plans going???



  • Hey

    I have 22 days as a Miss - I cant wait. I have never been so excited about anything.

    Planning is going well, everything is done, had final hair trial and dress fitting at the weekend. Just need to make the favours which won't take long and thats about it.

    How is your planning going? Where are you getting married?

  • GGsBebeGGsBebe Posts: 160
    Mine's only 18 days!! Starting to panic slightly altho felt like i ticked quite a lot of my list yesterday! Also getting very excited as well tho - can't wait till the day gets here so nothing else can be done and we can just have an amazing time! hope all going well with yr plans x
  • My plans are going great, got my to do list at the ready for next 3 weeks lol!! Got my final fitting next week and just love love love my dress!! We have just decided on a sweet table so been busy sorting that out today as I have a rare day of. I am just so excited it doesn't feel real sometimes!xx
  • I have 25 days left and have been with my fiance 7 years today image Super super excited about getting married. We have almost ticked off the lit. I still need to put together order of service and the favours but thats it! image

    Really hoping it doesnt rain - but it wont dampen my spirits if it does.
  • 18 days to go for me!!! Can't wait!!!! Just got order if service, table plan and favours to do!!!
  • I have just picked up my order of services and they are amazing. I just have to tell someone as H2B is working!!xx
  • 17 days to go for us!! Just got the table plan to make, sort out a brief meeting with the photographer, and first dance song to choose really! Most other things are sorted... Eeeek!! image
  • ezz100ezz100 Posts: 1,029 New bride
    I have a month to go and can't beleive how time is flying by . I thought I was all sorted but keep thinking of things that need doing. Weddings are so complicated !!

    This week I have been sorting BMs presies. On thursday I have my second fitting and then my boudoir shoot image Scary !

    Just ordered my paper cutter so I can finish my orders of service, menus and place names. For some reason I really enjoy making things for the day.

    Next week off for 4 days in Spain ..a sort of hen do...well if you count lying on a sunbed doing sweet FA ! Lovely

    And at the moment there seems to be a lot or people to pay...H2B is in shock ! image
  • 38 days for me image
  • dumplingmixdumplingmix Posts: 218
    38 days for me too! Sooo busy, but I'm sure I should be doing loads more though, just seems to be running too smoothly image

    Made the final arrangeents with the florists today image

    Must pay cars tomorrow. The only drawback of being so close to the wedding day is its time to pay up! image

    Although still waiting for my dress to come in, fingers crossed image
  • OOHH flowers I must get the rest of them sorted!! thanks dumplingmix, xx
  • flower88ukflower88uk Posts: 1,350
    29 days for me ..... i am starting to feel a little nervous now cos it feels really real lol x
  • I have 14 days to go now eeek!

    I don't know if its just me but I am struggling to imagine the day, I can't quite believe I will be a bride and get to marry the man of my dreams. Its just so hard to imagine walking down the aisle and saying our vows. Is anyone else the same or am I just a freak!! image haha

  • No Im a bit like that! Cant really imagine doing it but also so excited and cant wait!! Getting married a week tomorrow!! image
  • dagriff75dagriff75 Posts: 221
    15 days for me! Where is the time going?!!!! Getting a little stressed now, although trying not to as trying to enjoy the build up!
  • flower88ukflower88uk Posts: 1,350
    i can't imagine it either- i haven't got a clue lol

    26 days for me now it's getting closer image
  • DSWEDSWE Posts: 80
    15 Day to go too!! Getting rather nervous and a little stressed now! Pick up my dress next week - it's all seeming very real now! Arrrggghhhh!!
  • I am down to 12 days, pick my dress up today and final meeting with the venue tomorrow image

    I can't believe I have 2 weekends and then I am a mrs.

    Time has gone so quick.
  • flower88ukflower88uk Posts: 1,350
    Omg 19 days for me now... it's like two weeks away- i looked at the ticker on here and thought.. woah only 19 days? i couldn't quite believe it lol
  • Hey to all the July Mrs!!

    So how did it all go??!!

    We had an amazing day and didn't want it to end!! cant believe it's all over and done with. All that stress and worry gone in a flash!! Makes it all worth it when you see your man waiting for you though!!! imageimage
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