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hi! 31st july!!

hi, just wanted to introduce myself, booked our venue for 31st july (still need to put deposit down yet though!) ... can't believe it! that's oly just over a year away! i'm already going crazy with logistics etc and pretty much got everything all arranged in my head, just the paying for it needs to be done lol! how is every one elses plans coming alon? any other kent brides? ooh bit a bout me, i'm 27, oh is 30 (on wedding day i'll be just 29 and he'll be 31) we have two children and a cat lol. xx


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    Hiya, I'm in the process of booking fr the 31st of July, it will be our 9 year anniversary x x
  • We are all booked for 31st July. We've been together 8yrs and have 3 gorgeous boys together. I've already chosen my dress, a Catherine Davighi, and all the planning is going perfectly. Our Save the Date's arrived 2 days ago as did my bespoke bridal haircomb. I can't wait! Not long now :0)
  • yay! more 31st brides! beginning to feel lonesome lol. we're getting quite organized now, all of a sudden! dress ordered, cake, venue, registrar, photographer, save the dates have already gone out, in the midst of maing my brooch bouquet, orderd my shoes (they're not the usual bridal shoes so when i saw them i ahd to gte them then lol) ... less than a year now! although i wasn't filled iwth hope by the weather we had on the 31st, i hope it's brighter next year, was very dull and grey here, and i'm planing an out door day (ceremony, reception, evening ...all out doors if weather allows it) ... how are u both feeing re a wednesday wedding?

  • I was a bit worried people wouldn't turn up but only having a small wedding on the wednesday and a party on the Friday for everyone else, I'm really looking forward to it, think it will be an amazing day, however I haven't got any suppliers or anything booked yet lol, still looking around for what I want starting to make a wedding planning file today so hopefully get myself sorted x
  • Only 11 months ladies! I've got butterflies most of the time and everytime we discuss the wedding, I turn into either a giggling schoolgirl or a blubbering wreck lol How are you girlies bearing up?
  • I was excited until sunday lol, church said they couldnt marry us on a weekday so now having a civil ceremony, tried to book the registrar and someone else has the date booked with the registrar at my venue, even though my venue only do one wedding a day, so somewhere something has gone wrong,hoping they havent doubled booked image


  • Have you signed a contract? If it mentions they only hold one wedding per day, oat be wrong, but I think that if they have double booked, aren't they obliged by contract to arrange another one? Hope it all works out well for you...fingers crossed for you x
  • Hi, we got it all sorted, the people who had previously booked our date at our venue, had cancelled the venue but forgot to cancel the registrar so was a bit of a mix up, so we now have the date booked both with the registrar and the venue, so excited now, just can't decide what I want there is so much stuff available lol xxx
  • Hello all,

    Im getting married July 27th 2013!! Im so excited. I live in North London with my partner of 10 years this November and 4 year old son. anyone else live here in North London.  I think I have found my venue but still need to put a deposit down,lol. I know the exact design for my dress(see profile pic) I really dont want to spend over £500 on it. Looking forward to hearing all your plans come together, GOODLUCK BRIDE & GROOMS!!

  • Hello my fellow 31st July Brides,

                                               are the wedding plans coming along?

    We are all organised and i literally have nothing to do (apart from getting on h2b's case about the suits lol). Just wondering how you ladies are bearing up :0)

    299 DAYS TO GO!!!! :0D

  • Hi Evelyn,

    I feel so far behind lol

    We have booked

    Venue and registrar

    Given notice

    Hair and makeup



    Haven't even started looking at dresses yet image xx
  • Start looking for your dress now! It could take ages to find 'the dress' and then there's the wait for it to be made and shipped. Do you have a book/folder that you can keep track of what your doing/needs to be done? How far behind are you? Xx
  • I have seen a couple of dresses I like so now it's just looking for the best places to go and try them on. I have loads of lists and wedding planning books going to go through a few of them today and see how much I've got left to organise. H2b doesn't like to rush things and wants to leave some of the planning till next year, however I've just started back at uni so concentrating on that as well as trying to plan the wedding.

    We have only organised what I have listed above but I guess it won't be too hard for us to get suppliers and other things with it being on a weekday most things tend to be available xx
  • hi ladies! so now we're getting married THIS year... only just over 6 months to go, how are we all doing? anyone else feeling as disorganised as me? started so well, and then just let it all slip, need to play catch up now, but still feeling the xmas pinch! x


  • Hi Ladies, Only 6months, 1 week and 1 day...but whose counting? lol Just thought I would drop a line to see how the planning is going and how do you cope with the dreaded major butterflies? We have had a few bumps in the road planning our wedding but thankfully, things have managed to be re-organised with numbers, car, caterers and venue.

    I'm on my 2nd folder with all the planning, do any of you ladies have a folder to keep track of what's going on? I may need to buy another folder lol

    If I don't get on here before our big day, then I would like to take this moment to say to all my fellow 31st July Brides....Keep calm, take deep breaths and see you on the other side!!!

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