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help me with my dress!!!

hello ladys!

i booked a venue a year ago which was a private hall and we were having a marque so i choose a lyn ashworth dress which i have paid half of the dress already dress is just lovely! but we then had to cancel the venue due to alot of changes! now we have bookeda lovely venue which is very grand! stoke rochford hall and now thinking i should maybe go for somthing with a bigger train and larger skirt as it will fit in with the style of the venue! please help me i dont know what to do!!!


  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224
    You don't have to change your dress if it's the one. I'm sure people won't even think that your dress should be bigger to "fit" better with the venue.

    If you really want to change it though why don't you speak to she shop to see if you could exchange it? If not then you could try to sell it in and buy another one. You might lose money doing this though x
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